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November 22, 2006


"I think I left Jason hanging in the toilet stall."

(Via Gizmodo)


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bet it costs more than duct tape, though.

Dear Lord, is that infant eating TP?

Mornin' Wyo. Iffin I had a hat, I'd tip it to you.

Hang in there baby!

so i shouldn't just stuff the baby into the diaper bag when i'm busy?

Have any idea how many germs are on the back of a stall door?
...some parenting.


Assistance information:
If you have to take a pee
Get The Babykeeper
To defy some gravity
He had to make a number
Two and found himself a stall
So my uncle took the baby
And he hung him on the wall.

--apologies to Chuck Berry
(Send more Chuck Berry!)

And when you get home, simply hang baby in the closet with your coat. Keeps the house nice and tidy!

Why can't you just use a normal closet hook & hanger like we all used to? I'm telling ya...everything's getting so damn fancy schmancy.

She looks confused.

she just wants to know why mommy keeps callin' her "Jason".

*snork* Wyo!

*thinks Mommy has had too much 'sauce' and it ain't the apple kind!!!*

Aw, I can't see any pictures. Dang you, bad site coding....*shakes fist*

How can I point and mock? *pout*

I imagine it's creepy, and unsanitary, but nothing beats people who put their kids on leashes...

replace the straps with bungee cords for the new way to discipline unruly youngsters: the brat-a-pult.

marlodianne, as the parent of a toddler (who already thinks she knows EVERYTHING), let me tell you that those leashes are 100% essential to the sanity of the parents involved.

Next time you see one, note that the parent at the other end looks relaxed and confident. Compare and contrast with the harried, worried appearance of the parent who is trying to herd a toddler WITHOUT a leash.

If the toddler has a leash, and no parent at the other end, look for the panicked, desperate appearance of a nearby adult.

LOL insom! evil but funny!

What did those kids ingest before those pictures were taken? I don't know any child who would out up with that for a second, let alone smile!

And a comment on leashes. Some parents (about 10 I think) have those execeptionally docile children who are voice controlled - the rest of us have little energy balls bent on self destruction. The leashes save lives, not neccessarily the kids' either.

I agree regarding the leashes. It's much easier to give a curious two year old a bit of freedom to roam on the end of a strip of nylon than to fight him screaming and wriggling to get down (then refuse to hold your hand). They are a peace of mind tool when you are walking with a toddler in a crowded place.

Well couldn't you still hold the leash while using the loo?

From the Guestbook
I was one of the lucky ones to use a prototype of the Babykeeper. The first time I used it I was at Costco with my three-year-old and my nine-month-old. My older son had to use the restroom and I needed both hands to help him. I strapped the baby into the Babykeeper and hung him on the stall. I wanted to cry with joy at how much easier the Babykeeper made what used to be a stressful event. Thank you Mommysentials!

Love it, Stevie!

Hmmm... Looks like it could reduce the chances of grandchildren if used too long.

Clean Hands: I have never seen a relaxed parent. Ever. It's completely incompatible. Unless you count so tired they're about to fall into a coma while standing as relaxed, but I don't.

I think what makes the leash thing extra bizarre is that the very same people won't use a leash on a dog, because they think it's cruel.

THe only time I use a leash on a kid is in an airport. Definitely better than losing an extremely active two year old while trying to maneuver suitcases.

But I agree- what did they do to those kids to make them be so still? MY kids would figure out aht if you swing one way adn the other fast enough, you could eventually unhook one if not both straps, and fall to the ground, shimmy under the door while Mama's "indisposed" and be halfway to the toy aisle in Walmart dragging that thing behind them before a parent could retrieve them...then looking like a jerk of a parent screaming at said two year old.

So do you hang the kid on the outside of the stall door, for ease of kidnapping? Or the inside of the door, to watch you do your business, for instant traumatization?

Used the leash - once, in the airport, with a 1- and 2-year old, two suitcases, two car seats (what were we thinking, flying with car seats?), one double stroller, one diaper bag, and one harried hubby who had to leave us to go rent the car. I will not apologize.

By the same token, every mom who has left the house for more than four hours with a toddler or two has mastered the skill of performing basic personal hygiene one-handed, while her other hand clings to her child(ren) in a bathroom stall, then at the sink, etc.

I don't have a point, really. Just exhausted from the memory.

I could use one of these for myself during those long nights of being overserved beer.

Step 1. Hang self over terlet.
Step 2. Pee.
Step 3. Pass out.
Step 4. Pee.
Step 5. Pass out.
ad nauseum (literally).

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