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November 27, 2006


The 24 diet.

(Thanks to RSierra)


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One does tend to lose a good deal of weight while recuperating from thigh wounds.

I wonder if Taser recovery involves weight loss, too?

I do this - use my exercise bike during Laker games. I tried working out during Yankee games, but their season is so long (what with going to the playoffs EVERY YEAR), that I nearly wasted away.

The only problem is that the portable DVD player takes up the space I use for my Krispy Kreme donuts.

I'm trying to figure out a way to mount my laptop on the elliptical, but since my arms move, I guess I'll need some voice actvation/recognition software. And some saran wrap over the keyboard.

Dave - next topic, please. We've been waiting for nearly two minutes.

Did you know that Dave has a calendar out? And it's cheaper than that other Barry guy's calendar.

This is now doable since portable DVD players have come down in price. I used to watch The Simpsons on the overhead TV's at the gym but felt self-conscious about laughing out loud when no one else was hearing it.

stevie - you? self-conscious? Don't make me laugh!

Y'know, Slim-Fast isn't too bad with a couple of scoops of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream in it...

On a related note, take your portable TV to the gym tonight, as House is on at 9 eastern [and at different times for geographic oddities].

[Having a hard time concentrating on work today as the 2, ASAP proposals I had to get out this morning, were just answered back with 'Out of Office' replies, as in the client is out till next week. Bastidge!

I prefer reading while I work on the eliptical machine at the gym. That is if I ever get back there.

Oh man oh man...24 is rolling around, and nothing can keep me from hanging out with you all once it starts!

Well...*almost* nothing.

Hey, Steve (the 24 guy), how about a Holiday Special on FOX -?

oookay, the rest of my line said - "A Very 24 Christmas"

You may think I am crazy but I am going to do this starting in January.

I went to the local bar and watched '24'. I didn't lose any weight, but then again, I wasn't trying to. All things considered, going to the bar, or going to the gym, I think I will stick with the bar.

I usually watch Oprah while I'm on the treadmill. I guess I could switch to reruns of 24 though.

That would prepare me for my totally well-thought-out, completely non-random, extremely insightful comments during the blogging of the new episodes.:-p

That reminds me - I still need to hang my ellipsicle lights for the holiday season!

I went to Mazatlan in 1991 to see the total ellipse of the sun.

"stevie - you? self-conscious? Don't make me laugh!"

Why should today be any different?

Duuuude. I totally envy you that. Best I've ever experienced is an annular eclipse. Just not the same, or so I'm told.

Sweating on an elliptical machine while watching a DVD isn’t really in the 24 spirit. May I suggest the 24 Olympics for physical improvement. Proposed events:

Habib Marwan parking-deck high jump (contestants must bring their own mops)
Martha Logan rampart heave
Edgar Stiles Krispy Kreme kurling
Lynn McGill nerve gas dash (extra points for not inhaling)
James Heller diving competition (synchronized with automobile)
Audrey Raines softbawl playoffs
Charles Logan sexual marathon (90-second event)
Chloe O’Brian fencing (foils charged to 60,000 volts)
Jack Bauer biathlon: drive, shoot, drive, shoot, drive, shoot, drive, shoot...


annular eclipse = covering your ass?

I'm thinking that if Jack himself stood there with a loaded gun threatening to shoot me in the thigh this might work.

Honestly, I think this lap top needs to be powered by treadmill~that would be a workable plan for multi-taskers like myself.

Note: Above post is #24.

Thought I should pass this on to fellow 24 fans...Marwan is alive and well and working at a Kangaroo Mart (convenience store) in Myrtle Beach, SC. He has grown his hair out a bit as a disguise.

I've tried the exercising while in the living room, watching the TV. Sometimes it's OK. If I had more self-control and discipline when it came to exercise, it would have worked really well.

Lol to siouxie for "annular eclipse = covering your ass?"

Did any of you read the comments on that blog? What a humorless bunch!

Thank God for the bloglitts!

I AM gonna do this. And my three dog poop soaps came today, too. Very life-like.

Better living through blogistry.

AlanBoss - what a bunch of soap-for-brains. I've read more captivating stuff on the back of a soup can.

The kicker - blog-author is, according to his bio, penning a movie for Paramount...and....it's a COMEDY. Shoot. Me. Now!

Whoops, my bad. This just in. A bit of editing is in order here. He's not 'penning a movie for Paramount,' he's 'moving a pen for Paramount,' the poultry farm.

I watch videos of people exercising while I sit on the couch eating Cheez-its. But I haven't lost a pound.

Thanks a lot for tricking me into visiting the Puffington Host. I inadvertently clicked to a different page on that site, got a glimpse of all the liberal hate speech, and now I can't sleep.

Robert S. Wieder has an improvement on the 24 Diet: You can only EAT while you exercise.

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