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November 10, 2006


Key Quote: Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said it was a great idea if only one person used the toilet "But a bit on the nose if you share it with other staff," he said.


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"I prefer a fresh bowl."

They call me mellow yellow......

I make merlot in mine

"Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said..."

So actors go into politics in Australia too? He was so good as Jed Clampett.

"I think it's something everyone should consider if we're fair dinkum about doing something to help."

dinkum should alway be flushed

What's a "flush toilet"? Jazzzz in Arkansas

EEUUWW! Why don't they just dig a latrine in the outback?

"Hilary Penfold has mooted a voluntary no-flush policy when MPs urinate."



I had a friend with a full septic tank years ago, and whenever large groups would come over he'd put a sign on the toilet that said, "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

That was our little ditty when water was scarce at summer camp.

"If it's yellow
Let is mellow,
If it's brown
Flush it down!"

I had a fire in the toilet last week. Luckily, it didn't make it to the house.

My grandma would prefer the slogan, "Leave it all in the commode, let someone else unload."

Yeah EC,why don't they just piss in the bushes outside the buildings?

My thoughts too, Beppie. They are showing solidarity by allowing their gardens and yards turn brown....why not help the gardens and yards along? Just unload outside....no muss, no fuss, no flush controversy.

"if it's gas, let it pass"

I heard they were also going to introduce a policy limiting MP's to one bowel movement a week.

"If it's sh!t,
You must acquit>"

If they had simply toasted the bread, they wouldn't have this problem.

Debatin' laws in fair Canberra
Where politicians don't want to share a
Toilet bowl or other fixtures
They'll flush away and leave us hangin'
And they say

We come from the land down under!
Where the smell's the world's eighth wonder
The Queen said the reek had stunned her
If your toilet runs, you'd best take cover!

Lickin' toads in a pub in Queensland
Eyes dilated, not able to stand
I said to the man,"You look like a nice fellow
"Can I flush once and not let it mellow?"
And he said ...(chorus)

HA! Obligatory SNORK SNORK SNORK for Insom!

Two Words: EWWWW! and PEWWWWW!!!

Isn't that what potted office plants are for?

*i smell vegemite*

There was an odiferous breeze wafting from the Parliament building that evening as she placed her melons in her bra bag and trudged toward home,hoping that for just once she could avoid those nut munching bastards that lived on the corner.But ,alas,it was not to be, for as she stepped into the light she slipped on an untoasted tuna fish sandwich and fell into a pile of giant african snails.Munch munch.
The end.

Why don't they just save water the way most people do, by not washing their hands?

"Water guzzling Parliment House"

I knew politicians were full of crap, but that's ridiculous.

Well, if I were fair dinkum, I would... I would... I don't know what that means...

So, to summarize all the possible states of matter:

If it's yellow, let it mellow.
If it's brown, flush it down.
If it's gas, let it pass.
If it's plasma... YEOWWW!

Sigh.. I want to live in a country where the major issue of the day is how many times politicians flush. Of course, politicians are known to be full of crap so perhaps the whole issue is moot.

I like that word "moot". Moot, moot. Now I need to work "moot" and "fair dinkum" into a sentence. That should occupy me until quitting time.

You can always roll up your dinkdum in a napkin and put it in the trash can instead of the potty...But you need trees to make the napkin...and that will just overflow the landfill...environmentalism is so hard.

SN: "Now I need to work "moot" and "fair dinkum" into a sentence."


Scott, don't dissuade me from my goal, lofty though it is, by pointing out the facts. The point, however moot it may be at this juncture, is to properly use my fair dinkum salaried time in a useful albeit moot fashion in a way that prevents me from seeing the crucial work to be done on a Friday afternoon and enables me to flush all concerns away or at least put them in a newly engineered melon bag for fair dinkum consideration on Monday.

Hmm.. that didn't take me to 4:30. Maybe I need a few more sentences.

Bravo! Bravo!

Applause (not applesauce) to all!

Isn't Australia surrounded by water? Why don't they use the er, beach facilities? Or go Outback?

*patiently waiting to 'Mooty Scott' to give it a fair dinkum try at 2:16*

"The other thing you can do is put a brick in the cistern," she said.

Is this the alternative to putting a load in the commode?

You're welcome, Annie. I aim to please.

It was a fair dinkum try, SN, but moot all the same.


*Simuling myself*

OMG I think my sons must have come up with this policy ....

*Hey, quit e-mailing the austrailian government!! (darn kids)*

Name That Movie:

"If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

Bonus points for the actor's name.

"You've done a heckuva job, here, Brownie!"

Where's Olivia "Have You Never Been Mellow" Newton-JOHN when you need her? Xanadu?

layzee- Dustin Hoffman said it in "meet the Fockers"

DING DING DING - We have a winner. Hold your calls.

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