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November 28, 2006


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I take it the eye exam when well and you made it home without running anyone over. Well done Dave!

Did you make it home OK????

I'll have to dilate my eyes so I can read that though...anyone??

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I agree

You won't be able to read this till later, so I'll just say: "Beep, beep."

You won't be able to read this till later, so I'll just say: "Beep, beep."

Sorry, the bot got me.

He's trying to say that he feels that


until it wears off


Dave, we have 2 employees that are on the 11AM shift that are not here & have not called in yet.
Just askin' - you're not resposible for them being AWOL, are you?

I took my glasses off, and was able to read it. It says:

"I have a new book, you should be hearing about it soon".

LOL Steve

Can you hear me now?

how many fingers am I holding up?

xxxxxx      xxxxxx     xxxxxx    xxxxx
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how many fingers am I holding up?

my urologist asks me that question during the prostate examination...should i report him?

Exactly what I was thinking. However, I could never have expressed it so eloquently. That's why you're the journalist.

Hey, Dave, I know you can't read this but you made the Quote of the Day, today.

My whole family has enjoyed reading The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog this last week. I, personally, think it would be a great movie starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo. (Johnny Knoxville can play Walter.)

Good to see that "-" next to 1947, eh?

Scott I agree! It would make an excellent Holiday movie!!!

HUGE E! Which one is Better? This EEEEEEEEE or this? EEEEEEEEEE?

I once had an eye exam, and I had to walk two miles home in midday sunlight. It was not fun.

That's easy for YOU to type, Dave.

I don't like that air puff they use to check for something like how much anticipation of that eyeball puff can you stand?

Dave - as one plank in your presidential campaign platform, could you please issue an executive order that doctors are not allowed to dilate any part of our anatomies during routine examinations? Thanks.


You mean they didn't give you those haute couture (meaning snotty people's fashion) sun glasses that make you look like an escaped dweeb? Iwould rather squint for 15 miles then wear them. They remind me of the very attractive chem lab goggles.

THIS way is definitely better. Instead of dilation, you could choose this.

Dave, this just proves that you can post any random gibberish on your blog and people will respond. You have that kind of charisma. Also dilated pupils.

Does this make us blurry?

Dread Pirate,

As a woman of the female gender, I whole-heartedly agree. Down with dilation!!

And thank god for epidurals.

Dave, please stay away from this person's optometrist.

*snork* @ Meanie and Brite Eyed Jenny!

Mikey and Cheryl - o u c h i e (trying to forget iykwim)

Hey Siouxie,

What do you say when your doc asks is a class of med students can watch the procedure?

Mikey, would the correct answer be, "no"?


By the time you're ready to give birth, everyone and their MOTHER has seen your um...privates in the most unflattering pose soooooooo I say..bring 'em on!! who the heck cares!

Ain't that the truth ladies???

Mikey - a friend of mine was in labor. The nurse asked her something, but she didn't understand, so she replied, "If it's ok with the doctor, it's ok with me."

She looked up to see about 8 med students observing her delivery. IANMTU.

True story:

I know of someone who again, by the time she was in the delivery room, she'd open up her legs a million times. In walks a "doc" and she automatically opened up and he was like....uh..Ma'am I'm only here to draw some blood. Ooops!

You really lose all shyness LOL

So very true Siouxie. These days your family is in the room, your neighbors, the postman and anyone else standing around. The pain is enouh to counter any thoughts of modesty one might have. At that point it is simply "get this outta me!"

Although, last time around one of the nurses was a cheerleader. Full of "you can do it!" Bounce, bounce, bounce. I asked the lead nurse to take her out of my room and to shoot her if possible. Hard labor is no place for a perky nurse.

LOL that reminded me of a "Sex in the City" episode when Miranda was giving birth and she'd tell Carrie to tell the perky nurse to shut the he!! up!!

I'd have shot her myself. I remember looking at my now ex husband with a glare that could have killed.

My firstborn was an emergency c-section. As the medical personnel ran my bed to the operating room, my now-ex yelled, "Wait!" The doctors and nurses all froze. "I have to eat first!"

Awww Annie and you divorced him??

Annie--wow. I bet a few nurses wanted to give him a vesectomy right about then. Again, wow.

I was in labor. A guy in a white coat walked in the room and lifted the sheet and took a gander. I asked him if everything was all right. He said, "How should I know? I'm just the painter".

I know what this is about. I did the same thing this weekend. I was twirling my cell phone in my hand just before heading upstairs to bed. Then, I stopped twirling, grabbed a glass of iced tea, and the phone slipped out of my other hand, did a pirouette, and went head first into the glass of iced tea, making a small, clean splash that would have earned it a 9.8 in the Olympics. And then it started to buzz... Now, I can receive calls, but text messaging it out.

I had spinal anesthesia once ... I have some glimmer of why y'all of the female-type gender prefer epidurals ... merely sayin' ...

Siouxie & Cheryl - Ladies, he's single again, in case you're interested. (ick) btw - the doctors & nurses laughed at him and left him behind. However, he DID eat before he went into the operating room. Poor guy hadn't eaten in nearly 4 hours. I'd been on Pitocin for nearly that long!

ejrjh/? jur? oh, what eye chart?

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