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November 20, 2006


...are they saying it's not dragon?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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You mean they didn't grind up Welch people?

Ummmmm, Dragonburgers!!!

"This issue is being carefully watched by the Hot Dog makers of the world."

it was probably confusing jessica simpson.

My sis-in-law is Veggie, and the LAST thing she'd eat is something made of dragon. That'd be like seasoning things with faeries.

"But officials said they would not want vegetarians to buy the product by mistake thinking they were meat free."

So those vegetarians think they can get away with eating poor, innocent dragons, do they. Wait till I tell People for Ethical Treatment of Mythical Creatures. They will not be happy.

Why would a vegetarian eat something made from Dragons? Since when are dragons vegetables? Also, snork at baligirl.

being a vegetarian, i ALWAYS check for meat, meat by-products and especially dragon under the list of ingredients.

Then there's this point of view...

bacon isn't a veggie???

I think we should avoid Oscar Meyer weiners.

Well, as long as they're not made of unicorns.

PS to siouxie: Thanks for sharing your photos of the Book Fair gathering!

Welcome Suze! it was a blast...wish you had gone too!

My husband says "Vegetable aren't food. Vegetables are what food eats."

Dragon, the other white meat.

sheesh stevie, you stole that from my brain...it's a little slow this morning from all the festivities...but I was gonna say that!!

LOL bali - that's good...

What about Baby Oil?

I always imagined dragon meat as being sort of a shiny green.

My British mother always used to make little cupcakes called "fairy cakes". Does that mean they were made from ground up fairi....URP!

Of course she also used to make a delicacy called 'toad in the hole". I'm really beginning to feel quite unwell now.

No dragons were harmed in the preparation of this product. (May soon not be able to say the same for bureaucrats).

Oh, come on, toad in the hole is WONDERFUL. Spotted dick is good, too.

Haggis, I've never tried, but it doesn't sound so good.



Toad in the Hole is basically like a giant popover with sausages in it.

Spotted Dick is a pudding, served with a custard sauce.

Haggis, I am sorry to say, is a dish for very hungry people with strong constitutions and lots of leftover bits from a sheep.

Dragon Haggis...

That'd be a mighty big haggis, HR. Would need a whole regiment to pipe that in.

The Scotts may have wonderful ideas about whisky, some interesting ideas about beer, and terrific ideas about music (and pretty, pretty redheads!!), but their ideas about food are best lost to the culinary world.

C.H.-its just that we at the Department of Taking Things Literally have concluded that if dragon sausages are made from dragon meat, then well, toad in the hole must have a certain amphibian element.

Of course, Mum always said that a haggis was an animal with two legs shorter than the other two legs from running round and round the mountain, so her culinery expertise might be in question here.

I don't know about all this, I just watched Harry Potter slay a dragon the other day, it looked real to me......

/goes back to alternate reality

Is monkey bread made from monkeys? I'm just so confused.

Never had frog legs, artchick? I tried 'em at Hugo's in Chicago once. Tastes like chicken, with a certain springiness to it.

*SNORK* way back up there at Sean! Siouxie, I haven't breast stroked thru the other threads yet, anything of a sultry nature for me from Mr. Hiaasen?

We had some friends who invited us over for dinner. he had caught a lot of bull frogs and prepared the legs for cooking, then put them in the fridge. After we arrived, they took the legs out of the fridge to cook them, and as they gradually warmed up to room temperature they began to twitch and kick. Put me off a bit, I must say. However, I have eaten alligator, and it was yummy.

After you scrape off the scales and cook it until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, dragon tastes just like chicken.

*Runs and hides to escape stampeding male bloglits after Bali says "breasts" and "strokes" in the same sentence.*

Gator is VERY good! I've had it fried, and charbroiled. IMHO, more like lobster than chicken.

It only counts if there's 'sultry', right, artchick?

Ooo! Ooo! I'll help!


Aw, nevermind.

When we lived in Florida, Mr Artchick used to make smoked gator pate (how do you make the french accent on the "e"?)Anyway, it was mighty good.

As far as bazoomage is concerned, I think most males would consider "alive" to be sultry enough.

bali, I didn't go on sunday (when Carl was there) so I couldn't get that smoldering look photo from HIM. However, EC and I will try to go to his signing in Dec and I will do my best.

I believe CJ got A picture...

*did get Dave's smolderin' look though* (as smoldering as he can get).

I just went and looked at the pics, very nice! CJ's Carl pic was from a distance and kinda blurry...just like I've always imagined he would be. Ahh, a deam come true!

artchick, you ate gator scalp? Now that's a guy who wastes nothing!

I've eaten dragon turds a couple times. Mighty hot, to be sure. (but the 'buffalo' ones mentioned at the link are very, very good, and I make them all the time)

As Sioux indicated, we're going to Hiaasen's local signing mid-December. Between the two of us, we'll get him to give us a good photo.

Bye guys - gotta' be gone!

bye ec! I hope you feel better!!

Thanks, ec and Siouxie! I have a pal going to see Mr. H in Orlando next week, I hope she can get me a pic or two as well, since it's MY BOOK she'll be hiking in there to have signed. That would be very cool.

Then Jimmy Dean sausage would be made of....

Another story from Wales to make me proud...


*hides under the bed*

Courtesy of my young nephew---

Where do you get dragon milk?

From a very short cow! :)

I'm guessing this means they don't use Boars Heads either.

... and Girl Scout Cookies are made from ...

é - like that?

artchick, I have some shiny green meat in my refrigerator, but I don't think it's dragon. More likely really old ham.

Dragon sausage makes me thirsty. Pass the Gatorade.

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