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November 09, 2006


Dad needs this.

(Thanks to Neil G.)


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But how do I drink my beer?


my thoughts exactly, Layzee...crappy design!

long flexible straw. no problems.

Just think,you'll never have to look at your teenage kid again.

I think I will wait for the portable model.

Who's gonna pay for my kid's chiropractic bills???

And does it make that "Darth Vader" sound when he breathes?

"Luke, I am your father"

"No I am YOUR father, now get that thing off your head and come eat your meatloaf"

It looks like the helmet Rick Moranis wore on Space Balls LOL

wooooooo...Punkin ...gmta...sorta

Just what I always wanted to do as a kid... watch the TV from the inside. How do they get all those little people in there anyway?

OTA: Hey - the hubby and I went to a friends' house for dinner last night, and we passed "Maroun's Auto Sales".....the owner either comes from a long line of marouns, or you have to be a maroun to buy from them, I'm not sure.

Hey, it was funny last nite....

I used to drive by Dunns.Trade with Dunn and you're all done.

well I'm off...ya'll have a good day ;-)


Invest in sledgehammers and eye-bleach today! The first time a commercial comes on featuring Paris Hilton, these things will be flying out the windows.

"Miko, you're too close the TV again. Miko? Hiro get here quick, Miko fell into the TV!"

Just don't lean back in your e-z chair lol, that thing looks like it takes up as much space as the tv.

punkin- were you wearing one of those helmets and drinking through a long straw when you say the 'alledged' Marouns' Auto place?

Hey, I sent in the big helmet thingy over a month ago but was it funny then? Apparently not. There must be some black on my emails to the blog or somthin.

It looks like the helmet Rick Moranis wore on Space Balls LOL

Posted by: Siouxie

My thoughts exactly...great minds, Siouxie

WARNING!!!! Helmet not be be worn after a bean supper.

All your Magnavox are belong to us.

what this could do for the world of porn....staggering

All it needs is a brush thing on top and it will look like Marvin the Martian.

On steroids.

I, for one, have a new item on the top of my Christmas wish-list.

Imagine this ultimate viewing experience:


For some reason, I am flashing to a particularly awful tradeshow demonstration I endured earlier this year. At a booth demonstrating flat-panel displays, the vendor (in a fit of what can only be ascribed to vicious humor) chose to play a loop of... a colonoscopy.

Somehow, the idea of this device and that video leaves me wanting to go screaming into the forest.

Naughty, naughty, JayBee.

I think I'd almost prefer to watch the colonoscopy.

My mind immediately went to the user getting up from the chair, staggering around shattering china cabinets, mirrors, chaneliers, and falling backwards spreadeagled onto a terrified family dog...... but maybe that's just me

Link for JayBee. Even though with all the hits to this guy's website, we may be promoting him. LOL

I thought it looked sorta like a robot version of Predator. Either that or ET's welding helmet.

Siouxie~ I've never seen Spaceballs, but my Tivo suggestions caught it the other night, and I didn't delete it right away because the cast list looked... interesting. Is it any good?

Bumble, it's HILARIOUS! Of course you have to like Mel Brooks and his slapstick kinda humor (which I LOVE).

I own the dvd ;-)

I also have Blazing Saddles (another fav), Young Frankenstein and The Producers. I'm weird that way ;)

Siouxie~ I caught Blazing Saddles on my Tivo on purpose; I think that's why it decided to pick up Spaceballs. One of my favorite teachers used to talk about how funny it was (Blazing Saddles), and I wanted to see it. And I've heard a great deal about Mel Brooks, but the only thing I've seen him in is The Muppet Movie. :-)

Spaceballs is definitely a notch or two below Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles or even History of the World, Part 1 ("It's good to be da king!"). But it has its funny bits.

I wonder if the version broadcast is bowlderized -- there were some pretty amazingly offensive bits in that, by current sensibilities.

"I'll do it! I'll shoot the *!"

Then you HAVE to see Spaceballs and Young Frankenstein...THEN talk to me! YF is a classic. Some of us were quoting from it on an earlier thread the other day. LOL very funny...

The original Producers is also extremely funny.

Oh yes..Neil reminded me of History of the World. That's also very funny. He's right though, Space Balls is funny but not AS funny as the others. I just love Moranis' Darth Vader character LOL

To us Guys: Did you know this unit doubles as a birth control device?

Just slip it on your head, and no woman will want to come near you!

(with apologies to Steve Martin)

1. "Blazing Saddles" is a comedic masterpiece; it's too bad no network will run it in an in unbowdlerized version because of Political Correctness (copious use of the "N-Word", and yes, I are a black woman)

2. This looks like a solution to boredom in a CDC Level 4 or 5 laboratory - hey, if you've got to wear a space suit because you're working with Ebola, Marburg, hantaviruses or other deadly organisms, you might as well have something to take a break with!

Hey....this was on here some time ago????

Better yet, why don't we just strap the tv to our head.

Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles are absolute comic masterpieces. Men in Tights and Spaceballs are not quite as inspired, but are still frikkin' hilarious. (I used to use little audio clips from all four movies when I had a radio show - used them as bumpers between coming back from commercial break and before the live feed.) "Oh, you men are all alike! Seven or eight quick ones and you're out with the boys, to boast and brag... well, you better keep your mouth SHUT! Oh, I think I love him." God bless Madeline Kahn.

Chino - they don't stop at bleeping out the N-word in Blazing Saddles. I saw a version where the entire campfire scene was played, but with the f@rts silenced. It didn't just make zero sense, it was completely (sorry, Mr. C) incomprehensible. I was watching with someone who had never seen it, and she looked at me like I was a total moron as I laughed hysterically and was outraged at the same time.

Despite what it sounds like from the above, Blazing Saddles in its original form was genius.

*tackles Mr. C with a bear hug*

I've missed you! I was just talking (typing?) about you the other day.

*resolves to watch Blazing Saddles this weekend*

*hopes it's not too over-edited*

hellllllp meeeeeeee....

**BUMBLE!!!** (THUD)

How are you, young lady? Doing well in school? And no, you can't borrow my credit card and car keys again. I'm still paying off from last time.


p.s. - Missed you, too!

Meanie - I do agree, the sanitized versions we see on regular TV are usually hacked to pieces. They really should be seen in their original forms. I have these on DVD and/or VHS. Naughty words don't bother me none.

Doing well in school?

See today's strumpet thread.

And no, you can't borrow my credit card and car keys again. I'm still paying off from last time.

I think I've earned it. Again, see today's strumpet thread. :-)

I am still laughing at the thought of a colonoscopy looped on a plasma screen.
And Blazing Saddles with no farts, which reminds me of a story from my cousin. Her TV had a special filter to remove all bad language. The best thing it ever said was, "Moby Jerk."

Sometimes if you're watching a show that's been bleeped with the captioning on, the original language will show up in the captioning.

Young Frankenstein has always been one of my all time favorites. It took my some years to realize that Blazing Saddles was not really as juvenile as I thought it was when I was 14. These are "must-see" for any good bloglit. BTW, did you all know that Mel is currently adapting Young Frankenstein into his next B'way musical?

Hey Mr. Completely! Long time no see, neighbor! Say "hello" to Mrs. ThePoint-Completely for me!

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