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November 27, 2006


A Californian plans to take action. And then maybe order a pizza.


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Or mass quantities of Oreos...

*calls broker to buy stock in Nabisco*

I *second* the notion of pizza.

His name is "Stone"

Alert the Guinness Book folks...

. . . and then worry about the narcs . . .

What's to worry about? With a three-foot-spliff, there's plenty to go around.

Its been done - remember Cheech and Chong's "Greatest Hit" LP?

We must remember it's for medicinal purposes only.


Maybe they can't get 'em for illegal posession, but afterward they'll get 'em for "intent to loiter".

A pizza?

"A" pizza?

I don't think so Dave.
Maybe six...

6 pizzas, 1 lb of dark chocolate, and then lots and lots of ruffles. i'm buying my ticket now.

So that is what Tommy Chong has been up to.

Okay Dave - This is thread #11 so far for you today....are you sucking down pixie sticks or something? Pace yourself, Dude.

Snacks! Lots and lots of snacks!!

i'm wondering how one gets a prescription. i'm in a lot of pain. really.

*wonders what "medical" benefit will be derived from this*

I don't know much about the subject but apparently marijuana does help some people with certain diseases and this guy is making a mockery of it.
Sorry, I don't think this is funny.

Gumball, blurk?

You know we are only 401 comments away from 420 we can do it folks.

Now because my mom reads this blog 420 is just a random number that is meaningless.

I was also wondering what his "medical" condition was. The only one I've heard of is to improve the appetite in terminally ill patients. This guy just sounds like a typical stoner to me.

Blurk, like (ppfffftt) chill, dude.

Puff, puff, pass!

Oh - not that I have personal experience. To this day I'll swear it wasn't me tokin' up behind the rifle range in high school. Nobody ever did that in 1970. Really.

It also helps with pain and anxiety among the terminally ill. There are hints that it may help with depression, etc., as well.

I just cannot for the life of me figure out why it's still illegal for recreational use. It was originally outlawed for blatantly racist reasons, but our society is past that kind of thing now...

(Well, other than the divide between how possession of crack [a form more often used by blacks] and powder [more often used by whites] are punished, but at least there, the appeal wasn't as openly racist as when pot was outlawed.)

THC is generally only a bit more harmful than caffeine, and quite a lot less harmful than ethanol or nicotine. So why are so many pot smokers still going to jail?

a LOT of pizzas, dude. what is that thing on the wall? how long have i been sitting here?

CH: ethanol? Isn't that the stuff that makes your car's headlights turn red if you put it in the tank?

i may be mistaken, dudes, but i believe it helps with glaucoma. have i mentioned my eyesight is really, really bad man?

CH - because the snacks are better in jail?

Stunningly, I kinda agree with blurkie - this guy could ruin it for the people that really benefit from using mj. Backlash could be harsher regulations, when what we really need to do is legalize it and tax the patootie out of it. That way we could all afford our very own Cruzn Cooler AND a copy of Dave's new book. Did you know he wrote a book? And he spelled nearly everything correctly.

psst, ch, because they're easy to catch, they never run and don't complain about the jail food.

Yeah, the same MKJ, and yet it's legal for recreational consumption in most jurisdictions. Crazy, huh?

cg - i forgot about glaucoma. Is that why my eyes are getting better as I get older? I'm sure it's not the vodka.

Here's how unfunny this stuff gets.

*Chews gumball morosely*

so. ummmm. how bout them __________ ?(fill in the name of your winning sports team here)

CH: ethanol? Isn't that the stuff that makes your car's headlights turn red if you put it in the tank?

Dude ethanol is that stuff in beer that make it taste, so I've heard.

I hope this guy's real sick cause he'll need an awfully large perscciption. But he did say he was "dying" to take the first puff, so maybe he is.

Oh and guy if you can't feel the humor, check this You'll be laughin' at these* people in no time.

By these people, I mean potheads.

Ah shoot, I busted the Link. But here it is.

I don't think it's funny that 700,000 Americans were arrested last year in our DO-GOODER war on pot!

Yes, it's really me NJWEEDMAN Super hero of the Potheads. I have a reverse hit counter and saw I got a couple hits from this blog and came to check-out the conversation. - Anyway Peace.

BTW - Google njweedman!!


ALSO SEE - http://cnj.craigslist.org/art/240647325.html -

Ah, come on, that's no big record, just 3 ft, we did way better than that back in high school, 1973, er, maybe, I forget, it was one of those 70's years with a bunch of big bamboos and a lot of spit and . . . er, like don't tell anyone that we used Bob's mom's kitchen table and . . . well, er, that burnt spot on the edge, uh, we swore to our graves no one would ever tell where that REALLY came from . . . uh, er, nobody tell Bob's mom, ok.

Looking up at Ubetcha...wondering...since you did not smoke pot in 1970 behind the football stadium (haha) did you also not read Peter McWilliams, the author linked by CH? He was a wonderful writer...I have all his work. Also, CH is right. It will get taken too far and it is a shame for those that either need the weed or just a have a need for weed.

Addicted. Thirty nine...

Clean Hands. It must be our Oregonian attitudes. Or that we are generally downwind from both Eureka an Eugene. I agree completely.

SIGH - Did none of us learn anything from "Reefer Madness"?

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