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November 24, 2006



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just hang around by the power lines and you won't even have to cook it.

First? & ewwwwwwwwwww

second, then and double eeewwww...

*snork* @ crossgirl

But you can't fit much stuffing in there, and that's my favorite.

Those recipes look nasty. V-8 juice? Cream of mushroom soup concentrate? Yech.

*The neck tastes like shrimp, the front legs are just like lamb, the hind legs are beefy, and the best part is the loin, because you think you are eating a chicken," said Wise.*

I prefer chicken. It tastes just like chicken.

hmmm, this may be the proper response to no one making me a pie. next year, i'll bring the meat!

Mmmm... Squirrel is good! I only had it once or twice about 30 years ago, but, hey, it was tasty! Of course it was fried, not stuffed like a turkey and coated in all sorts of stuff.

How do you feel about shoo-fly pie, cg? :-D Pecan? Dutch Apple? Peach?

i don't know what shoe fly pie but if the ingredients are it's namesake, i'll pass.

i LOVE pecan and every year i make one just to make sure that there will be a desert that i like but was told repeatedly to not bring anything this year. so....no pie for me.

cg, it's sweet and sticky, gooey and finger-licky

Shoo Fly Pie

Sorry for the bad rhyme. Bad poetry, good pie.

I think the name comes from when the pies were cooled on window sills. "Shoo, fly!"

Miami Herald building being (partially?) evacuated - gunman on 6th floor - SWAT surrounding building - Dave, Judi...tell us you are somewhere other than there. When you get a chance.

Holy cow stevie. Scary stuff.

I read the article. The guy is a cartoonists? The folks thought it was a joke. I'm sure there's something funny that could be said, but I'll wait till we know everyones safe.


Herald link

blog waits in silence
all hope, some pray for safety
and help for that man

reason number "x"
why miami is not like
other towns - (sorry)

don't export the pain
mental illness bad enough
help is on the way

Don't forget Oatmeal for Thanksgiving.

The silly thing is squirrel and rabbit are probably at least as traditional as turkey, if you consider "traditional" to be "animals the pilgrims ate".

While we are on the subject of thanksgiving, maybe you Americans could help out a foreigner. I heard that President Bush pardoned two turkeys. Were these turkeys named Rumsfeld and Cheney?

No, traditional would be what we've been eating on an ongoing basis. Squirrel and rabbit might be more "authentic", but really how many squirrels would you have to kill to feed the whole family and have your squirrel sandwich later?

The turtle description reminds me of how Wiley the Coyote described the Roadrunner. Although the Roadrunner had dessert parts too.

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