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November 27, 2006


The turkeys are fighting back.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Wild Turkey causes me to run amok, too.

Someone has an assertiveness issue. You are in a 3000 lb. piece of steel. The turkey has a beak. And you are intimidated?

Probably a misplaced sense of guilt over the senseless slaughter of her Tofurkey.

"We just wanted to change their behavior so they don't go to places they shouldn't," he said."

Gobbler Academy? Gobbler Rehab?

Turkey Tech

The idea is to use loud noises to train the birds to be afraid of humans. The school obtained a starting pistol that fires a device that makes a high-pitch screaming sound as it spins through the air.

Sounds to me like they're usin' the wrong kind of ammo. What they need is a round that makes a very loud noise...followed very soon after by buckshot.

Just sayin'.

Wild turkeys is good eatin'.

Generally, blurk, doesn't the buckshot arrive before the report? Unless you're having it delivered by carrier pidgeon, that is.

Sensible turkeys stay off the roads and use mass transit. Like this flock in New Jersey.

We have some in this area, but I've never seen them act agressive. They generally run away when you drive by.

A deer rammed my uncle once though. He stopped the car to let it cross the road, and it just ran up and butted his car instead. It left several dents, and the car was new. He was pretty ticked.

Stupidest birds in the world. Shoulda just gunned it.

Mr. C~ Ben would disagree. :-)

Those Jersey turkeys are hilarious. The look like it is the most normal thing for them to be standing there waiting for a train. I wonder where they were going?

Bumble - Ben's dead. He doesn't get a vote. And don't contradict me, young lady.

As Gawd is my witness, I thought turkeys could [deep] fry.

*SNORK* @ CJrun

Naturally "The Fighting Turkeys" wbagnfa football team made up of Pilgrims.

Guin, it could be a name of a girl band consisting of BriSpe, PaHi, LinLo, ChriAg, etc.

Mr. C~ Don't you "young lady" me old man. I'll contradict you if I want. ;-)

{{{Mr. C}}}

Even this late in the day, and LTTG besides (after Thanksgiving), I'm always reminded of Stan Freberg's Under the Double Turkey ... sorry, I don't have a link ... tho I could quote you the entire dialog from memory ...

Whattayou mean, You cooked the turkey, Charlie?

... and so on ...

Another "Tom" turkey? Remember the article that Dave wrote a while ago about a tom turkey that struck a fighting posture on top of someone's vehicle ("How do turkeys stike a fighting posture? Do they put their dukes up? Or only 1 duke". I'm probably misquoting, but you get the gist.)

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