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November 01, 2006


Some members of the World Famous But Not Necessarily in a Good Way Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing in South Florida the weekend of Nov. 17-19. On Friday the 17th, we'll be playing at a fundraiser party for the Voices For Children Foundation, which is a fine organization. Tickets -- remember, this is for the charity, not the quality of the music -- are $250; you can buy 'em here. The party will be at the swell home of this blog's personal friends Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz, and the band will have some guest performers, including legendary South Florida radio dude Paul Castronovo, who is every bit as musically pathetic talented as the band is.

The band will also be playing a less drunken shorter gig Saturday Nov. 18 at the Miami Book Fair; details on that later.


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*has sudden, intense, peninsula envy*
(FLORIDA, people - get yer minds out of the gutter - that's where the gators live.)

NOTE to the RBR tour manager: If you want to keep the fan base, you need to schedule shows in more places than just SoFla.

$250???? Does that include airfare?

Hey, now, DPC - are you advocating taking Dave away from his lovely artist/daughter, Sophie?

I saw the whole crew in LA in April - 'twas lovely, it twas.

"(FLORIDA, people - get yer minds out of the gutter - that's where the gators live.)"

Gators live in the gutter?

Siouxie - How about we split the cost and each go for 1/2 the party?

In NY, they lived in the sewer, and the gutters ran into the sewers, so we weren't taking any chances.

hmm which half, Punkin??I'd rather stay for the drunken part of the show ;)

*thinks she'll wait for the free event*

As much as I LOVE Paul Castronovo...

*needs a sugar daddy*

OK, any I'm straight on the gator habitat. Now about this peninsual envy...

"No man is an island - he's a peninsula"
- Jefferson Airplane, "After Bathing at baxters"

I'm advocating a World Tour of Sophie and the RBRs with stops in ALL the major cities. Maybe if we all write to our Congresscritters, we can get S&RBR a spot on the Superbowl Halftime Show.

peninsual = peninsula

DPC - they were on judi's favorite show - Late Night with Craig Ferguson.

pogo has spellcheck envy...

can we all crash at siouxies?

SUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! got plenty of couch space and extra room in the back deck for those who prefer camping out!

come on down folks!!

how about florida blog people go free...as long as they help!

Notices invite has special thanks to Bacardi™.

I dont know bout this.....are these Berkowitz people related to Sam? Beware of dogs, y'all...especially ones that live behind your walls.

*wonders if she can drink $250 worth of rum*

Really, Siouxie? You have to wonder about that???

maybe if we volunteered to help clear up any extra booze when the show's over they'd let us in for free.

hmmm... well I guess we could take a cab, Punkin...

in that case...

Yeah, but we're supposed to wear pink. (See invite). I don't do pink. Unless it's Pepto Bismol.

*wonders what Dave will look like in pink*

acck...pink and no heels???? not sure I even OWN pink!

*packs Mojito recipe and seriously thinks about RSVP'ing* A balmy 23 here at the moment. Havin to wear wool socks with my flip flops.

*Being of Irish/Norwegian descent--$250 is not even an challenge*

I own plenty of pink. Okay, I admit it - I'm a girlie girl.
More importantly, I'll be the designated driver. And if my car is still in the shop (has been since mid-October - yeah, ni kiddin'), I'll be still driving the loaner soccermommobile. So there will be room for everybody, trust me this thing is huge, everybody!!!

Depends on the rum, lol. As a florida resident hmmm, maybe I could entertain a few guests also, I'm sure Mrs. DavetheRed wouldn't mind...

*ducks various household objects...

Wait just a doggoned minute. I have the financal angle covered. We get jobs w/Thierry Catering for the evening. Always thinking...

*checks drawers...sees pink undies/bra set*

will this be OK?? Punkin???

ec, I'm too clumsy to be serving food...maybe I'll get the bartendress job??? I'm good at that!

la la la

ohh...lookie..there's a little ant in my keyboard...

Great idea!

*Thinks who is gonna' tell Siouxie that she cannot serve "one to you, two for me"?*

well I'm off for a bit...

*takes pink 'outfit' to try on*

ec, I'm pretty good at hiding the booze evidence. *eg*

Hiding = consuming...

I think I'd better just buy a ticket. I was cocktail waitress once for almost 5 whole minutes. My boss was such a joker--gave me nice words of encouragment and patted my behind. I reciprocated by pouring a pitcher of beer over his head. I did make $20 bucks in tips from the table that witnessed our little banter however.

CH, should he have pinched instead?

I'm learnin' all kinds of new stuff today.

That also happened once. Being that this is a humour blog I wont bore us with that story--but no, pinching isn't kosher either. It hurts. Also, girls pinch back.

Do you think the invite means no heels as in Italian strappy sandals or no heels as in total jerks? Cause I'm happy not to bring a jerk.

Or does this mean I can't bring my dog and make him heel?
*Thinks this may be a disaster cause Edward has terrible dinner party manners if he doesn't heel*

I think it means "We don't need our lawn OR carpet airated."

We can wear pink ballet slippers. And tutus.

And nothing else. (The rest of me is naturally pink)

*Thinks Dave is regretting the invite right about now.*

I, for one, "love" pinch guys all the time. There are black & blue marks in 4 counties ;-)

Music by the "Rock Bottom Remainders."
Catering by the "Short Pink Bloggers."

Who you callin' short?

ec - no heels....shorter than usual?

Great idea Punkin!

Aniie I'm 5'8 without a heel. An easy 6'0 if stand on his head. ;-)

Substitutes i for a n

Stand on who's head? You're standing on a guy's head?
I'm a measly 5'5". :(

snork. Okay not really. (I married the nicest guy I ever met.)

No heels? Check. Think Pink? Got some pink paint in the garage; yikes!

Oh Sio, I just got an email requesting my attendance at a meeting in Ft. Liquordale on Monday the 20th. Couchage or deckage might come in handy if I can find some pink shoes without heels.

Here ya go CJ

CH, those look like Liberace's bowlin' shoes.

They likely are at the price the are askin'.

*also, please no one tell Mr. Howard about those shoes. He has a frightfully expensive shoe fetish* Did someone say Metrosexual man?

Cheryl, wow, but no thanks. I just found a tie with some pink in it that will go with a purple shirt. Now all I need is a taser for anyone that mistakenly comments on the combination. And pink kazoooooos!

Cj, you're safe. Keep up the keen fashion sense

Thanks, for the link, Cheryl. I'm headed out to buy some pink clothes right this minute.

And then I'll shoot myself.

blurk--don't be dissin the power of pink. We're not talking about Magenta or Barbi. But a pale pink sweater on a guy---(I cannot belive I'm gonna quote her) "It's hot".

From one CH to another (how confusing!!!)... here's your guy. (Sorry for posting this on more than one thread, but it is bloody brilliant!!)

Clean Howard Hands Cheryl...

I need a beer.

Cheryl is right. Pink works.

Since it's comin' from Annie I'll go buy a pink shirt. She'd never lead me astray.$$$$$$$$$$

Clean Howard hands Cheryl what? A shoe? In pink?

Blurk, born and raised in the tropics, I likes me some color in clothing. [When my family moved to Ft. Bragg, what are now my old friends called me 'Flo' (as in fluorescent; they couldn't spell too well); I was the strange from-some-tropical place guy, like Fez in That 70s Show]. Hey wasn't the old WWII AAC uniform called 'pinks and greens,'or was that just Army?

back home!!

blurk?? you're wearing pink???


CH- Preferrably a strappy Italian sandle.

Thanks for the link. Also blurk knows have I haven't washed my hands since my encounter with Tom Selleck (who also looks very good in pink)

blurk, my teenage son (who can now legally vote, but I'm in denial) has a pink tee that says "Don't laugh, this is your girlfriends shirt" Although he gets lots of laughs when he wears it thats not the angle I would suggest. Real men do wear pink and eat quiche. True story.

Soux--ever since the bra incident, there's been no stoppin him.

*Ducks artillery fire from blurk*

Cheryl, quiche is another one that gets me! I have a garage full of tools, but I loves me some pie with eggs and cheese and stuff.

there was a bra incident??

I think a nice pale pink shirt is kinda sexy...

NO pink shoes...

Souxie blurk posted "I am now wearing a bra"--it was a long time ago, last week I think. Anyways, that was some funny typo (I hope).

ohhh I remember that one ;-)

CJ-- I make thee best quiche in the northern hemisphere. (And France if you take my French friends word for it). If I ever figure out how to ship them, I'll send you one.

I love quiche...

I'd love the recipe, Cheryl.

I'd be happy to share with you Souxie! Will you share some with CJ? And can I send a bag of Walla Walla Sweet Onions, cause the quiche needs its sweets. And center cut bacon. And Gruyere. And very fine wine. And me. Holy separation anxiey batman.

*Sends self to Souxie*


Jeez Cheryl. Send the quiche by text, the recipe. I'm already thinking of going down for the RBR gig in two weekends and I was thinking of some massive, easy food to stave off floor falling. I was considering pulled pork, coleslaw, mashed taters, and gravy, picked up somewhere in the middle of the state. Sio, you're in charge of pie bakin.' I think EC is the designated driver.

*tinks Cj better bring some real nice wine and a whole lotta Bacardi for the hostess*

Also, consider it done.

*lays off wine and adds an h to above post*

Although I'm inclined to agree, Cheryl, I think the last thing anyone needs is more wine or Bacardi, given the nature of the event. If EC's driving and behaving herself, great. Otherwise I see cabs in our future. Or a group picture on the Smoking Gun.

*Is a firm believer of carpooling*

Also bringing the hostess a gift does not equate to enjoying it with her. Sometimes, it a thanks for just puttin up with us.

Note to anyone bringing a fine wine to the Howard household...

Hi! I was away at dinner....so, have we settled who's driving and what the wardrobe will be???

Point taken. I was just picturing a rolling boozey scene with Punkin' in your husband's pink shoes.

Ok...I DEFINITELY missed something....why am I in her husband's pink shoes?

(And, by the way - I take a size 12 shoe, so her hubby and I could share)

Punkin - I think because he's wearing yours.

Ahhh....well, that would explain a lot of things then...*hic*

So Annie - we need to make a secret plan for, like, EVERY blogger to meet at a central destination (like Maine, for example) and really surprise Mr Blog. (Don't worry about talking about it here, it's not like he reads this or anything)

Whaddaya think?

Ya know, like they have those "Little People of America" conventions - we could have "Insane Dave Barry stalker Bloglits"

*whispers, oh yeah, like we could sneak the Blog up to Maine* C'mon people, he's in South Florida for the Guardian ad Litem folks, of all things. I don't even itemize and I support them. Notice Sio is hiding, but, honestly, I was gonna offer to get her ticket anyway, before Cheryl started the whole wine and Bacardi thing. She's got that whole obligations thing going and I have to borrow nieces to spoil. I have to be down there anyway, that weekend and think this will be huge fun. Until I have to crawl to my hotel, hungover, on Sunday.

CJ, I'm not hiding! I had to go do my groceries and make dinner ;-)

So you're gonna take all us blog gals to this event???

*takes out her pink lingerie & tutu*

That's what we're wearing, right Punkin?? Cheryl?? Annie??

Uh, uhhhh! I'll buy the hostesses ticket and bring pulled pork, cole slaw, mashed taters, and gravy. Enough for a half-dozen bloglettes, the baby sitter, and the Sioxettes. Independently, if folks wanna support Guardian ad Litem, they will be fed; that's my lodging. I know I have seen pink, plastic kazoos and will try to track them down as well. Honestly, this will be a hoot, I need to be there anyway, and I say let's do it! My preference is Saturday, as it fits with a Sunday recovery and a Monday meeting. If you look it over and think Friday is better, let me know. I may go down and hang in North Miami Beach on Saturday, one of my favorite places and everybody wears hats.

This is SOOOOO Tempting!!!!

*looks at cheapo-air.com for flights*

CJ, I'd love to get a group together for this! I was thinking of going on Saturday. I don't look good in PINK ;-)

Punkin??? change your mind much?

btw CJ - I don't bake...or cook much so I'll bring some booze refreshents...

Loves to cook, but awaiting day of the week. Friday, no way possible; can't work and cook and drive and won't fly down unless it's Sunday evening or Monday morning. Saturday, I could possibly cook, then drive, then pick up good barbeque in the central Florida Highlands on the way down. Punkin' you are so full of duck squeeze! You know your gonna bail [hope you come].

CJ, Siouxie - Well, I'm coming from frikkin MAINE, dude!

Are we talking about the weekend of the 17th???

I'll tell ya what...if I can dig up enough cash, I wanna go to the pink party, too!

(If I'm gonna blow the kids Christmas presents, might as well go all the way!!!)

Will let y'all know soon!

CJ, you don't HAVE to cook! there are plenty of good restaurants here in Miami in case you haven't heard!

Punkin, I'm not sure about the PINK party though. I'd love to but right now I'm still in limbo regarding my Mom AND I just can't see spending $250...even for a great cause. (I'm in the "Child-in-College-savings-plan" IYKWIM)

Not to mention, said college student's 19th bday is this friday.

*strumpets for a Sugar Daddy*

Siouxie, psssssssst we could always CRASH!

Tee hee

(I mean, you DO have a Florida driver's license, right? Dave would understand a little "in-livingroom parking")

btw, Punkin...the offer still stands. Comfty couch or college child's bedroom available at no cost.

Ok....going off to bed....will pray for Powerball win!

(If I win, I'm buying y'all tickets to the pink party!)


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