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November 20, 2006


...the Christmas spirit is alive and wearing a tutu.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Where's his slippers?

Total snork at: He got a few odd looks but if someone is offering to buy you a sausage roll you don’t say no.

"He first appeared in Warren’s Bakery in Helston when he spent £40 on pies and pasties for every customer."

I thought 'pasties' was a typo, until I looked at the picture.

He's wearing a wedding ring...
Can I have a moment of silence for his poor wife....

*SNORK* @ the entire frigging United Kingdom.

We think we make 'em crazy here, but then you see an article like this. Jennifer Willbanks has got nothing on this guy.

"i'll have a pasty without so much dragon in it, thank you"

I noticed the wedding ring, too, Annie. And the tatoo. Yikes.


It's a small island. Must be the inbreeding...

It's a small island. Must be the inbreeding...

*snork* @ baligurl!

That outfit is a bit much, but the idea is nice. May I suggest a regular Santa suit? Or maybe a waxing kit?

Actually pasties is a type of meat pie, sort of pot pie thing. So he was buying them lunch not paste on covers. :)

Anyway, still pretty funny. But I guess if some guy was buying the whole place lunch, I wouldn't say no.

That jerk's giving away my inheritance! *Saddles up, grabs slingshot, and water wings for the horse*

i cannot believe you chics are so hard up that you noticed the hairy fairy's marital status. wonders if he has a single brother.

*Wonders if those sausage rolls are made from Dragons?*

....so fairy
'Cross the Mersey
Watch this man's
Deep pink plie
I hear he pays..

but from the photo he doesn't look any hairier than other guys I know-- granted they aren't Christmas fairies, so maybe that is different.

crossgirl - trust me, I'm not THAT desperate, no matter what Siouxie's told you. Just pitying the poor soul who's married to him. And laughing, just a bit, too.

Jemmy - you are NOT tricking me into looking at the eyesore again.
For a fairy,
He is hairy.
You couldn't pay me enough to tinker his bell.

really, if this guy walked up to you in say, a Starbucks and wanted to pay for your grande and a scone, would you really let him? i don't think so. it's not that i'm totally untrusting of strangers, but this guy is way stranger than most.

You all laugh and scoff, but who among you would say no to a sausage roll offered by a hairy fairy? Huh? That's what I thought.



ww - agreed. I had a guy in line behind me offer to pay my bill at Macy's once. It was valentine's day. I was in the men's dept. I was buying red silk boxers for my boyfriend. Helloooooo!

*sigh* all the good ones are taken.

and anyone, anywhere, wants to pick up my starbucks tab is more than welcome.

sheesh...just a little wax, a few months years in the gym and a shopping spree with the queer eye dude and he's almost Tom Cruise, Annie.

Who needs a hairy sausage roll when you have Dora and Hello Kitty?

Just trying to be friendly, Annie. Nothing untoward.....

Not trying to trick you Annie, really-- I used to work in the wardrobe dept of a theatre and I have seen a LOT hairier. But none of them wore tutus. Some called themselves fairies, but they may have meant something else.

I have seen women larger than him wearing that tube top. I have seen school girls wearing the tutu and the fairy wings. I have even seen halloween costumes with that "stripper wig." The thing I want to know is where, oh where, did he find those socks? Now those are scary!!!

If you put him in the context of british fashion (yes, an oxymoron), he's not so bad.

Bill at Macy's?

He was so good as Bea Arthur's husband on "Maude."

Fairies have stomachs too, you know?
His is just a bit healthy........

I LOVE him! 'Cmon, he's got to be fun to hang with.

Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
Tutu fruity!
Who's your doody?
A wop bop a lula
A wop bam boo!

Did anyone make it to the end of the story where it says, "The next day he showed up at Morrisons supermarket in Penzance where he paid for the contents of several shoppers’ trollies — including a disabled pensioner?"

This leads me to the question, "What was a disabled pensioner doing in a shoppers trolly (that's a shopping cart in English) and how much does one cost anyway?"

stevie...I have a case of deja-tu tu?

it was Pirate fm...check this out: http://www.piratefm.co.uk/features.asp#0

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