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November 27, 2006


Have I mentioned that my book is still for sale? Not only does it weigh less than a fruitcake, but it also tastes better.


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But it's not as good as a fuitcake at hammering nails.

OR a fRuitcake, either.......

*stoopid sleepy fingers*

i have purchased my two copies for gifts. these are for people that i actually like. but don't dis the fruitcake. i can get those for all of the people on my list that i really don't like, but i have to get a present for them anyways. or - i know - i can get them the paris toilet paper which is a really insulting, yet functional gift. thanks for the tips Dave!

All right, someone has to ask.

Dave, what have you done with the SB? Is she out strumpeting with Walter? Researching next year's list? Making fruitcake in bulk?

judi, where are you?!


Maybe she's just taking a well-deserved break, after last week's excitement?

judi the Stealth Bloggerette has been busy lately fixing up her house with her bare hands, pioneer-woman style. I am not about to order her to blog. Especially not when she is holding power tools.

This makes at least five books Dave has written within the last two weeks. Amazing!

Never mess with a woman wielding power tools. Especially if you're on a roof, and she has a nailgun.

(Not that I'm implying that that unfortunate fellow had any "help" with his "accident." No, not at all.)

*zipping in real quick* (I know El wouldn't mind)

Dave, I just finished reading this heartwarming book this morning. It came at the right time for me. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. It was much needed.

*zips out* Later all!

Wait a minute...Dave wrote a book? He can write? Who knew! Dave, what else have you been keeping from us?

Go judi!

you're a wise man, Dave

I realize you were actually more of a shepherd, but... oh, never mind.

Dave, baby, sweetie, pumpkin.....

Will you and Ridley be in the same room together in the next couple of weeks? I would like to give my nephew (who loves Peter & the Starcatchers!)an autographed copy of the second book for Christmas.

Please let me know the proper protocol.

*bows in your general direction*

M-m-m-m-m-orn-n-n-i-n-n-n al-l-l-l-l,

To all you Miami residents, that's the standard greeting here in Montana...WHERE IT'S 6 BELOW FRIGGIN' ZERO!!!!

That is all.

Hm. We're getting some light flurries here in the Portland metro. Of course, the drivers here are taking this as a reason to go all demolition derby 'n' crap on each other.

71 and kinda rainy here in Miami today, blurk. I know, we have it bad. ;)

Morning Blurk & CH

*reporting in from central Florida, where it's overcast*

Is the book soaked in alcohol like the toppings for the fruitcake?

Foolish me, only the original is prepared by soaking in alcohol. Otherwise, the book would have to have less than three ounces of liquid and would have to be kept in a one quart ziplock bag when traveling for the holidays.

Been there, bought that.

Clean, we had some light flurries here over the weekend.

18 inches worth of light flurries...and it's snowin' again today.

I'm desperately tryin' to remember why I love Montana.

Because now you couldn't even get to the store for a pack of smokes if you wanted to? :-P


Sitting here in Vancouver, Canada, where it rarely snows and the climate is mild, I'm looking outside at TWO FEET OF FRIGGING SNOW. And it is MINUS EIGHT!!!!

We don't have snow plows. We don't have snow tires. Heck, most of us don't even have snow shovels.

Gawd, what's next. Torrential rains last week. Hurricane force winds the week before. Apparently the raining frogs and clouds of locusts may be just around the corner.

And somehow I have to make my way to the marina to see if my boat is still above water.

*rant off*

AFKAT's snowed in, too.
Didn't it snow in FL a couple of weeks ago?

I'd like to know where all this "global warming" stuff is. We could use a little of it here.

blurk-yes, we had flurries

Hi everybody! Hope y'all had a terrific Thanksgiving.

Dave, sorry I didn't have your book in hand for you to sign it last Tuesday at Paul's signing. Actually, it was in the car. I could have gone and gotten it, but I thought that would be just rude.
HOWEVER, I will be at your signing tomorrow evening. Start flexing that signing wrist...

Snow here too. Global warming...ha!

Well just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...the winds have picked up. Was just outside checking on the condition of our trees and shrubbery...what used to be vertical is now pretty much all horizontal. Then the top third of my neighbor's 80 foot cedar tree snapped like a twig and crashed to the ground. I think I'm staying inside from now on...

I'm afraid to say it's a balmy 60 in northern Connecticut but you have my sympathy. We'll be getting it soon enough.

I ordered it from Amazon along with a book called "The Road More Traveled", which an old college buddy co-authored. That book is about transportation policy. The crux of it is that we need to build more roads because that is how we get from place to place. Public transportation is a nice safety net for people without cars, but won't meet the needs of 90% of us unless we all cram into 50 story apartment buildings. I'd strongly recommend the book to anyone who is ever stuck in traffic, especially those of you in South Florida. Your public officials are screwing you with their regional transportation plan.

OK, so Dave's book... I read it last night. I had seen it described as a children's book, so I was careful about bending the binding and stuff so I could give it to one of the kids for Christmas. But it's not really a kid's book. While the print is for a fifth grader, there's no way a fifth grader would find it as funny in some parts or as sad in others. It reads a lot like the Christmas classic "A Christmas Story" except on speed. When I first read a review, I wondered how their dog could die and then they get a replacement the same night. It just sounded weird. Well, the story answers the question definitively.

About the physical book... Don't wait for this to come out in paper back. It is truly a beautiful book. The pictures are classic. The opening picture is the first clue that this is not a book for fifth graders, but a flashback to a more innocent time. Actually, the first clue is really the "Other books by Dave Barry". Another very nice touch is the color and font of the page numbers. Remember how when the Macintosh first appeared twenty years ago, everyone went crazy with fonts and documents looked stupid? Well, color press book printing seems to be just becoming economical and popular for a book like this, and it looks great. The paper is nice and heavy with a classic light sepia tinge to it. You can tell that as much thought went into packaging this story as writing it, and that's saying lots, because I felt like a 7th grader reading the story! This one will probably sit on my coffee table for years to come at Christmas time. Thanks Dave!

Hey, Dave, I have still got it on order. It may be waiting at the library (since that's where I ordered it - through their Ingram account)- although it was on the shelf there, because the library copy came through another source. Don't you just hate the devious ways of publishing?

Thanks for the tip, Brad - I'll look for that book. Sounds like good reading.

That's a sneaky way to sell books but ya got me! I went to Amazon and ordered it. After all, what better present could I get for myself than something that's going to make me laugh.

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