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November 22, 2006


Miami is having a Brutal Cold Wave, with temperatures plummeting to the vicinity of 50 degrees above zero. We are under a Wind Chill Advisory, which is some kind of thing they issue to advise you that the wind could be chilly. Conditions have not been this bad down here since we were almost ravaged by Potential Future Hurricane Ernesto. We will hold out as long as we can. Pray for us.


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I feel so bad for you.

It's about 30 freakin' degrees in W-by-God-V.

my heart bleeds for you$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

($ is punctuation for sarcasm, ya know)

Might as well toss your lawn furniture in the pool and stock up on milk and bread. That's the way we would do it here in NC if we had pools.

gee dave, sheesh, you've got it good. it's AT LEAST 10 degrees cooler here in central florida.

Hey Dave,
Our temperature is only 25 degrees out but we are going to get up to 50 today with sunshine. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving day there will be a high of 52.
I will think of you as you are shivering.

Dave, Please take this in the spirit with which it is given -


Wow, it is a veritable heat wave. By the way, it snowed here 3 weeks ago (southern Michigan, earliest snow ever here) and has snowed 3 times since :)

Dress in layers. And remember, cotton kills.

Punkin' you of all people should be careful with that expression.

(thanks, and send along a bio when/if you are so inclined.)

Lots of reruns and marathons of 60's TV serials over Thanksgiving weekend. (Chill Wills Advisory).

Jeff Goldblum was good but the plot was a bit sappy (Big Chill Advisory).

Hey Dave, would you please make sure that it's nice and warm and sunny the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve? I don't want to waste a perfectly good trip to visit my grandchildren on cold weather.

frostbite and hypothermia??? At 50 degrees??

Dave's right. We are FREEZING down here. It was 46 degrees this morning! Whatever are we gonna do? Lord help us all.

Look up, Dave! It's the southern migration of the witch's tits! (As my daughter pointed out two days ago here in OKlahoma.)

A night-time prayer for Dave in his hour of need:

As my heavy eyelids shut
I pray that Dave won’t freeze his butt.
To thwart Miami’s winter hurt,
Have courage, Dave! Put on a shirt!


gggggood mmmmmornin ppppeople....

Meanwhile, here in SunnySoCal, we are dressing in shorts and tank tops for Thanksgiving. (It's not that warm - we always dress this way.)

Seriously, it was in the 90s earlier this week; supposed to be in the upper 70s and 80s. Records are being broken. Rocks falling from the sky, giant cracks appearing in the earth's surface....

Okay, I made that last part up.

*snork* @ Ford

Siouxie - Please refer to my 8:55 am post, and substitute Siouxie for Dave.

*suspects Mr. Completely is a fellow longtime Geo. Carlin fan*

50 degrees? Yeah, I guess it's time to put on a shirt. Stickin' with the shorts, though.

Hey, look at the bright side! The gators will be looking for someplace warm to be extra slow.

Punkin, I'd love to bite you (seriously jealous that Ridley got there first) but I can't feel my mouth. Can I borrow Mr. Poo to warm my toesies now??? PLEASE???? I'm your BFF remember???

You had dental work this morning, Siouxie? I'm confused.

All you Florididians and other folks from semi-tropical type climates will please excuse me when I very sincerely say, "Oh, just shut the hell up!"

Thank you.

Hey, think of it this way - just leave the beer in the trunk, and it'll be the perfect temperature when you get home.

Bwuahahahahahaha - that's global warming for you!!!

We keep our beer in the garage. Keeps it nice and cold.

I seem to keep most of my beer in my tummy. or bladder, 'scuse me for a sec.

CH I can't feel much this morning...it's frikkin freezin' here...well it was when I got out of the "heated" house!

I'm now starting to thaw out...

blurk - I hear it's snowin' around your parts...

um...parts of the country...not personal parts...unless you were outside undressed and well then it would be a little (HA) bit difficult for you to be typing this mornin'...

Anywho...how's the weather??? :P

Siouxie, it's colder than a polar bear's peck...er, up, nevermind.

up = um

*wonders if Walter has a hat*

See how cold it is? My fingers won't even work right.

yeah, I hear ya blurk...my fingers are now warm thanks to my coffee mug.

KDF, if Dave were a golfer, he could let Walter borrow one of those knitted golf club hat thingies. I bet he'd look quite spiffy in that!

*writes "knit Walter a hat" on to-do list*

Speaking of Walter: He may need more than a hat as walrus' may suffer from the old cold weather shrinkage problem.

I wish it would get colder here (Canada). We're not frosting like we should be. Oh, it's kind of cool that the Dahlia's are still perky, but I want--and need--the ragweed dead dead dead.

Not sure about the Dahlias but I can assure you everything here in Miami is quite 'perky'....iykwim.

Phew. Switch that beer out for a hot buttered rum, and he'll be all set.

ziplock - capture fart
mail the quart size bag to dave
he seems to need them

currier & ives
the holidays at my house
daves - sweat & gunfire

i would flip you off
but am afraid the digit
would snap off, frozen

Hey Wyo - Thank's for your 9:00ish post with the link to Dave's Bloggers! I'm a long-time blurker, some-time poster round here, and it was fun to put a face to so many, uh, names. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Damn, why do I have to be stuck in a place where the gals are well-prepared for the cold? Why?

it's definately nipply here.

Happy Thanksgiving back to ya, bloggirl # 85!

um...mud...liquid fart???


We've lived in just about every part of the US, Mr. Avid being former military & all, but now we're in SC and the BIG FREAKIN' NEWS here is that a few snow flakes actually FELL on the city yesterday for about 5 minutes (if it'd gone to 10 minutes they'd have shut down the schools). First white stuff I've seen here in 4 long years.

I miss the mountains out west! Blurk, Wyo, come rescue me!

Oh, and all you Miami-ites...? Break out the sweatshirts. You'll be fine.

Thats the good thing about living in the Northeast. When I was in highschool we wouldn't have to worry about keeping the keg cold when we drank in the woods this time of year. We did have to worry about keeping our asses warm.

Avid, we break out the sweats in the summer...this weather calls for drastic measures - layers upon layers of sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves...it's brutal.

Hmm, I notice that Bikini Girl is looking like she's suffering from the cold, as well.

No, wait, she always looks that way, bless her heart.

Hey Siouxie, I got my crochet hooks out... need a new scarf? (Been making baby hats for Little Avid's school's Christmas craft bazaar.) Just say the word and a toasty neck-warmer will be on its way.

Hey, Siouxie: Have you heard? Twitney might be moving to Miami! That would be the last straw for me. First OJ, now her?

Siouxie - Sorry - Mr Poo has his hands full just keeping MY nipply parts warm........

grew up in s.fla... without air conditioning (which floridians turned off last week).

oh the wind that's outside is frightful
the advisory's insightful
put your long pants on below
let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!

the wind speed will soon be faster
than an aging kung fu master
in his 95th year or so
let it blow, let it blow, let it blow

midriffs everywhere covered o'er
'gainst the zephyrs come from straight from hell
when you see geezer-and lawn mower
you'll agree that it's just as well

oh, it's truly a cold november
but, dave you should remember
how the northerners envy so
let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!

Avid - thanks! I appreciate the offer...the only thing is by the time you finish knitting..we'll be back to our normal winter weather...4 degrees below boiling.

Suzy - I had not heard that! Why do we attract all the scummy people? Is it the swamps?

Punkin - what about one of those almost dead geezer types?? um...nevermind...they're not warm anymore.

Weell, Here in Svalbard, it's not only way below 0, it's also dark 24 hours of the day. Take that people!

Okay, Edgar takes game, set & match.

And here's hoping that Twitney hooks up with OJ while she's there.

Siouxie - The geezer is pretty cold - but maybe you could snuggle with his nice warm bag of urine.

*sends some scented candles over to Edgar*


My parents had snow in Kissimmee last night. It melted as it hit the ground but it was still snow. I hope it warms up by the 30th.

um...I'll pass, Punkin...but thanks anywho.

*Plans on visiting Metro Zoo - Chimp exhibit*

Let me know how it is Siouxie, we will be at Metro Zoo on the 5th of December. We may avoid the poop exhibit though.

*zips in*

Well, Edgar does win, but he's probably used to it.

Mr.C. is right that here in su.so.ca. it was in the 90s earlier in the week, but today I join Dave in freeeeeezing.

Started at 50F this morning, will only get up to 70F today, and tomorrow for Turkey Day it's only going to be in the 60s.

Wyo, can you FedEx me a parka, please?

Yeah, what blurk said at 9:54 am.

For pete's sake, its trying to snow here in balmy Pacific Northwwest.

Actually I don't live in Svalbard, though it prbably is quite cold there.

I say lets book Dave on a book tour of Barrow Alaska.

Thats tropical to us Canadians! We are in the begining of a cold snap here in Alberta! Stop your complaining :)

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