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November 30, 2006


Featuring one of the best leads we have read all day: In further news of the misadventures of people who are naked, a naked man on crack was pulled from the jaws of an alligator in Florida on Wednesday.


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Well, it is the day of the naked man, isn't it.


so, is it dangerous to be naked in Florida?

Key quote: "At the time of writing, the condition of the alligator is unknown."


naked kinda man! It must be Thursday. Thanks, judi. It's a start.

"The man – identified as 45-year-old Adrian Apgar – lost his left arm in the alligator attack, as well as suffering severe injuries to his right arm and left leg. His right leg is believed to be fine."
-whew! I was very concerned about his right leg.

And I'm quite relieved the 'crackodile' is ok.

hehehe...I see his 'crack' too!

Judi and Siouxie, you stop teasing those alligators right now!

That's a stock photo, Siouxie - I kinda doubt you want to see the half-eaten nekkid man.

That's not crack; that's the new cleavage.

Darn, Darwin almost won.

This just in - the alligator is suing because the human contains less than 2% brains. "This is not as advertised," claimed the beast.

In this case, I think it was the gator that was rescued...

At least the human the alligator tried to eat was well-baked.

CH, half-eaten schmeaten...naked is naked!!

and yes I KNOW that was a stock photo...but it showed crack.

*snork* @ Annie

Apgar - Sort of an aptonym if his score is low.

"They had responded to several reports from members of the public that screams had been heard coming from the lake, at around 4 o'clock in the morning."

I've never heard a member scream. Especially not in public.

What gave it away, Siouxie? The fact that he still had his arm, or the caption underneath? :-D

Kirsten - I was thinking that, too. (Apgar is a test used to determine the health of a newborn)

I noticed, CH.

I'm smart that way ;P

why did they waste the manpower trying to save this fool. now he's not really eligible for a Darwin award.

but he's edible.

to the crock at least.

Aw man that was my crack smokin arm.

see what i mean about the available men in my area? sigh. i'm so proud we made national news again. last time it was the guy who got his member stuck in the hotel pool filter.

*snork* @ Art

crossgirl, I'm telling ya... we need to move to Alaska!

Siouxie, y'all stop by on your way up to AK and I'll take ya to a rodeo.

I hate to break it to yas, but the guys in Alaska are just as dumb. Only their injuries typically involve disfiguring frostbite and run-ins with bad-tempered bears. (Which would also be disfiguring, if the guys survived.)

crossgirl, Siouxie - we need to move to Australia.

Siouxie, don't you know crack kills?

On the news last night here in su.so.ca. I heard that Shamu ate the bottom half of his trainer. Really.

Shamu just held him under water twice, the trainer is recovering.

blurk, with lots and lots of cute hunky cowboys?? please?? pretty please?? (getting my "Studs in Spurs" calendar this week).

cg, would you mind a detour??

Annie, WOWSA!! and YUMMO!! I can't decide with semi-naked stud month I like best.

El - the LA Times says the orca was 'improvising.'


Siouxie, did you mean which or did the drool overtake you?

Siouxie - I know! But what a nice problem to have.
(I sent this to the blog goddess, so if she posts it, just pretend like you never saw it before- shhh!)

whoops...thanks ec. I think the drool did mess up my fingers. WHICH is right. and anyWHICH one is good ;-0

(won't say a word, Annie and I'll just drool all over again k?)

for some reason, I'm not that cold anymore...

Yes, Siouxie - this time of year, it's quite warm down under.

*snork* Annie... UH HUH...and I won't say wet.

ok...I made up my mind! it's May...no wait...Sept.. uh..no...Feb...

I think we scared away all the blogger-boys.

Not scared away.
Just distracted.

Now, which one...

ya think, Annie???

DPS, you are once again my hero.

welcome back boys...

uh...I'm over HERE!!!

blurk - start here.
I think Kathy is my favorite.

*waves at Siouxie*

wow! I can even say it backwards...wow!

OK Ladies - this is going to be my 2007 calendar...Enjoy.

Studs in Spurs

*waves back at Chris*

blurk, you did say there are plenty of these in MT right???

LOVE the caption:

Grab the year by the horns with these rough 'n ready ranchers! Each ripped guy in the Studs 'N Spurs calendar will remind you that jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat are all a man needs to be well dressed!

how true that is...

*fans self*

Ladies be sure and buy two or three. I could use the royalties.

My my my. I personally like the one with the men in uniforms. Or out of uniforms as the case may be.

Dang. ssslurp.

SNORK at blurk!

hmmm blurkie??

It's Studs 'n Spurs not SPUDS

*ducks flying buckshot*

Just for that I'm gonna take my spurs and go home.

awww blurk...you know I love ya!! and yer spurs!!

(you gotta admit that was cute ok???)

come on!!

*saw you smilin'*

Okay, maybe a little.

I'll get ya, though.


i'll take a cowboy over a man in uniform anyday. not sure where blurk fits into that scenario though.

cg, can't we have both???

Let me tell you how it will be
There's a leg for you and an arm for me
'cause I'm the crackman,
yeah, I'm the crackman

Should five percent appear too small
Just go ahead and take it all
'cause I'm the crackman,
yeah, I'm the crackman

*snork* casey! good one.

siouxie is guess football uniforms would count, right? i like those!

ohhhh yummm crossgirl! football yes! that works!

cowboys and football players and firemen, oh my!

My favorite Cowboys ARE football players. Go Cowboys!!

I like 'em too, Adora. They provide an excuse for them cheerleaders.

Nice studs, but they sure don't look like real cowboys to me....more brokeback than bareback, IYKWIM.

for blurkie - they're real, and they're spectacular.

*SNORK* @ Annie!!!!!!

uh..blurk?? don't let my snorkage stop you from opening up the link...please LOL

I'm surprised no one has said it already, but "Nude Crack Men" WBAGNFARB. Oh, wait... no it wouldn't.

Well, there you go. I'd say that this story tells you everything that you need to know about Florida.

Is it dangerous to be naked in Florida

I can even say it backwards...!

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