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November 17, 2006


And also, a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Clean Hands) (Really)


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Yeah, uh, my hands are clean because I DON'T have one of these...

Woo-hoo! I got a first post on a story I submitted AND it got a yellow flag! Trifecta!

Comes with its own jar of Vasiline.

But no gloves.

we just call 'em, "The Little Cell Buddy." or sailor Dan.

And it's own handy carrying case!

YAY CH!! again...I wonder what you were looking for when you found THIS!!!

A rock band? Not so sure about that.

Kudos, CH.

Loved the closing line: Get yo palpation on, word.

dad doesn't want this? damn, need to revise my shopping list now.

I wasn't searching for nothing; I just stumbled upon a reference to it, and thought that Dave and Judi would want to be alerted.

there is definatley a theme going on here today....



Hey, smell my finger!

bad dave, bad dave! both of you.

Well, the benefit of this is that no human being has to be a doc's first try at this procedure.

The downside is that it may lull a new doc into a sense that this procedure is no big deal for the patient.

Is anyone offended by the term "comment monkeys"?

Me neither.

Actually, I think I'll get my wife one. That way, she can reciprocate after I get finished her monthly breast exam. (I'll know almost instantly if she gets a lump since I do those exams way more often than monthly.)

Doesn't want for Christmas, or birthday, or Easter, or Flag Day, or 4th of July, or...

You get the picture.

no sh!t, CH! maybe this little buddy should have an audio attachment saying things like OUCH!! YOU'RE NOT CHECKING MY TONSILS!! OR DAYAM!! COULDA TAKEN ME OUT TO DINNER FIRST!

or, "How many fingers am I holdin up?"

on christmas morning...

one thing that might tell you not to expect grandchildren...

"Look, Ma! No hands!"

Personally I like the link below the article to the Digital Rectal Examination Simulator.


Life-like rectal palpable to 7cm depth

Specifications may change without notice.

What happens if you go beyond the 7cm depth? Does it squeal or something?
And what specifications may change? Is there a 350lber model that could simulate the growing majority of the populous?

So this is going to replace coal in the stockings, then?


CH! Just where ARE you doing your Christmas shopping?
And the people on your list... should they be warned??

I already have enough a$$holes in my life, thanks.

Egads! and *snorks*

*snorks* for suzyq

Note to self read *Yellow Caution* next time.

". . . and a handy carrying case."

If you have two Dads, then one it might be on someone's list, after all.

I will add nothing......and I mean NOTHING !!

YIKES! (congrats CH, I think) ;-)

"Hand carrying case"? Where am I supposed to take this thing?

Layzee...to gatherings of the usual group of a$$holes, naturally

I admit, I'm...*behind* on my rectal dummy knowledge!

Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week!

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