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November 22, 2006


Expect delays.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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And WHOA. That's some serious mud, even fer a Southerner.

*High fives Cheryl*!

*high fives Avid*

Also, this is nothing. We get snow (then slush) deeper than this. Except we don't go hitting police, they've got guns and are usually pretty short tempered having dealt with Californian tourists for the majority of the day.

looks like woodstock

...does the kid in the yellow shirt have...any sort of bottom coverage on??

Ya oughta see it in the rainy season!

Since it's dated August, can we presume it's frozen solid now and therefore easier to navigate?

Fuel, food, firearms and steel tow-line are the things that are needed most these days on this Federal highway.

Quick, someone add "pants" to that list...

And remember, this is the country that just a few years ago was considered a 'World Power'.

I had the opportunity at one point during the early 1990s to examine a Soviet fighter aircraft (an Su-27, if memory serves) at close range, and was amazed to see how shoddy the workmanship was. Rivets were not tight to the sheet metal, the engines were incredibly smoky, and one of them coughed and appeared to spit chunks on takeoff.

The An-224 (again, if memory serves) that accompanied the Su-27 was quite a lot more impressive - but I only saw it from a distance. Immense - IMMENSE - aircraft, dwarfing even the US C-5.

Russia is a beautiful country with the most amazing people and natural resources, and the most incredibly poor governance for the last hundred years, and beyond.

ch- amen. and somewhere on that road, 90 year nazis are playing cards with descendants of Napoleon's army, while waiting for the traffic to clear...

Chaz got my line. I was having a Woodstock flashback, which was weird because I wasn't even at Woodstock.

I must be some of"special". I'd love to take a Defender 90 for a little "spin" down Russia's version of Route 66.

Ok, Ok, folks need to remember where that road is: Moscow to Yakutsk!

I-90 through Blurkania is a tough highway, well south of that lattitude. The Alcan is rough! Runways as you get further north can be sheet steel (Adak), or gravel. Stuff breaks and re-forms up there and an amazingly long highway through there, is an extreme case.

we do have it good in America. Better than Bolivia, too.

Wyo--that almost looks like the back route to Telluride.

"Gave birth on the bus she was riding in" I guess she didn't have that transfer pass?!?
CH: Those Russian planes might seem shoddy and not well made, but they can operate out of bases that our planes wouldn't dare land or take off from. They are more down and dirty vs. our Prissy planes that need a sterile environment to do the voodoo that they do so well! I'll take ours anyday, but"they" do have an upside.

I'm with CJr on the remote roads. To get to one of the best places I ever lived, the directions were "when you get to the Budwiser sign, turn off the paved road..."

P. S. CH is "Clean Hands" not "Cheryl Howard"

Trust us, Cheryl, you're some of special.

:) PJ: CH and I figure these things out. Although we look alot alike, I've claimed I haven't washed my hands since that time I played volleyball with Tom Selleck.

CJ some of special--meaning not entirely special? Awww, that's the nicest thing I've heard all day!

Yeah, yeah Cheryl, you just gotta keep working that into the conversation dont ya?

I saw an old episode for Friends last nite when he was what-her-names love interest....even after all these years, he is quite a dish.

Tom Selleck!!!! From "Top Gun" WOW!!! You go girl. I'd give you a high five, but then there's that whole hand washing thing:)

Oops sorry, that darned name dropping thing again ;-)

I have those episodes burned to my hard drive. Yep, he still has that certain, what do we call it...bedable factor?

PJ--that would be Tom Cruise. If I played volleyball with him I woulda soaked them in bleach afterwards. Althought he did look fine back then.

Okay, sorry - My brain is stuck back on the pooping dominatrix. Looks like she's "done" Russia, too.

Tom Cruise? Huh, never heard of {him}. Maybe I'm thinking of Tom Skeerit)sic?), ever play volleyball with him CH?

OK, I'll say it, somebody's gonna anyhow.

Pooping Domniatrix WMAGNFARB. or at least an interesting one.

Hi everyone!!!! So sorry I haven't been available for commenting or snorking or even to say hi but I am SO thankful for all of you keeping me sane at work this past year.
Blessings to all!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo, Betsi! missed ya!

CH hasn't washed his hands since he played with Michelle Doody.

PJ--Tom Cruise was the one married this week. I think it was mentioned briefly in the media. But I could be mistaken. Tom Selleck is this fine chap

Ah! Chap! Why didn't you say that first. He's British. Now I place the gent. But I believe he spells it "Cruz". A Bolivian immigrant from the early seveties. Thanks CH, I felt so lost til now.

Cheryl, I was just answering your own question, in your words. It's a guy-crutch; re-state the question and carefully stay within the lines with your crayon. E.g.,

'Do these match?' Answer: 'Not your smile, dear:P'

BTW- Blog poll:

I hate the company format that requires me to place punctuation before the quote marks or parentheses. I'm used to it, by now, but opinions:

). or .)

), or ,)

Pogo: You say so much, yet you are brief, suucinct and straight to the point, and still you do not ramble on or waste words, but still you speak volumes. Bravo

Now I don't know when I am??

Pee Jay - No access to the blog clock here, I think we're in a worm hole.

Betsi! So good to see you!!!

Hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends - I'm outta here! *smooches* and hugs (handshakes as appropriate)! :-D

CJ - (I like it this way.) You know, between the ().

Ruh roh - we happened after ourselves before.

I wish Pogo would post a reminder about Alice's restaurant....

Maybe I shouldn't have said "tomorrow" later?

CJRun, I think that's a matter for Strunk & White.

As I recall it, it's a matter of whether it's merely an aside (such as this), in which case the punctuation goes outside, or you're completing a sentence in a parenthetical inclusion. (In that case, the punctuation belongs inside the parentheses.)

Make sense?

Condidering Punkin's suggestion - I think I'll do that at about 7:09.

CH - You have 4 kids - you MUST have something you could be helping the wife with, rather than preaching about parentheses. (What if this was a hypothetical parenthetical situation?)

Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really care?

So I can't imagine why
we've all got time enough to die.

Chicago-style ear worm for geezers.

Smile for the camera!

Holy hell, do not go drunk driving in Bolivia!

Cheryl H. runs for 5:15 typo and...and...


Don\'t forget Alice tomorrow

Pogo: either you totally screwed up the blog clock, or, When are you?

Sorry folks, I don't see a clock isssue. I see Arlo. I see a fun picture of CG, but I also I see text under the photo on Wyo's website [good stuff]. I don't believe I have ever seen that on a booger link before. I recollect it was a click-through process, before. New snaziness, Wyo?

That is weird. My I don't know when I am was posted after.... ah hell never mind. (God only knows when this will show up

Holy cow! There is a blog clock problem. Oh well I want to post an:


There is a situation within the NFL, for tomorrow's games. There are always two Thanksgiving games. Detroit always plays and Dallas always plays on Thanksgiving. What is happening tomorrow night [eastern] is something new; Denver/ Kansas City, a third game. The NFL is making Denver and KC play tomorrow night, but they are broadcasting it to the Denver area and the KC area; they are requiring the rest of the country to buy an unavailable cable feed. I will be so well-feed by 8:30pm tomorrow, I may need an elbow in the side.

end OTA

*snork* at Punkin!

Nice pic, CG!

And CJ, what they said.


). would be a beauty mark on the chin.

.) would be a beauty mark above the lip (a la Cindy Crawford).

), would be a scar from a bar brawl, and

,) would be the result of being interrupted halfway through shaving off a moustache.

I think we've covered all grammatical possibilities.

There's never a Stucky's around when you need one.

Here's mud in Uri's eye.

Ooh, ooh, I know. It's I-80 in New Jersey coming out of New York.

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