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November 20, 2006


"Who's your Doody?"


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Am I first today?

Yeah, I am!

She had to know it was gonna' happen someday...

"Doody took care of business", yup, that's a good quote.

Doody's their #1 player? I could've sworn she was number two.

It's Michelle Doody time!

*snork @ Adora*

If only he were from Indiana, then he could be a hoosier doody.

"Kills by Doody". I sense a Lifetime movie here.

LOL Wyo!

Btw...any word from Sarah????

Can't believe they don't wecome here to the court with "Howdy..."

I can't even tell what sport is being described in this article.

...and her enthusiastic fans are known as Doody-heads.

(Hey...I thought we weren't going to make fun of people's names any more. Prob'ly the decline in values due to the new Congressional leadership.)

Sarah's sore, but ok. She goes to the doctor again today for a follow-up. Now we're tryin' to figure out how to get her here for T'givin'. They're photographing the car today, I think. Not really sure I want to see that, but I do. Know what I mean?

Thanks for askin', I know it wasn't your dooty.

*snork* @ Wyo.

I agree that we seem to have a case of exceptionally poor journalism here. (1) No pictures, and (2) no context.

Somehow, I don't think that this is the Michelle Doody they're talking about.

(Note: When using the work computer to search Google Images for ANY vaguely female name, PARTICULARLY in conjunction with a word like "doody," turn SafeSearch ON. /end public service announcement)

its not even clear WHAT sport they are playing...

Wyo, of course it's my doody as a friend ;-)

I hope she can make Thanksgiving. About the car..yikes! not sure i'd wanna look but I can understand the need to.

LOL Betsy @ the Doody Heads! (gnfarb too)

I must off to work. You'll notice I carefully avoided the previous thread, this morning. Sometimes there's just nothing left to say. (at least pubicly publicly.)

I called my Mom a "doody head" once. Sat in my room for awhile.

No offense to the exalted Stealth Blogerette, but at least her parents had the good sense not to name her Judi or Judy.

Have a good day, Wyo!

Great journalism: Doody and her teammates will feed off the same crowd today, when they host North Middlesex.

I've seen this before -- doody vampirism. Its gonna get ugly.

*it's volleyball*

*doesn't want a Doody serve*

As a lifetime as michelle and shelly...I can almost guarantee that at some point this poor girl has been refered to as Smelly Shelly Doody.

It's Woman's Volleyball. My college paper also talked about a woman making kills. At first I thought she was a serial killer (Can You Imagine A Serial Killer Named Dooty?), but eventually I learned the truth.

Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
A wop bop a lula
A wop bam boo!

Doody? Middlesex? Spurts?

Who lets these people write this garbage?

(The whole story reminds me of a VB coach who once (unknowingly) offered a straight line which I'll never forget, but I'll also never post it in a place as public as this ... I don't want to embarrass her, even in absentia

Thanks for clearing that up, Edgar. I was growing a bit concerned about a school sport that featured "kills" and "feeding off the crowd."

Uh... Franklin pride from JP.

But, yes... doodies... snorktastic.

HAHA....i love that chant i think its great

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