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November 22, 2006


Stark contrast, indeed.¹

(Thanks to Russell Mc)

¹Not that we are older bitter.


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I agree, judi. These men just don't realize how much more experienced we are, which could be of GREAT benefit to them. Much more so than perky tits.

Take heart! Note the link on the right:

"Older Female Fish Prefer Imperfect Male Mates, Study Finds"

singing "or would you rather be a fish..."

Going to my 35th high school reunion this weekend. Sure hope there'll be some male chimps there.

When referring to human males, you can sefely remove 'old' from that headline and have an accurate representation.

LOL ubetcha...lemme know if you find two and send one my way.

(within reasonable bounds and within the law, of course)

Did that fix it?

My neck hurts

I think so, Chris...nice workin' with ya!

Ah, thanks.

Stupid tags. I'm out of practice.

I need a female.


...suggesting that the preference that human men exhibit for youthful women is a recent evolutionary phenomenon..

...since the neanderthal age...

Hey, hey, they're the monkeys
We'll study how they monkey around
But they're too busy lovin'
To cradle-rob like human hounds

They're just trying to be friendly,
So go and watch them love and play
Cause they like the older generation
And they can teach you something today!

(with apologies, as always, to insom and mud)

Well, all the guys must be chimps here in lovely Charlotte, NC, cuz I haven't dated a man my age in 10 years. I'm not sure what that says about me or my dates.....

"lineage sometime after the lineages giving rise to humans and chimpanzees diverged" Apparently these scientists have already found the missing link. Was it Paris Hilton?

so they get to skip menopause AND be desirable to younger males? wonders where she can sign up to be a chimp.

As a human male of the guy-type gender, I think I am safe in saying that we don't necessarily prefer younger women, we prefer hot women.

Jeez DPC, where didja get my picture?

This study is biased. The chimps can have young and old females if they want. We have to choose.

I hear they don't shave their legs either.

Thank you, Chris ;)

Don't be so hasty, crossgirl. I think they get to skip menopause because they're dead by the time it would set in...

Personally, I'd opt for alive with hot flashes... not that it's applicable to me. Instead, I have a ridiculous sportscar and a bad toupee to look forward to.

In time for Christmas I am offering, free of charge, the complete butt-snake poems. Simply send an email to the address below and I'll send you directions regarding how to obtain your own limited edition, hard-copy version of this monumental literary acheivement.

A perfect gift for your mother-in-law or other humor-impaired relative, these poems are lovingly reproduced on white sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" paper and bound with the highest quality staples.

Limit: 1 per bloglit.

YAY mud!!!! I want I want!!!!

CH - don't forget that enlarged prostate thing...

next time someone asks if i want to engage in some hot monkey lovin', they're getting carded.

Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me of that Siouxie. (You'll find the lump of coal in the same place as last time. I swear it's coal this time.)

smoooooooooooochies to CH!! :-)

Hmmm... I think it's because they know what they're, ahem, doing. I'd go with an experienced person who knows what she wants any time.

I agree Scott, older female chimps are way more experienced...why do you think Tarzan always hung (HA!!) out with Cheeta??? hmmm??

"Hey there cute young thing, is that a bannana or are you just happy to see me?"

Nice song, Cat. R!

Then I saw her face
Middle-aged lemur
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
I'm love, ooooh, whoa
I'll do a lemur
I couldn't leave her
Aged behind.

Nothing I could say here would end well for me.

SNORK at Stevie!

it dawned on me that jane goodall, an older female, spent an awful lot of time with young chimps. coincidence?

It'sa Wrap Party [wrapping Blog-book neice presents]. Which reminds me of the 'country' song Kathi Goldmark did with the RBRs Saturday night, about vintage ladies and hot young boys; and Daniel Handler's high harmony "Hormones."

The High Harmony Hormones WBAPrettyGNFARB.

Thanks, Stevie!

Back atcha!

Sidebar with ad for Botox...
*petitions Krishna to be chimp in next life*

Cheer up, chimpanzee
Not too old for me
I'm a
Daydreamin' lemur, and you
Star in my dream...

I I I I I'm not you're real stepson

duh, duh, .....

What does that have to do with the story?

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