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November 29, 2006


Dong Sues Over Toilet-Inflicted Buttocks Wound


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Dong (snork) is a hover-user!!
Off with his head!!

"Chen accused Dong of using the toilet incorrectly, saying he squatted on the toilet seat rather than sitting on it."

I guess he literally squatted ON it rather than over it. What a ding-Dong!

my, my where to begin. a 10 cm what?

Western toilets are different from Chinese toilets, where you squat over what is essentially a hole in ground.

Given the public toilet situation, I rarely went #2 anywhere but (he he... I said but) the hotel or at home when I lived there.

Surely it is a sign of progress that they will settle this like civilized people with a lawsuit. There was a time when their families would have carried out a centuries-long blood feud.

Ah, the flowers of capitalism.

Won't be long now.

Dong squatted wrongly
The seat broke into splinters
Buttocks were damaged

A lazy man’s limerick:

A Chinaman, using the can,
Has suffered a wound to his can.
They say Mr. Dong
Just used the can wrong.
But dang if I see how you can.

excellent verbage this early in the a.m. Ford79. possibly a doe-nut to you.

Sounds like an example of the growing westernization of China.
When you travel widely, you learn the real difference between East and West is, well, the place where you poop. In the East, that is, more often than not, a hole in the floor over which one squats. Most Westerners are horrified by this the first time--usually on a vacation to the mysterious East--they encounter one. But such, er, facilities are a fact of life from Tokyo to the eastern shore of the Danube. Conversely, one of the first episodes of culture shock visitors from the East have to grapple with when they come to this half of the globe takes place when they enter a rest room and discover, to their confusion and dismay, that instead of the simple, practical hole in the floor that they have comfortably used all their lives, they must perch themselves on the strange, water-wasting porcelain throne they find there.
(And don't get me started about bathrooms in Central and South America, where you never know WHAT you'll encounter, except you can usually count on it being disgusting.)
So "not knowing how to use a toilet properly" isn't as strange as it sounds!

*SNORK* @ Dong the dingbat! LOL

Morning again all!!

*grumble* can't get to chinadaily web addy

I first read this as: "Dog sues..."

But then, that would just be weird.

*Off Topic*

I have been getting these fraud e-mails over the last several weeks, I finally found a web-site you guys may find funny in dealing with that here. Not that I want to derail the thread, just wanted to share it with you.

*Back to topic*

Dong, lol.

In an "Idiots In Court" related kind of way:

The Justice System in Amerika is screwed. 27 vs 2?
Waiter! I'd like a new country.

what? no pictures?

just snorked coffee from nose after reading Dave's headline. thanks for that, Dave.

(actually, sinuses now much clearer. its all good.)

"Oguhebe had maintained that he used punishments that were customary in his native Africa." from Dread Pirate's link

This is customary? O.o

Festus?? From Nigeria??

"A local lawyer said both sides had to share responsibility for the accident."

Errr..wouldn't that be both cheeks?

what can i say?? its perfect. joke n headline, all in one.

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