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November 10, 2006


(Thanks to Peter M)

(And now over to you commenters for the melon jokes)


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Let me just say that may work for those little Japanese women, but definitely not for some of us full figured gals. I was kinda hoping I wouldn't have to kick them around for another few years.

usually I get slapped when I offer to hold their melons.... Bra Rangers - gnfagirlrb


d'oh sorry

"The 'Bra Rangers' - named after television characters who morph into superheroes ..."

More information is needed on this.

melons are too large
give me two strawberries or
a tuna sandwich

"grapefruit" mom would say
oranges good, lemons too
but please, no melons

my dream is to find
a woman whose desire is
a cold shrimp cocktail

His Davidity
Anticipates melon jokes
But we’re above that.

All us male bloglits
Hold women in high esteem.
Isn’t that right guys?

Please, ladies, forbear
From joking about jock straps
That can hold one grape.

I would have to swear off melons forever if I used my bra as a shopping bad.

Or, I could also use it as a shopping *bag*.

In the meantime, we in America simply turn our bras into full-fledged purses.

What if the shopper doesn't wearing a bra? She has to haul one around anyway as a shopping bag??? Oh yeah - that really makes sense!

The over the shoulder bolder holder
has been turned into a bag.
But to bring home supper,
if you're not a d cupper,
shopping becomes a drag.

Hooray for mudstuffin! Right on!

The crotchless panty model was rejected early in the R&D phase.

Is the girl in the photo holding a baguette in her bra or am I just glad to see her?

The greater question is: who microwaves bras? People who want a little warm milk before bed?

If they have a third of people trashing plastic, they need fines. Huge ones. You start charging people $1000 a pop when an item is found in their waste that is recyclable or compostable, and problem solved. They'll learn to frickin sort in a hurry.

I'll wait for the expert opinion of Punkin Melon Poo

Instead of melon jokes, we could always try coconut jokes...
ARGHHH!!! Attack of the killer earwig! Noooo! I don't like pina coladas!

That is all.

Brand name suggestion: Flopper Stopper Shopper Hopper

What could they turn the Under The Butt Nutt Hutt into? Perhaps a banana carrier. If the owner was well endowed.

I know this is novel and a little avant garde, out there if you will, but couldn't they just use paper bags? Or cotton?

That being said, I wonder what would happen in my local supermarket if I'm in Aisle 3 trying to take my bra off so I can use it as a shopping bag. That'll go over well with the police.

I'm with Something North; how exactly is this supposed to work? Is the bag detachable from the bra, and you're supposed to stand in the checkout line fishing it out from under your shirt? Or do you have to take the whole thing off and finish your errands with the girls swinging free? And what if your shopping list includes watermelons, and you're only an A cup?

My apologies SN- I was too confused by the bra-bag thing to get your name right.

And there are a lot of men now having to do the shopping - will there be a similar syled product for say zucchini?

Daisy, I too find that when the girls are swinging free when I'm using my bra bag for other purposes, I am unable to see clearly above them (they block the view) and therefore am unable to read things with any accuracy.


Let me just say that you're missing what I feel will be the biggest impact of this astounding invention: the return of chivalry.

I have no doubt that men will be lining up to help you bag your melons and get them home.

brings a whole new meaning to the term "fun bags".

that could be the product name! BRILLIANT!

If you tried to put one of these on your dog, would that make them melon-collie?

Personally, I think this idea is a bust.

Great. Blurkie wants to borrow "A" cup of sugar.

Annie, you know that blurkie always wants sugar. A,B,C,D - don't really think it matters much to him.

Is the girl in the photo holding a baguette in her bra or am I just glad to see her?
Posted by: stevie w


does anyone else think it odd that the girl in the picture aparently wears two bras?
...cause she's using the one as a bag...and still has one on. *scratches head*

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