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November 15, 2006


Puts one in mind of the Shakespeare classic "Like You Like It."¹

(Thanks to CoastRaven)

¹Credit for this goes to someone in email, but we can't remember who.


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Also first to say, where the heck is the link?

Linky dinky, judi?

it's, like, right there.

(sorry) :)

I think it was on last night, but all those L&Os start to blend into each other & become indistinguishable.

It's still, like, not working. Maybe if you , like, put it in a 1 qt. plastic bag or something?

So they like, didn't have to do that 'research' for their roles?

Like, I don't watch those anyways..like, you know.

It's still, like, not working. Maybe if you , like, put it in a 1 qt. plastic CLEAR bag or something?

I'm sure they'll become something like big stars. (That is, they'll end up in rehab one day)

Ya know, I don't get what's so, ya know, funny about this post, ya know?

A likely story.

There like so totally gonna be famous. Fer shur.

(also, dude, if you're like, into coincidences, click my name, like below.)

Or an unlikely one...

Like, I totally watched this episode last night.
I'm reasonably certain the producers were going for sympathy, but after a while I was just pretty much hoping the one girl who kept sticking up for her pimp would die.

Lairbo, funny AND sad, because they're true...

I like it!

Baltimore City:nbsp; One of 3 US cities (outside of Virginia) independent from any county.

Baltimore County:  that chunk of Maryland outside of Baltimore City, where the Baltimore Beltway is located.

The girls said the show's theme, teenage prostitution, has helped them to see beyond what's on the script.

"Although it wasn't quite as bad as when we did an LSD-themed show."

I was just like, 'I'm going to have to do it.' It's acting. You're not really playing the part," Harvin said.

Does anyone have a formal definition of 'acting'? Because the definition I've been using all these years renders this quote unintelligible. Like you know?

*unfunny comment*

My very intelligent (ok so I'm biased) 13 yo daughter started to develop the "like" habit about a year ago. She sounded like a moron. Instead of nagging her about it I simply started counting, out loud, the number of times she said "like" when talking to me or anyone else when I was present.
She stopped.

I was like SO relieved, ya know?

Like it or not, this is like how kids like talk these days...like I like wanna like slap them like silly...

*brain freeze*

Oh, I get it - it's like "Law & Order - Dancing With the Stars," only she's like, a dead hooker with a like, tattoo, and doesn't like, dance so much.

to paraphrase Lisa BFF from another thread -
When asked why she took the role she replied, "It was, like, convenient."

Hey, uh huh
Hey, uh huh

What I like about you, you like hold me tight
Tell me I'm the only one, wanna like come over tonight, yeah

You're like whispering in my ear
Tell me all the things like I wanna to hear, 'cause that's true
Like what I like about you


*snork* @ blurk.

I like totally did that with um my son who was like um saying like and um about 40 times per sentence. Um, it was like toally a drag and like um I hated it so I started counting. And like um it totally stopped. Rad. (Also, he is above average intelligence--but like, I am not biased)

CJ, like you totally like rock dude!!

like *snork*

Another couple of totally awesome words that are totally overused, even though they totally encompass the awesome ideas being communicated.

totally, ec!

Not a diss. Just happened that one posting followed another.

we just like totally think a-like!!


like, these kids are so prostituting their own horns!

*and that usually costs extra*

I sit next to a co-worker who punctuates every sentence with "Uh" or "Umm." when she is on the phone. She doesn't do it that much in normal conversation, just on the phone...

During really long calls, I sometimes have to walk away because it drives me freakin' nuts!

HEY BLURK!! If ever a thread had to digress to bazoomage, this Valley Gal's hen party is it!

Be careful CJ, very careful. Saturday is getting closer.

I like like bazoomage like nothing else!!


CK--I sit at a lot of meetings and conferences (I have a very exciting life, clearly). I am stunned how many of the speakers cannot manage to give a presentation without an inordinate number of uhs and ums. It drives me nuts too.

LOL...yer right ec...he's gonna have some splanin' to do huh??

pssst...btw CJ/EC...check your email

I fell madly in like with a girl once.

I'm going to start counting 'like's tonight. I was gonna start drinking, but this will be more fun, and none of the calories.

Okay, I'm outta here. Gotta go take my daughter to buy a *GULP* bra.
This must be punishment for all those (these?) years of bein' bad.

Es verdad, Lucy!

pssst...btw S... already saw it.

it's bazoombage karma blurkie ;P

good luck! LOL

blurk - hopefully you paid attention to all the advice we gave you about undergarments.

HAHAHAHAHA - HAH! Oh blurkie, just desserts, my man, just desserts. This is going to be insufferable for you on so many levels. I'm lovin' it!!!!!

Annie, I seriously doubt blurk was paying attention to our advise - he was looking elsewhere....iykwim.

he's gonna be in deep doo doo ;-) I can't wait to hear about it tomorrow!

You as me! You really as me!

Hope you "ladies" told him that for her age:white cotton, no underwire.

OK, he's gone now; let's start up the pool. I say some kind of front closing mechanism, nothing open to the behind the back snap moves. 5 Blog bucks.

*takes down the 's' and throws a 'c' at adviCe*

*waits patiently to see if there are any 'ladies' present to answer ec's inquiry*

GJ, you're on! I'll raise you ten blog bucks that she talks him into something exactly the opposite of what I indicated above.

She'll likely want something lacey. Prbably in pink. 5 blog bucks.

CJ, if it were up to HIM, he'd buy her a bullet-proof type vest/harness with double bolt lock and keep the keys.

I'll see your 5 and raise ya 10!

Exchanging C for G...

darned o's are slippery today. *kicks errant o into thread*

*Waits with hands over eyes until slippery o comments conclude*

CH, I think you're on the right track. I hope for his sake that it is only pink & lacey, not red, black, & never mind - these men get too worked up over the slightest inuendo. Even if it's about a teenager's bra.

Now little blurkette will probably pick something girly but comfty...and daddyblurk will have no choice.

Annie, I'm not sure there are any around ;0

Sorry I missed blurk, especially on such a momentous occasion.

*refuses to laugh*


under her thumb AND around her little finger...

S, what the h3ll you waiting for?

EC--Yeah there are all Come to Daddy Bab-bey till its actually their baby then all of a sudden they are reminding the young men that they have 5 acres and a back hoe.

Sorry Meanie--the airport lobby was really doin it for me...;-)

WYO!! miss ya my friend!

I'm sure you would have had words of wisdom for your pal...course I'm sure Diane handled that little chore for your daughter...

Annie was waiting for a 'lady' , ec

I pretended

Holy typo batman. Must be something in the thread. there=they're

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