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November 27, 2006


Bigamist Butt

(Thanks to sharon share-alike)


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Aren't most bigamists generally referred to as "butts?" Or worse?

Particularly by their fourth wives?

How anyone could keep up with more than one is beyond me, anyhow.

Talk about a butthead.


When asked to explain himself, the cigarette man exclaimed, "I want to stop getting married. I just can't break the habit."

Do they make a patch for this sort of thing?

Well, at least he's not a filthy smoker.

What a ash hole this guy is!

He'll be the most popular guy in prison, though.

Four wives and child support, too? What a drag.

Does this bigamist make my butt look big?

No good deed goes unpunished.

Congrats to sharon!! Good story!!

Oh, my. Has anyone else checked out his website dudecigarette.com?

4 wives? I think this is an overzealous prosection. Has not Mr. Douglas 'Dude' Cigarette suffered enough?

Sexist humor at its finest.
*eye roll*

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