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November 17, 2006


Dad needs a bionic hornet.

(Thanks to Jeff Arch)


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Bionic Hornets. What wil they think up next?

Oops.... I ran out of l's

now that's a GNFARB

"Yedioth Ahronoth" sounds like yiddish pig latin?

The real hornets can chase and kill me. I'm alergic.

I don't think they can take pictures, though.

Oh gosh, this is what I need for our IT department. Don't leave me an e-mail that "it is a user issue," then try to hide from me in that maze of cubicles.

Update: Lebanese are reported to be working on nanoswatters.

Does Britt Reid know about this? Was Bruce Lee involved with the development?

I was hoping for pictures.

And don't cut me off on the x-way either!

Here ya go, EC.

How does it kill someone? It's ttoo small to be amed with nuclear missles.

Was it just me or did anyone read that as "bionic helmet" at first glance??



*checks her contacts*

Thank anyway Meanie, but I work for a call center. Gum is defintely a no-no.

I did, Siouxie, even after I read the article, which I thought made Dave's headline a non sequitor!

I had to go back and look!

Too funny!

This would be perfect for beltway traffic here in the D of C.

whewwwww El! and here I thought I was going blind.

Bionic Hornets would accompany Robo-Edgar really well in any upcoming 24 episodes. Jack could carry a few in the Jack-Pack and control them with his Jack-Phone.

Trust a woman to read Hornet as Helmet

Can I get it in green w/ a chauffeur-sidekick named Cato?

You can trust me Anon...really ;-)

Nanotechnology? Is this being created by Mork?

Would yiddish pig-latin be kosher?

*snork* @ Bill. An excellent question.

I'm with DPC. With employees rushed to clinics and others complaining that their heads wuz too swoll to wear their hard hats, I still found it necessary to go check out this massive [car-sized!] yellow jacket nest last week. And I took off my sunglasses/ safety glasses as I got into the darker woods. And yes, a sentry popped me right in the eyelid when I was still quite a ways away. And I stumbled blindly back to the crew, where they stuck a bag of ice on my eye and didn't say, 'I told you so!'

Just hope the other guys don't develop bionic fly swatters. Or bionic bug spray. Or a bionic hand. Or a bionic foot. Or a bionic any of the other thousands of things that can kill a hornet.

I had the Six Million Dollar Mosquito in development but global warming evaporated all my stagnant water.

lol stevie!

I blame Al *Al* Gore!

I read it as "helmet", too. What's up with that?

Watch out, Cat, or Anonymous will diss you too. ;)

When you see bionic, you think metal, not insect - sheesh.

That's a well-known established fact - isn't it??? :)

I'm a guy and I read "helmet," the first time around.

Didn't Michael Creighton write a book about this?

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