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November 09, 2006


Rex the Runaway Lizard

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Is plunging temperatures anything like a plunging neckline? And why would you dress up the poor lizard anyway?

Honestly, when was a wiggling lizard such a problem?

Hm. Wiggling Lizard WBAGNFARB

Based on the picture it's no surprise he got off that leash. You really need a figure 8 lead for lizards, ferrets, etc..

On a related note, doesn't having your own vivarium with a lamp and a heated mat sound like just a wonderful way to spend the day?

Wow they have some strict leash laws over there. Even iguanas are bound. Can't even get people to keep their dogs on leads over here.

It was still light when he got away but because of his colour he was perfectly camouflaged in the dense tree.

Maybe there is something to that Peppered Moth Evolution Thing™.

Hey Ed Bradley just died...the 60 minutes guy

Very interesting...so 999 is an Emergency number in the British Isles?

So does this mean if you're caught upside down in a car, and you dial this number, you're calling the Prince of Darkness? ;-)

Seriously, I'm glad her pet was rescued and is in good condition - kudos to the fire service!

is nicholas cage going to replace

so, is Nick gonna play the lizzard or Debbie Davies? Perhaps the tree?

Richard Burton?

*yeah, it's not worth the wait*

*snork?* @ insom...

the end of insom's comment?

the end of insom's comment?

Oops, sorry. I'll just retire to my vivarium now.

I get it, thanks casey. We're playing 'end insom's comment.'-

Apparently the lizard refused to come down from the tree until they promised to write a heartwarming Christmas book about him...
Speaking of heartwarming Christmas books, did you know that Dave has written a new book?

thank you AWBH. Sometimes I wonder...if I a blogette is in an office snorking and nobody is around to hear her, does she really make a sound?

"I never take him out but he absolutely adores dandelion leaves and there aren't many about at this time of year," said Ms Davies.

...and despite her obvious devotion to her lizard, she takes him out in the freezing cold because it would be too much of a stretch for her to pick the leaves for him and bring them inside?

Looks like there's a market for cute little iguana sweaters.

Olo- I hear iguana sweaters are a bit stiff....plus you have to use SO many iguana's just to get a decent pair of gloves...

When I first read teh headline I could have sworn that it said "Rex, the Runway Lizard" and I was wondering if he did something special like crashing an airplane or tripping a supermodel or something like that... but Nooooooo, he just ran up a tree and caught cold.

Cold Lizard... is that anything like Cold Duck?

I wanna iguana sweater!

I got a sweater for my birthday. I had wanted a screamer, but....


I thought the same thing. I was wondering if Project Runway had gotten desperate for themes or something.

alligator: egrets, i've had a few....

/stolen from rube

Now he is fine stretched out in his vivarium where he has his own ultra violet light and a sleeping area with a heated mat.

sounds like K-Fed's next digs...

"But the lizard was suffering from the effects of the cold and had to be plunged into a warm bath to be revived."

I hope they didn't hold him under too long.

(travel tip: in the Virgin Islands iguanas are in the trees everywhere)

*restraining herself from asking how Lisa BFF scored a passport to the VIRGIN islands*

I believe that iguana would have a "jumper" - not a sweater, as he/it is a British lizard... Naturally, since American lizards don't make the internet news when they do stupid stuff like this. Just sayin'...

I got a jumper for my birthday. I had wanted a dancer, but....

No, not Nicholas Cage, Dave. Finally, it's the perfect role for (c'mon, say it together, everyone) K-FED!

I got a virgin for my birthday. I had wanted a .....um, nevermind....

(SNORKs @ Annie)

sheesh, Blue - I shoulda seen that one comin'...

*snork* @ Annie!

They tried to stop me, but I distracted them by talking REAL LOUD on my cell phone about the TERM PAPER...no TERM PAPER...yeah PA-PER...I HAVE DUE...DUE...IT'S DUE NEXT SEMESTER...RIGHT NEXT SEMESTER.

I'm not sure they really bought it, but they're pretty laid (har!) back in the islands.

Annie, you shoulda seen her goin!

Don't call me if your iguana's up a tree in the cold because I just don't care.In fact I'd recommend keeping the suckers up there.


Well, he certainly has the range for it.

Esther - who is NOT a Nick Cage fan

Cage=Costner=Harrison Ford=range of emotion of a lizard

She wanted a sweater for her birthday, but all she got was a little dickie.

So, why did the lizard fall out of the tree?

He was snorking @ Annie.

*sobbing with Joy that Rex the Lizard is safe*

btw,don't hit above ?? linky thingys,I think its (whispering) not in English.

(Doo dah doo)
Do iguana climb a cypress?
(Doo dah doo)
Debbie'd slobber if he fell
whoa wo wo

(Doo dah doo)
Within seconds wriggled free
(Doo dah doo)
Legged it up her neighbor's tree-eee
Climb iguana you
Ooh ooh ooh

Frozen iguana goes good on a stick
Too bad that Rex was poikilothermic...

(Doo dah doo)
Ends a lovely Swansea day
(Doo dah doo)
Call the RSPCA
Warm iguana do
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh...

great one, stevie! lol

*snorks and points at Stevie W's little dickie...*

Dude - it's Nicolas. Not Nicholas.

Dude - it's Nicolas. Not Nicholas.

Completely gobsmacked by all the fuss,anyway it is a cross chest leash, he escaped out of it while having the pic taken..
love the idea of an iggy jumper tho..rofl not sure it would work with his back spines ..
He had been out on my shoulders picking them b4, just never done a runner till that day, and he wasnt meant to be out long enough to get cold 2 or 3 mins max.
anyway got to go my ribs hurt laffing..great thread !
cheers Debbs and Rex the iggy xxx

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