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November 17, 2006


Shocking Key Quote: ...many animals, including humans, engage in sexual activities more than is necessary for reproduction.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)

UPDATE, thanks to Loren Bosshard


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FIRST base

Giraffes? Who knew!

Not that that made any sense.

It's probably going to be the NTTAWWT post of tomorrow and the next day, too.

If there's no evolutionary reason for gayness in Humans, why should their be one in animals?

YAY Cheryl!!!

*wonders what Cheryl was searching for when she came upon this interesting article*

NTTAWW looking for homosexual animal websites...

You have to be fast to be first!!!!!

Gay Penguins WBAGNF something

Anybody who owns a dog already knows this. A day at the dog park is a sight to behold.

And when they're in the mood, a dog isn't choosy about the species either.

Nor are there strict guidelines for animate vs. inanimate objects.

Regarding the penguin book, man, some people are so looking for naughty messages in everything they see. This wouldn't be so bad, except that they're searching with the intent of destroying.

A lot of marine species... just squirt their eggs or semen into sea.

Given half a chance many non-marine animals (read humans) would do this too, just for the fun of it.

Well those same guys were going on and on about penguin morality and family values over the summer, after March of the Penguins came out. Maybe now they'll change their minds

"Shocking Key Quote: ...many animals, including humans, engage in sexual activities more than is necessary for reproduction."

they're making up for those of us who engage way more than they consider healthy. pass the soap please.

You mean the Nuns at my school were WRONG??????

*Hides tux*

damn. way LESS. that should read way LESS. see...arrghh, i must be going blind. if anyone needs me, i'll be shaving my palms.

*snork* at crossgirl

Almost a quarter of black swan families are parented by homosexual couples.

Another market for adopting Chinese baby girls?

"on tonight's 'queer eye' , carson tries to dress up a penguin herd...the food guy tries to get them to eat sushi, and the others just huddle together for warmth..."

"...but when it comes down to the bottom I think it's just for sexual pleasure."

There are just too places to go with that one.

insom, you forgot that they arranged the ice floes in a more appealing, yet comfortable, decor.

well that rodriguez dude could teach them proper 'queer penguin etiquette'...

Key line: based on a true story of two male penguins in New York City's Central Park Zoo that adopted a fertilized egg and raised the chick as their own.

*walks into blog with first cup of Joe*

Yeah! I was posted!

S-I'm preparing for the holidays. You know, that time of year when we get together with the entire family, including those that have v. strong views about such matters. Also, they believe dinasuars never existed. So such studies make for v. fun conversation.

So male killer whales ride the dorsal fins of other males to female bonobos? I thought that was called, 'Shotgun!'

So the penguin book is kinda like My Two Dads... Does this mean one of the penguins will get a follow-up sit-com that we'll have to suffer through for a decade? If so, I'm really against it.

You ever been blindsided by a book? Those suckers hurt!

YAY! Cheryl for getting posted!

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