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November 17, 2006


Ridley's checking out the sights of Miami.



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Yep, a theme is emerging.

"Ridley & the Colonics" agnfarb???

does this place have narrow, dark, hallways?

Dave -- isn't that where your sexy mannequin friend lives? Ridley may be messing around with your imaginary lover.

Is Ridley there picking up Interchangeable Rectal dummies for the whole band?

psst, Ridley, old buddy - ay-stay way-ay om-fray eanclay andshay odaytay (see 2 threads down) IYKWIM

Hey! What'd I do???

did you forget to wash yer hands???

Don't forget to ask for a unit with separate baths.

At least they're not named after Dick Colon.

My cousin married a Dr Kolon. He's (and IANMTU) a dentist. Don't bother. Trust me - he's heard it.

they probably have gerbils there, but no rats.

before i'd rent there, i'd check for polyps...

just make sure you don't drop the soap...just sayin'

The proctologist asked for a room with a view.

A room with a spew?

I seem to have misplaced a z

found it

Have fun in Miami Ridley!

How does a proctologist describe his work?

A moon with a view.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Hey! I know a Dr. Colon.. he's a great Doc.....

Does this post have anything to do with the Deer Carcass post....

and is THAT what my deer hunting friends REALLY like??? I can't see,frankly, anything to like about it...
EB. Off topic/

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