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November 10, 2006


(Thanks to Jack and Sharon Brown)


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And they said they would only go in an inch and all.

Dr. Acula is first...typical guy!

Was there any serious editorial thought given to the headline?
*shakes head*

*Rolls over*


Sudden withdrawal leads to serious vacuum build-up,followed by vagina implosion.

Alternate headline: No Premature Evacuation?

That's good to know.

And Cheney shot his load in some guy's face.

On a related note - as heard from some comedian sometime in the past: "Why do politicians trying to get elected bring out their wife and kids for you to see? Just to prove their d¡*k works? 'See my wife? I'm tired of screwing her, now I want to screw you.'"

Hey, that only happened the one time, I swear. It would never... Oops, never mind.

thats okay hammond, they all say that too.

"...early withdrawal will be a catastrophe..."

always is quite the mess

Woo! Doozy of a night. Rolled over, and found that I was in bed with Iraq. Now what'll I do???

CH: Get up to take a wizz and sneak out the bathroom window. Hurry!

Awful nice of Iraq to pretend it is good for them, too.

"Yes,Iraq...About Iraq....Um, hey! Look behind you! A purple monkey!"

The Schnoz and Goldilocks

Better have that rash of fighting looked at.

In all seriousness, though, Happy Veteran's Day. I know it's actually tomorrow, but if I miss anybody, I'm saying it now.

Thanks, Annie, though I'm not an animal doctor, there's always something special for be about vet's day.

You may not be an animal doctor, but you play one on tv.
*ropes 'b' out of Wyo's post, rebrands it with an 'm.'*

VERY LTTG today: that darn work thing...

Happy Veteran's day to all who serve and have served our country!!!

smoochies and all the beer in the blog bar!

*ropes 'c' out of sxi's post, and brands in with a 't'*

I have a smoothie everyday. Love 'em. My big little one called it a sooth-me when he was little. Or was it my little little one. Who remembers. Anyway, they sooth me.

Thanks again, Annie. blasted chineese keyboard can't spell.

She's wearing her red pencil today. Out.

I ordered a Chinese keyboard. It can't spell either. No M, S, or G.

sheesh...stevie, I thought my smoochies were soothing too...pffffft!!

They are, Sioux, they are.

thankie, Wyo

we'll let stevie have his smoothie.

nice blog. A quick withdrawel is safety first attitude but you should give it consideration, there is a life at steak!!

I have an amusing blog


I am amooozed at jur speelin!

bery gud!

at last, someone who spells worse than I do!!

This goes right along with:

I'll respect you in the morning, the check's in the mail, and ....... you know the rest!

..."but Dad, we were only talkin'!"

right, Med?

and, "this won't hurt a bit." (dentist)

Wyo -

What? Were you there on prom night, when I decided that since my parents were out, we should "park" at my house.

When I heard the garage door go up, OMFG!!!!

That was the night I learned the hard way to keep my room clean. So you can find the clothes you took off!!!! in a hurry.

Well, that's a first; a gal telling a guy she won't pull out to soon [original thread].

*throws an 'o' listens to Bonnie and Tommy Malone.*

Somehow I'm surprised that Dave blogged this rather than Judi ...

Good morning bloglits. I have sad news to report. Way back during the Porsche Toaster thread [10/27], I posted a link to a relatively inexpensive turntable for converting vinyl to CDs. Well, I ordered one and it sucks swampwater!

Greetings, all.

CJ, I had a feeling that wasn't gonna be what you wanted, but I don't know what else is out there for a reasonable price.

There's another way cool music thing available on the web though, if you havent' already heard of it. It was mentioned on the blog a ways back, and it was great then, but is now substantially improved. It's called Wolfgang's Vault, and it's digitized recordings of all the Bill Graham archive tapes from his Fillmore East & West shows in the late 60's, 70's and 80's. Full recordings of entire concerts, searchable by band and by song, many never released publicly, are available for listening free, with downloading to be made available in the future. They've also added all the radio broadcasts from the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concerts, as well as country music radio broadcasts of the greats from the entire Silver Eagle Cross Country series.

This is stuff you would never find anywhere else, and it is amazing. All the powerhouse bands and the obscure but great bands too.

Go here, click on one of the "Concert Vault" links, search for whatever your interested in, and enjoy.

BTW, I have no affiliation with it, I'm just a major fan of this truly awesome site.

Thanks Meanie. I will definitely check it out.

I was terribly disappointed with the turntable in question, even as a playback device, direct to my receiver. Forget about bothering to convert to digital. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the recordings I have made with the polderbits software. Unfortunately, it is manually intensive and takes many hours to get a single album finished. I will see if they have improved the program any, after I pack everything away and ship the ION USB back to the malefacturer.

Good morning ;-)

CJ, sorry to hear about that turntable. I know you had high hopes. I'm waiting around for Christmas so I can 'gift' myself the one I want.

Meanie, AWESOME site! I am now listening to Berlin's "Sex" (one of my fav 80's band) and have found many other concerts I'll be enjoying!!! I had heard of it but never really checked it out till just now. THANKS!

I just realized I was being obtuse [who, ME?]! Yeah, the turntable was crap, but the Audacity software it came with was a winner! Plus I believe it is free and open source! That means I can't go straight into my computer with a USB cable, but I can go from a decent turntable, to the pre-amp, to a line-out Tape, into the Microphone input [stereo?] on the computer. Anyway, that means I can use the Audacity to digitize, clean-up, divide tracks, etc. Yay!

Good aftermorning,Siouxie.

um...that's great CJ!

*doesn't know what the HECK that meant but it sounded WAY cool!*

hey there, ron!!! Good almost noon! (on the east coast anyways)

The only reason we have time is to keep everything from happening all at once.

Meanie - thank you, you are a GOD! I am listening to an AWESOME Taj Mahal concert thanks to you. If I had a first born child, it would be YOURS!

And I see the Mothers of Invention in my future. I will definitely have a good weekend.

Cool site, meanie. Will check it out in depth later.

Thanks for the turntable update, cj. I was interested.

Aerosmith - I'm having the big one over here. I might need a nap soon.

Wow. Please, no sacrifices, OK?

Well, maybe Soul Sacrifice, Santana, San Diego, July 31, 1974.

Blogafternoon! Don't bother going to the Post Office to return-ship your crappy USB turntable! They are honoring our veterans by taking the day off. Honor to all you Vets out there.

Sio, that was my shorthand way of saying that any decent turntable, run through the type of amp made for turntables, can feed into your PC with the mike input. The fun part is the Audacity software that allows you to edit the new digital recording and break the album up, easily, into separate tracks. I wanna be able to listen to albums in the truck or on the boat, so this might work OK!

OK - Nap's over. *Moving on to Santana . . .*


they have black sabbath!

I believe I saw Santana live in 1965 or 1966 at the Teen-age Fair at the Hollwood (CA)Palladium (anybody remember that event?), waaaay before they were anybody. I paid attention cos this band, just playing outside on the blacktop between the cotton candy machine and the ring toss, was doing their version of the Blues Magooz' "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" a one-hit wonder tune with what at the time I thought was a smokin' lead guitar part. Two, actually. I was impressed with how well this "kid" played it (I was a younger kid myself, at the time), that I checked the face of the bass drum to note their name, Santana. I remember thinking that maybe there name comes from the town of Santa Ana, a bit south of Hollywood, in Orange (CA) County. I'll bet it was Carlos.

stevie, wasn't there, but bet it was them. I saw them in 1970 or 1971 with Buddy Miles, in Cocohead Crater, on Oahu. Abraxas had just come out and was my first album. *looks at fondly*

Go Gators! [second half]

Steve - you must be older than me (and that's old). Their best song by far was Psycotic Reaction.
Just sayin'. I keep thinking they did "I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night" but that had to be somebody else.

*zips out to look it up on Limewire*

Electric Prunes, another one hit wonder from the 60s, when life was good!

Dayam! ya'll are OLD!! (so am I but shhhhh)

I saw Santana live back in the late 70's when he came to the Hollywood Sportatorium. The only venue of choice back then for all rock concerts in the 70's early 80's here in S.Fl...KISS, Queen, Heart, Styx...etc.

stevie, I'm sure you were but a wee lad in 1966 (I was a babe of 6 ;P)

Too Much To Dream - Electric Prunes, yup
Psychotic Reaction - The Count Five

I love this sh*t. Goes well with, oh, Nobody But Me (the Human Beinz), It's a Happening Thing (Peanut Butter Conspiracy), and of course, Incense and Peppermints (the Strawberry Alarm Clock).

I may be a BIT older than you guys, but I'm younger than the honorable Blog. Just to put it in perspective.

stevie, I like your taste. I remember sitting on the hump [car seats? it is to laugh!] in my brother's '66 Mustang, being driven to school with all of the older kids in seats/ hanging out windows. And the 8-track of the Electric Prunes.

That was in the spring of 1971, when I got Abraxas as an eleventh birthday gift. Same age as you, Sio. And I got to see Jethro Tull in an arena and Santana in a volcano crater, the same year.

I couldn't go check earlier, too much to do, but I hit the Meanie link this evening and just ROCKED to most of the 1977 Asleep At The Wheel show. Thanks, Meanie!

Asleep At The Wheel's as good as it gets.

I rocked to Berlin and Heart and Zep! awesome site Mr. Meanie!!

stevie - age is just a number.

CJ - we're still pretty young (at heart that is)!!!

I'll be back later...when my daughter lets me use the computer again...hers is "acting up" sheesh!!!

Meanie, that's an incredible site. You just made my month!

I don't recommend the whole show, but go check Mother Earth, 1967, and listen to Tracy Nelson, beginning with Cry On. The classic little gal with the big voice. Apparently, she is also the keyboards, including the Hammond organ with a Leslie. She would have been a huge star if her voice had been a half-step higher. 5-foot nothing and the voice Janis Joplin was looking for! There's a reason when you pull that up, her picture comes up.

Meanie, your the best!

OK, my back is killing me from all the bows I'm taking here. Thanks for the kudos and the deification, but the real credit obviously goes to:

- the artists
- the late Bill Graham for setting up the venues for all these shows and for having the extraordinary foresight to tape them all
- the dedicated people who have painstakingly and lovingly digitized all this amazing music and given us access to it.

A few months ago, this site was wonderful enough with the "radio"-style mixed rotation of individual songs from all these previously inaccessible shows, with the song rotation changing every three days or so. I hadn't been there for a few weeks, and when I went there this morning and found the selectable entire-concert format had been added, I just knew it would catch fire.

Enjoy, everyone. These are treasures.

BTW, the radio-style rotation is still available there under the Vault Radio link.

LTTG, Meanie, but that is truly the BEST site! It perked me right up--thanks so much!

*wonders if we can somehow have it installed on the geezer bus*

Jammin' to Muddy Waters. (1966) Amazing.

Wyo, I agree with you about Asleep at the Wheel, and since their roots are here in Austin, I was able to see 'em up close and personal several times.

James Taylor, 1970, is a treasure too.

Ducky, I'm exceedingly jealous. Ray Benson's a class act.

Nighty-night, all!

This site is the Holy Grail of Geezer Rock Tonight, I've danced with The Rascals, had (bad) sex with Berlin, and after listening to 10cc's The Things we Do For Love, I now wonder why this song ever got airplay.

If only they had some Chicago...


Hmmm. Sometimes decisions are just plain easy.

Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage, or bacon? That's easy; sausage and bacon! Football pregames or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? That's easy!

Hmmm...CJ, that sounds good!

Love the site, Meanie. Thanks!

Yeah, PBoy...how come no Eagles?

Meanie, great site (no bow necessary, I understand back pain).

But there's no Bad Company. :(

However, I AM currently rocking out to Blue Oyster Cult - Go, go, Godzilla!!!

5 more concerts to be added each week, folks! Keep checking back.

Meanie - in today's LATimes biz section - front page.

Dang - I scooped 'em!

That ya did, sir.

Pretty neat: I went in to the user forums and added a couple of posts of appreciation, but chose not to call myself Meanie the Blue. I then found a forum with reply posts from someone who works for the site, who goes by Blue Meanie. Must be a cousin.

You should advise him that his initials are less than stellar.


It's OK, Stevie, you're a contndah.

Maybe even a contendah.

*Relinquishes spelling crown*

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