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November 20, 2006


So to speak.

(Thanks to Mark Cantrell and Jim Gilboy)


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I don't wanna know what that Dora is exploring ...

Yikes Dora! you little tart!

Whoa! I hope the sound chip in that toy is careful screened...god forbid that it be misunderstood!

"Interactive pet - fun for all!"

Yeah that's what it looks like to me alright.

"Interacts with you and other Aquapets!"

But I don't KNOW any other Aquapets!

"I'm just a toy whose intentions are good.
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood."

My rugrat has grown out of Dora, but is anyone else just a little skeeved out by the fact that this toy is a PERSON suspended in water? Oh, and it kinda looks like a (Ahem) male part. This is wrong on too many levels.

oh. my.

Aquapets are silly interactive pets that love to play with you. Watch them dance. Hear them chirp.

Watch me spew coffee out my nose.

And here I thought I didn't LIKE Dora. Wrong again.

The Patrick pet at least make a little bit of sense.

We truly live in an enlightened age.

Get your daughters started off right with our educational toys ....
Did the manufacturer forget to look at a prototype?

um...what type of batteries are needed for this toy??

*just wonderin'*

so very wrong....

siouxie, i was just about to ask if it vi.... never mind.

Dave, does this get added to the Christmas Gift Guide?

i'll just add that to my christmas list right after the vibrating soap.

No judi, but it does dance and chirp!

And it does everything in Spanish, so it's a learning tool.


Um, honey...mommy needs to borrow Dora for a while...

judi!! dmta!!! LOL

"Aquapets are silly interactive pets that love to play with you. Watch them dance. Hear them chirp. Theyll even play a song. Aquapets react to you and their buoyant buddies so let the floating fun begin."

Replace "Aquapets" with "pen!s". That is all.

"And then there's that whole Dora thing." (C-bol)

WARNING on this one-
Sorry, Dora, but Harry Potter's broomstick has you 'beat.'

One of the comments on that site noted this toy is fun for the hole family!!!!


I guess I shouldn't suggest this as a gift for my neice.

Off topic: Has anyone else sent in items and have them bounce back as Un-deliverable or delivery failure. I had 2 from last night and one this morning.

Now back to the regularly scheduled Silly-ness

Annie! you and that broomstick again!!

I do agree that Harry beats Dora.

Siouxie - as you know, I got a million of them. Another WARNING - Christmas is for giving.

Heck, that Dora phallus only takes 2 AAA batteries. My toy takes a car battery.

Man, that Dora's got balls to be selling that toy! :p

crosses hello kitty shoulder massager off the christmas list.

While I agree that the shape is a little off (what in god's name were the designers thinking?!), I also agree with sthnbell. "Hey kids! Let's see how long Dora can hold her breath!" I mean at least the Spongebob one makes sense. Thoug when I first saw it I thought it was a Dora the Explorer themed seamonkey set.

Okay, you guys aren't going to believe this but, yesterday, I was at the bookstore and I was looking through the Christmas stories (because it's almost that time of year). You guys won't believe what I found! It was a new book by...

Hey, why is everybody snickering?

Somebody wrote a book?

re Dora: Oh, dear...

So this explains why Judi ordered 28.

And if you click on Dora it's gets bigger! At least the picture does....

you can get it for less if you order it used. ewwwwwwwwwwww

un pene?

*SNORK* at Dave's link wording.

I do not want to know what Dora is exploring in that thing.

I'm sorry, MOTW. I repeated you. Blame the migraine, please-- I am usually more observant.

"Swiper, no swiping!"

Good one, Annie.

angene, I was going to make the same observation! :-D

Hey, that Dora toy looks just like a ......Johnson! Drop down and give me 25

Don't worry Jemmy - nice to share a braincell with you!
*loves Jemmy some D0ve dark chocolate & a quiet padded room*

one thot that pops up in my mind is a parody of the "What does a 500-pound canary say as it walks down a dark alley?" joke ...

"Whut does the ... um ... larger than average ... person say when it is "lonesome"?

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty ..."

They took the link down!!!

Amazon de-listed the toy, but here's what all the fuss is about:

Dora the Explorer Toy?

We.. baught one a while back, and it was... fun... for me...

no im just teasing,hilarious though

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