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November 25, 2006


Do not mess with them.


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"The forest personnel have been taking away snakes from charmers and releasing them in the wild or in Nandankanan Zoo, which has badly hit the livelihood of about 10,000 snake charmers in the state," said Chitta Das, president of the 'Sapua Kela Sangh' or association of snake charmers.
Yipes - they're armed and unionized! Somebody tell them there's plenty of work in Iraq.

next week: protests from the 'child-lifters' union...

look for the union label
on the beggar who's charming a snake
we do kid's parties and if we're able
a live cobra will pop up out of your kid's
it's called snake charming
and to our credit
it beats just farming in millions of ways
so always look for the union label
support 'Sapua Kela Sangh' today!

Union plea: Please don't squeeze the charmers.

what a charming little story.

what a charming little story.

Transcript from "Good Morning Bhubaneswar!"

"And now to our traffic reporter, Rajiv Patel, who tells us that traffic is at a 'crawl' on the Ghandi Road this morning; Rajiv..."

"Well, Ashok, traffic has slithered to a complete standstill outside the state assembly owing to the hundreds of snakes let loose by disgruntled snake charmers in protest of... Ow! Oh, dear, I've been bitten by several of these venomous creatures. I will surely be dead soon. I hope to come back in my next life as a weatherman. No longer coming to you live, this is Rajiv Patel. Back to you Ashok."

Police moved in and directed the owners of the venomous snakes to put them inside their baskets as they are not allowed to display the reptiles in a public place.

I think I'll just leave that sentence alone today.

*feels holy for avoiding temptation* for once.

Actually, releasing these snakes back to the wild probably gave the snakes a quicker, more merciful death from predators. I believe that the charmers pull their fangs out to keep any snake bites from being venimous. The snakes then die a very slow death, from starvation and infection. NTTATWWT, unless of course you are a cobra.

Yeah, yeah, leave it to me to bring the thread down. I'm gonna go drink a bottle of wine now. Maybe when I come back I will bring my humor with me. Not that you guys would know at that point, cuz I won't be able to type!

Of course, the charmers are pulling out the fangs of the snakes, not each other.

Hey everybody, crossgirl is simul'ing with herself!

I guess she's no longer the mistress of her own domain.

insom - sorry about the italics. Ssssnakes do that to me.
crossgirl - get a room! Sheesh! ;)

"No, officer, that's not a snake in my pants, I'm just happy to see you."

so the cobra theme song is 'fangs for the memories'?

*itssss'okay annie, we've all done it*

They take their fangs out? Really? That would explain the lissssssp.


Dirt, Dirt, Dirt.
That should have been:

Are you sure you're last?

Yes, Annie, I'm LASSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! Nice blog!

Thanks Chris!




Back on topic temporarily -
Do snakes that need milking make as much noise as cows that need milking do?

"Hey cutie. Wanna squeeze my venom sack?"



On topic again - I'll find out for ya, Chris.

DPC - quit showin' off your cobra and put it back in its basket.

Holly crap! Just figured out what you wrote, Chris.

I'm straight, I'm tellin' ya... I'm straight!

sorry guys. didn't know you were there.
i was just making up for not getting any in the last thread.

So here's the sequel:
Snakes On the Lane

yet another case, DPC, where a rhetorical punctuation mark could avoid problems.

Just sayin'.

and dirt, after a post like that, we often add, "NTTAWWT."

off topic, link of interest to Dirt Digger here, because I'm not surrendering a friend's email address.

please forgive the abuse of this blog, I'll try to contain myself better in the future.


If asped to come obra by a cobra
Don't Bhubaneswar.

--apologies to Ogden Nash

If you’re goin’ to Bhubaneswar
Be sure to wear some good boots, and beware
If you’re goin’ to Bhubaneswar
You’re gonna meet some mad snake charmers there

lol, good one, ducky. Love that song.

Thanks, stevie. Love Ogden Nash--especially, of course, "The Duck"!

Grew up in Miami, bad B.O., you see
Didn't get to bathe last night
All night long the snakes were nippin' at my knees
Man, they gave me such a fright.
I'm back inna Bhubaneswar
You don't know how lucky you are, boy
Back inna Bhubaneswar...

Doesn't this violate the "Freedom of Snake" amendment?

*snork* at stevie

Jazzzz, I think this falls under the "separation of charmer and snake" concept.

Woooop! Ducky!

Forty sssssssssssssssssecond.



*snarf* would anyone like to milk my snake? it's ok; he doesn't bite........

gradgirl, no fangs.

....he'll only gum you...

Gradgirl; thanks for the offer, but I have a mechanical snake.

BOB doesnt need much attention, never slithers under the covers, leave the basket lid open, asks me to milk him or crawl around into other snake holes.

A perfect specimen.

When I get older losing my fangs,
Many years from now,
Will you still be sending me to Gannesh' shrine?
Birthday greetings, so serpentine.
If I'd been out and shed all my skin
Would you charm some more?
Will you still breed me, will you still feed me,
Venom sixty-four.




(Good night).

postmaster general.

Postscript: Postgraduate(girl)?




Next Post

Previous Post

(lame I know)


maybe post hole?

or post-hole.

"...in the Dumduma area of the state capital..."

Dumduma is ward no. 33 of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, aka BM Corp. Recent gerrymandering proposals urge the consolidation of all wards into one association known as the Dumass.

lol to meanie for "Venom 64." (Speaking of Sgt. Pepper, I've been toying with "Ugly Heather Weather Girl" but haven't gotten much worth keeping.)

Tom Poston.

[stunhguod dna eeffoc]

Was LOL-inspired by "Back inna Bhubaneswar", Mr. w.

Ex post facto.

*Eyes glaze, proceeds zombie-like to stunoD niknuD*

post-it note

post nasal drip


post another....


(snarf snarf)

Major *snork*age at Meanie's 11:36!

Did anyone say these yet?

post haste
post traumatic stress disorder

I was going to think up more, but I'll postpone.

*not exactly sure who started this or why we're doing it but here goes*

post graduate

composte (hehe)



*goes postal*

You're a lefty, Meanie?

Well, I'm somewhat liberal, yes.

posterior....aka - the end

ah, yes. posterior....the end
where all snakes go my friend
they may start in Jakarta, Bhurma or France
they all end up right here in my pants
divergent origins, different species
all end up in the tunnel of feces
pulled inexorably toward the pit
in rhymes of completely juvenile wit

LOL Mud, great mental picture 1st thing on a monday morning!

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