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November 13, 2006


Thanks to lax law enforcement overwhelming popular demand, a fraction of the highly unskilled world famous Rock Bottom Remainders will be playing in the Miami area twice this weekend


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Overwhelming Popular Demand is for a world tour with stops in every major city on the planet.

Especially Philly.

Details on the 18th 'gig' please??

Also, any other Miami bloglits planning on going Saturday the 18th?? Let me know!!

Maybe we can get drunk and rowdy get together for some pre-show refreshments???

we wish the blog would blog this :)


I did some research on the guys in this band, and ya know what? It turn out that one of 'em is an author with a new book out for the holidays.

much thanks, judi!

*wishes she would just remember to check the event's page*

I still have the unnamed author's book on order... Wish I lived in florida- well, maybe could visit Florida - to see th RBR...

Do you think that that book might be available from some outlet for purchase? I am in the market for some good holiday reading material and this nouvelle novel would seem to fit the bill.

*wondering what fraction of the RBR's will be playing*

Okay, this is funny, if only to me: I put up this post last night. ISIANMTU, and cue the "Twilight Zone" theme.

Baron - further research shows that the author's name is Dave. He seems to be some sort of professional writer, and to have actually wone some writer-dude award. Maybe we can get him to post here with details of his newest publication. I hear this story involves a pen¡s bone, and may be sort of based on the author's childhood.

I will DEFINITELY wish to be there for BOTH shows!

*hates that she is too poor to go to Miami and that Dave never comes to Maine*

Siouxie - have a very strong refreshing beverage for me!!!

Chris, Baron?? isn't there some bat poop in this heartwarming story?

Continuing the research, it turns out that this charming tale's author graduated from a college right in my little area of the planet. This college's mascot is a squirrel, although none of the reviews or excerpts of the story mention any squirrels.

Punkin, I will definitely have a few shots non-alcoholic refreshments in your honor.

*Will play lotto for Punkin Pink Party Fund*

psst...no luck with the dying geezers huh??

Siouxie, unless something remarkable happens, like the 'Canes getting a new coach & I actually want to watch a game, I will be there. Planning on taking metro snail. Where do you suggest - somewhere at Bayside: Hooters, Hard Rock?

Got around to reading that wonderful new Xmas novela that is the talk of the town. Cute little rugrat on the back cover. Wonder whatever became of him...

EC - I'll email you with my phone # so we can make plans to meet...etc. Bayside sounds perfect...either one of those is fine with me.

psst..judi...maybe you can sneak out and join us gals???

Someone mentioned a new Christmas book on the market.What did Stephen King write Now?


Would this book perchance be the same squirrel-free bestseller as this one?

Although the writer dude would probably be happy with me purchasing two of them, I just don't have the funds to splurge the exorbitant $10.85 (plus shipping) to acquire them both, even though there are multiple booger jokes, copious amounts of airborne-rodent droppings (at least according to Siouxie), and an oosik in it?.

I think those are both the same book. I really wish we could get the author himself to post and clarify these things. Maybe after the concert this weekend...

pssst...guys??? Check this OUT!!...there's a thread about a book which may or may not have been written by some author named Dave...

Hey, Siouxie...

Could you please link that thread here. I can't seem to find it. I really want to know more about this book (apparently it is overstocked), the writer dude that authored it, its availability, and how much oosik is really integral to the story line.

Here ya go Baron...hope this helps...


Thank you so much Siouxie and DPC. Your informative approach to blogging has been invaluable in my search for good Christmas reading material.

*wishing I could join Siouxie this weekend at the drunken blogfest RBR concert*

Have a margarita for all of us Sioux. (But then you better take a taxi home.)

Hey! The Herald Hunt HotShots will be performing in Miami Saturday, also. Coincidence? Our groupies can beat up your groupies!

I wish you could be here too Lisa!!

*smells a groupie war*

*getting kickass boots ready*

*wonders if judi's gonna see the HotShots*

It looks like Dave can take the night off from strumpeting tonight thanks to DPC and company. But for the record, I have read about half of the book in question and (SPOILER ALERT) squirrels do play a tragic, yet heartwarming, part in the story.

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