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November 22, 2006


If you can make it there,

You may be humor-impaired.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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407 pounds? That's waay too heavy . . .

i think it's right thoughtful. don't have to use your own frog or nuthin'.

I am shocked that PETA is against this product.

PETA can bite my hairy right buttcheek.

And here I was worrying about trivialities like OJ's book and the occasional foreign intervention. Thank God someone's defending the real boundaries of good taste.

(Question for cyber-security authorities: Did I get the robot because I mentioned God, or was it OJ???)

Is it wrong that this story made me think "If they took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy, would it?"

I heard that Cleese received a letter asking then to remove that from the DVD collection Bill. I do not remember what his reply was.

"The Jack Spade store said it only sold a handful of the kits before ditching the idea."

I wonder if they had sold a bunch of them would they be so quick to pull them off the shelf. Besides, now what am I going to get my grandson for Christmas?

Asking them. I really need to proofread.

I think Mr. Rubenstein just thought the whole thing wasn't kosher.

PETA can bite my hairy right buttcheek divising more stupidity even as we speak they got more nerve than pharmacy got pills they idiotic reasoning make me want to ill no animal blood was spilled in the making of this rhyme it took time to refine the nature of this rhyme its like wine that makes you blind in the bottle you will find that your mind is in a bind and you keep on tryin to discern or to learn the truth you have spurned and you burn like fire with idiotic ire cause you reject the same reason you support your thought processes abort you mentally fall short your mother was a hamster and your father was a sport but my right butt cheek is hairy its quite extraordinary but the left one so smooth its like a baby's derriere-y you got the full moon now so stop that nasal whinin and go away now before i taunt you a second time

Woo-hoo, mud! Right on!

(How did you know about the left cheek? Somebody's been telling tales out of school.)

Bravo mud, a true masterpiece....please don't mind me pointin out a small spelling error....line 8, 9th word, shouldn't that be "troof"?

So what's the problem??? a dissecting kit is WAY cool!I did that in Biology and we even had a dead (pregnant) cat to dissect! Guess who was the teacher's assistant???

now try selling THAT kit to those snooty people!

I bet the kits were removed from the shelves so they could replace the product's name with the legend "crunchy raw unboned real dead frog".

Thank God Jack Spade is protecting our kids from learning biology.

*wondering why when I was studying for a PhD in forensic anthropology no one rushed to "protect" the human cadavers I was learning from*

Layzee - because the humans volunteered.

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