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November 10, 2006



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meeting the in-laws
for dinner – best foot forward
stop wiggling, dammit

during evening meal
snake makes me laugh at wrong time
I am a small man

A bit too tipsy
I sang “Lady of Spain” the
Snake sang harmony

Assumption well I, now, it over my "situation know," - my dishonor - curse frequents it straight as badly by each possible other name I tried has, well to form of it, bears it with smile and joke or two even in an educated manner - "you do not thank God it a crocodile are" I went to Louis IANA - took red eye flight Unbeknownst at me that morning had ' the queue above and died all, which was I knew, while we believed me with a taxi drove to we at height, me down arrived, knew filtering that something was in to burn through I let an a cheek creep on this leatherette seat, which was formed hardly Quiet, but the Gestank, which ran out, could knock you away from your feet, you white, the gang queue meat, which with morning breath were mixed, heap of mixture, sauerkraut and feet.

the above was an old butt-snake poem run through babel-fish english to german, german to english.

Note: "Gestank"

I thought it was gonna be Britney dumping FedEx

I like the "I let an a cheek creep on the leatherette seat."

I find my tastes run more towards "the gang queue meat". NTTAWWT

I wonder... could Fed-X's lyrics be rendered nontoxic via a similar process to that which rendered mud's, well, non-muddy?

I should not be sayin ' maintenance my verfluchtes Namensoutcha opening however y'all maintenance increasin ' my change... Do you precede and legends whatcha to wish to me approximately 2 Mil Uh will sell, then I am more goner, uh, whom I know, y'all wishin ' you in my position a cause was I gettin ' in situations to hold, which do not wish you that you were inside, cousins I your brother are not, are I your uncle, are I to dad do step pin ' in this play and y'all a reference point does not receive my forecast is that y'all on the kind we cause, straight 2008 will hate, but I know that you cannot really wait because people always askin ' I if the expiration date? Wells possibly, baby, could wait and see you up to then all this Pavarottis followin ' I anxious Gettin '? Goes if taking a Peek, which is I now starrin ' in your magazines each day and week back then, they call me no-pulled on, but you can call me instead of dad back then, them call me to no-pull, but you can designate...

I would think that they'd be at least a little worried about profits being consumed by overhead... .Roll Eyes

mud - time for your medication again. :)


Did we pass, judi?

This has been a test of the Emergency Blog System®. If this had been an actual emergency, the attention signal used by judy would have been followed by a generator going "whut!"

I hope there isn't going to be math, Judi. I was told there would be no math.

Hey wasn't this same thing talked about on here a while ago??

HEY! NO FAIR! Like, I didn't know there was like a test today or nuttin. Like I didn't study or nuttin. Like are ya gonna grade on a curve or what?

"Next year, he expects the company's budget to be at just over $1 million, with gross sales exceeding $1.5 million."

Gross sales indeed!

Ok, when Ifirst read the article, I thought the mice place was complaining about the neighbors smell, not the other way around. It must be the weather here making me nuts. Wednesday it was 70 and today we have 6 inches of snow.

And I thought buying a pooping dog was the best business move I could make. It was actually breeding cockroaches. Who knew?

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