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November 14, 2006



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Holy crap!

i do this weekly, am confined to my home a prisoner of three children and yet.....never a headline!


pssst..who's this guy????

Maybe this guy, Skilling, and Fastow can compare toilet-cleaning techniques!

crossgirl, I hear ya...no fair at all. (btw I saw your messsage on the arts festival...looks like a lot of fun - wish I could go ;()

wow...even I don't do that...sheesh....

Must be a slow blog day...

Huh. Guess I'll add "clean own toilet bowl" to my list of Fun Things To Do When Feeling Bored.

Right after "scoop the litter box" and "remove dead mice from lawn."

well siouxie, if you ever end up in orlando the 2nd weekend in november, it's a good time!

kdf.....why are there dead mice on your lawn?

This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by Balita MailScanner, and is believed to be clean

like the toilet??

whewww...I feel safer already!

Cats -> Dead mice -> Litter box
How does the lawn fit into this process?

crossgirl, it's a two part answer.

1) There's a wooded area right behind my house.
2) I own two cats. :)

Cleaning the toilet bowl? Maybe I should introduce that to my kids as a form of entertainment, lol.


Cats frolic on lawn --> Mice die--> Cats return to the house for a nap--> Cats use litter box --> Cats return to lawn for more frolicking

♬♪♫ Life travels in a circle, yes it does! ♬♪♫

Disgraced Charlie "Atong" Ang: Stupid low-flow toilets! Bad!

At least they're leaving them on the lawn. I ahve a cat who has figured out how to extract every drop of blood from a mouse and leave it in a puddle on the bathroom floor; the mouse is somewhat worse for wear in the process.

*passes out*

KDF - You need to retrain the cats. Step 2B ought to be 'Cats eat mice'. Then you'd only have to clean up mouse remains in one pace.

*cue Elton

uh..thanks ever so much CH for that totally gross descriptive bit of information...

Although...Vampire Felines COULD BAGNFA punk B!

I'm with crossgirl on this one- where are my kudos? As well as cleaning the bowl, I also have to tackle the areas where the menfolk's aim was off. Somehow when I'm bored, I never think of toilet cleaning as a source of a rip-snortin' good time. However, all the flashing lights telling me I'd won stuff that accompanied that story have given me brain damage, so my opinion could change.

I guess he'll make a good housekeeper for Bubba, if he does get to be with other inmates... .

My cat eats just the head, so I frequently find little headless mouse bodies in the backyard. My dog, on the other hand will sometimes kill an animal (possum, bunny, squirrel) and leave it whole - other times he'll rip it into itty-bitty pieces and then roll around in the mess, including eviscera, which makes him stink like damnation. No point to this story, just thougth I'd join in the fun. I also have toilets that I sometimes clean.

so, who's ready for lunch now?!

Lots of woods and mousey places and 3 cats.This morning there were 3 mice and one squirrel found on the way to the mailbox.
I am bored.
How bored are you?
Bored enough to clean a toilet.

That's funny, mud. Your cat and my cat should get together, as he likes to leave just the head... and the tail.

I'm actually kind of glad that he's gotten too old and lazy to hunt mice much anymore. I'd really rather deal with traps.

lovely pet story mud...


my dog cleans the litter box AND we have a hamster, so far alive, does that count for anything?

From Nevada...to the Phillippines...is that an upgrade or just a lateral transfer?

My cats are indoor-only, although I once found a grasshopper in the house which the cats had obviously played with until it died. First there was a grasshopper leg (eeew!) then the rest of it.

I did find 2 dead mice and 1 bird in my old yard. I think one of the neighbor cats left them.

If you pour some vinegar into the toilet and let it sit for a while, it makes the toilet smell cleaner, and you don't even have to get your hands dirty.

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