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November 29, 2006


But you can get this.

(Thanks to Bill Verthein)


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Just what every child needs!

I've loved Archie McPhee for many years ... *sigh*

This is what, my third first of the day? Is everyone asleep or something?

You should also check out the "Cat-A-Pult" and "Nun-Chuck" toys. I always rely on those as gifts when I don't know what else to give.

"Comes in our illustrated package with the legend of Dick detailed on the back."

Too easy.

Someone needs a tanning bed.

YIKES! no sh!t Cheryl!!

I thought it was a half-man doll.

A bowlin vampire? I don't know. Something's missing.


I have GOT to get me some of them
I ♥ Meat stickers

I'm not sure my kid wants a little white dick in his Xmas stocking...

I bought some of the T-Bone Steak Wrapping paper to wrap my vegetarian sister's presents in last year. She loved it.

This year I think I will go with the bacon wrapping paper.

SNORK - CandyT - first thought that came to my mind. the medication must be wearing off.

*will NOT laugh at the following items*

Angel snot
Jesus bandages
Nun punching puppet
Holy Toast

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snork @ Baron. V. Clever.

Dick the Albino Bowler?


Ok is it spam now?

Your comment has not been posted because we think it might be comment spam. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact the author of this weblog.
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Each hard plastic Jesus Action Figure stands 5" tall with poseable arms to reach toward the heavens and wheels in his base for smooth gliding action.

Is this happening or is it the hash?

Ok let's try an experiment. How about I post spam and see if it through.

Great blog. Check thisout.

Ok so regular comments are spam, but spam is not spam?

Baron LOL!!

I should DO that!! my annoying sister is vegetarian (nttawwt ok people?? but I like my meat!)

anywho...she's always giving me a hard time. that would be PERFECT!!!

OMG, bacon air fresheners????

I LOVE MEAT wristbands????

This is too hilarious!

So THAT's what Johnny Winter is up to these days!

Personally I find the Bacon Wallet, item 11653 a real steal at only $7.95 ea.

AFKAT: I just bought that for my boyfriends birthday. It has a bacon-like texture that is so often desired in wallets.

Native American bowling leagues come from miles around to worship him...

i have made a terrible mistake showing this link to my significant other. since i'm a card-carrying, 25 year veteran vegetarian, i'm sure that i'll be seeing a bunch of the meat based 'gifts' for christmas. oh joy, oh rapture!

The terms hard plastic and white ball should never be used in the same sentence.

I think I've gotta have the ceramic smoking baby. I'm not sure why.....

hey susy, the punching nun was in one of the very first gift guides!

cool, judi! I love it ;0

I have a Playstation3. I don't want it. Can't sell it on ebay, because the Nigerian scammers keep buying it. Can I trade it in for one of these....?

I have 3 versions of the Action Librarian Figure deluxe and both of the
standard figure
(slightly altered on the card since original release). And, yes, as I have mentioned before, I do work in a library...

Shhhhhhhhh! I'm trying to read here.

Don't miss item M5758, the 25" x 19" original oil painting of "Dick the Albino Bowler". While missing the "legend of Dick" present on the action figure package, it will lend an air of dignity and grace when proudly displayed above your mantle.

I thought for sure this was going to be yet another link to Dave's book. Not that he's pushing it or anything.

Dang! I've already done my Christmas shopping for this year. I'm bookmarking that site for next year!

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