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November 28, 2006


...and then there are breakups.


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First love?

I think we have a weiner!

Dude, just stand too close to a chef(that very recently had an eye exam) at one of those Japanese restaurants. They'll do it for free, and you might even score some $$$ out of a lawsuit.

Sushi, anyone?

There are "break ups" and then there are "crack ups!"

Maybe he's planning to mail it to her like Van Gogh....

At least he had sense enough to only cut his ear off, though. I could live without an ear...

Now why, oh why couldn't K-Fed-Ex decide to choose this solution and thus remove himself from the gene pool...

The medical term for this procedure is the "lopadickoffame". The reverse procedure is the "addadicktome".

Just thought you'd like to know.

*chop* *chop*

what a nut job!

Being a female of the opposite sex that has been badly jilted, I know just how this guy feels. After my last bad break up, I definately wanted to cut off a penis.

*SNORK* @ Siouxie's "nut job".

*snork* @ Mr. C.

Maybe he wants to sing the in the Vienna (Sausage) Boy's Choir.

In Kumming, China no less.

It was funnier before the eye drops wore off and I realized that the town name is Kunming.

Never mind.

DPS - if you believed in Santa, you wouldn't have that problem.
*not sure how that works, but...booger!*

I just broke up with a turkey. Kiefer, please, cut my thighs off!

Well at least the guy didn't try cutting it off himself.

Wouldn't it be less painful if he just turned gay? (nttawwt)

Or maybe move to Bwama-something where detachable penises (peni)(pene) are a common thing.

*SNORK* way up there at casey!

Santa? The Big Brother-esque surveilling troll who's sole purpose is to bribe children into some semblance of socially-acceptable behavior with gigantic piles of gaudy, over-hyped cr@p?

Sorry - I'm bringin' the tread down again, aren't I?

Everybody give it up for the Fluorescent Boogers and their new single This? or This?

DPS - I'm just taunting you, 'cause you're fun and you can handle it. Oooh, look - something shiny!!

*sends another box of rum-gumballs to Mr. Scrooge*

attention bloggers, the long awaited snake poem has been posted on the previous thread.

not that i'm starved for attention or anything.

no really.

Siouxie - he prefers coal-flavored gumballs.


I just emailed you regarding the snake poetry ;-)

Mud--thank heavens! It was seemingly empty here without you.

This guy is the best argument I have ever found for managed care.

"Man wants penis cut off" ...

His OWN? Oh, well that's something then.

Of the Blogging Cheryl's I like that! Sounds like we have a juggling act or something. ;-)

Cheryl better than the Flying Garbanzo Cheryls that btw wbagnfa trapeze troupe! :P

Okay I gotta ask. wbagnfa is an acronym for.....?

would be a good name for a....whatever

wbagnfarb (would be a good name for a rock band) for example...

Ah Ha! I am a little slow on the up shot today. My brain hasn't thawed out yet.

In fact, I have two bids to do today. I am wearing my long johns and Ug slippers with a very sharp looking Polo wool skirt. I'm certain I won't win any beauty contests. Think they'll trust their home decor to me?

Flying Garbanzo Cheryls--clever. Might go nicely with a side of flat bread too.

Sounds like his ex-girlfried already did the job for him...

I thought it was after marriage that men lost their d@cks though...or so I've heard ;)

The photo gallery has nothing at all to do with this story.

He wanted to cut off all ties with the gf...

His gf was tied to his..? Well, that's impresive!

I'm thinking they aren't big on doctor-patient confidentiality in China.

Patient: I'm very unhappy about my breakup. I want to cut off my penis.
Doctor: I think you need counselling. (To nurse) Nurse! Call the newspaper!
Nurse: Okay, but why are we speaking English?

daisyj - "and why are my lips out of sync with my words?"

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