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November 15, 2006


(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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Update!!! He was just tired and not feeling well.

I can't believe you beat me to it CR. I sent it about five minutes after the story came up.

Wjat are those Facists Terrorists Bastards going to do to us next??? Take away oour right to pee in alleys after closing down a bar???

Oh my! Just wait till the passengers see the giant penis in the lobby...

Yeah Matt! the article I read gave that lame excuse...sureeee he was...

No Mile-High club for them!

Beats snakes . . .

Thats what she did.

Sorry I couldnt resist.

Were they flying United?

pssst...Matt...I also sent this in, CR was FIRST!

great minds and all...

So attempts to join the Mile High Club™ are terrorist acts or some such, but leaving your 'pearl neclace' on a 'blue dress' in the Oval Office isn't?

Somehow I think I'm about to need a gumball.

He really was feeling ill. Sex is the cure for almost every illness.

By the way, I have a random, terminal, not contagious disease, that does not negatively impact me physically in any way.


*snork* @ Meanie!

His defence should start out "That depends on what your definition of 'is' is."

I read elsewhere that they risk 20 years in jail for this.
(Mais tout le monde sait que quand on s'aiment, on a toujours vingt ans . . . )

He apparently has this unknown condition that causes him to behave this way?? and that is what?? being a man?

Obscure? Moi?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the No Stroking sign in preparation for our landing approach. Please turn off all electronic devices and place your seatbacks and zippers in the upright position. Thank you.

I sent this story to Dave yesterday from CNN, so there!

And I am sure he was sick. Sick, sick, sick!

Well I sent it in yesterday earlier than you(maybe, who knows?)!

Neener! Neener!

It's the death of romance I tells 'ya . . .

I was the first to not send that in!

Meanie, shouldn't that be 'turn off all battery-operated devices'???

The final straw was when they tried to get the flight attendant to ask the captain for some turbulence.

*turns off bar of soap and attempts to act completely natural while leaving airplane restroom*

Their mistake was obvious. They should have snuck into the lav together, like any self-respecting member of the mile-high club...


Meanie, I believe I was first before you not to send this in.

Okay, pretty much a psychic simul with my initial-bearing doppleganger. A little too creepy for me. :-D

*zips in after stopping at Quick-E-Mart for ONE GALLON clear ziplock baggies! Anticipates all the fun she can have with THESE*

Sorry, casey, no way. I didn't send that in the instant it showed up on the 'net.

Dagnabbit! Foiled again! No matter how hard I try to be first to not send Dave interesting breaking news, it never works for me.

I've heard about a charter air service down south (Atlanta maybe?) that caters specifically to people like this. The cabin contains a "bed" and is as private as can be, if a curtain is your idea of private. On second thought, I guess that wouldn't have appealed to these people after all.

Well, if you want, we can check with Judi to see when she didn't get both of ours.

CH, you're absolutely correct... either the lav or seat selected the back row of the cabin.

I didn't send it in.

*thinking up all the drink names they might have ordered in light of their situation*

*raises hand for the didn't send it in group*

Back row, eh? Never thought of that...

*raises hand, lowers hand*

*takes drink & goes back to trying to figure out new major med ins for 2007*

CH, especially when there are 4 seats in the center section on a half-empty flight & adequate amount of blankets. At least that's what I've been told...

New movie coming:


See him fly over her Titons
See her handle his snake

see her "takeoff"
Watch the "hard" landing.

Small star cast.

So they're risking 20 years in the slammer for necking rudely while Abramoff, who tried to subvert our government to help his "friends", only gets six years?

Yeah ScottMGS, where's the justice?
And, btw, notice how no one has a problem when 2 air line companies "merge." US Airways, Delta - you hearing me?

*steps daintily off soapbox*

Ah, but he faced much more, no?

These kids will get off (har, har) with a slap on the wrist, fines and probation. They'll probably wind up on the no-fly list, and may get s3x-offender listing, as well. (That last is a real stinker, as it's for life, and carries all sorts of draconian limitations.)


And to think I get upset when my husband jumps up and down in the aisle trying to make the plane dip. I'm not even TELLING him about this.

*startled that so many blogboys seem acutely aware of the s3x-offender listing parameters*
*prepares to not send in the FIRST NEXT blog thread*

"That wasn't turbulence...that was alllll me, baby."

Annie-That's what they all say. ;-)

I've obviously been taking the wrong flights. My last in-flight intimacy was moving my seat neighbor's "love handles" off my armrest so I could access my tray.

I in no way sent in anything related to this topic, ever. I will, however, send in some fine footage what appears to be a salmon on a bicycle! [sorry for the ad]

...or so I've heard...

News flash!
The tsunami alert has been cancelled for today.
Thank you. Please resume regularly scheduled blogging.

Lisa - I did NOT tell you that. I said MOST of them say that, the others are speechless....perhaps because they're gasping for air. ;)

Do the bags have to be completely transparent?

Dammit, MKJ, I had a mouth full of food when I clicked on that.

Dave might really appreciate these next time he's going through airport security. Although I suspect they'll be looking very closely at his toothpaste...

And I thought I had sent that in a couple of days ago!
Sigh... guess my tag line just wasn't catchy enough... .

jon - I sent it in before it happened, however, CoastRaven outmaneouvred me by including a risque photo, and, sorry to say, that's the kinda stuff that gets read...often several times.

*snork* @ Annie a couple of times.

That was so gross and offensive that I just about puked when I read it. Where do people get off getting off on a friggin' airline flight? If I was on that plane I would have walked over to them and pulled them apart myself. Or dumped a bucket of ice on them. Or just threatened to jump off the plane unless something was done. Now, I don't think I will manage to have a good evening. I am just too upset now.

uh..gumball, Susie???

Mebbe the flight attendant should've said whut my dad and his brothers always said when some of the cousins at any reunion/gathering got a little too rowdy for the size of the house ...

Hey! All right, you guys ... TAKE IT OUTSIDE!

I'll take some kung pao chicken and eggrolls please...

DD, you are officially in the gumball penalty box.

Well he clearly wasn't interested in the TWA coffee or the TWA milk, anyway...


Some friends of mine (a married couple) were flying on Amercian Airlines™ and decided to... uhm... try out the plane's restroom together IYCMD. Evidently, this was obvious to the crew of the plane, because when they deplaned they were met by the pilot, co-pilot and attendants who presented them with a certificate that said (again ISIANMTU) "Congratulations! You did "SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE AIR™!"

So ... if that wuz AA ... whut would one (or two?) get if they flew United?

Belated SNORK at meanie's pre-flight instructions. 'Specially 'cause I'm flying tomorrow and will now probably SNORK all through it.

Also, this lady must clean the lawyer's office who she "works" for if'n she thinks flight attendants can't refuse to serve you. They won't even let you on the plane if they think you've been overserved. For God's sake the neighborhood bartender can refuse to serve you. Either that or the lawyer is the same Einstein I had for a divorce lawyer.

*proud member of the mile high club*

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