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November 19, 2006


There has been one, and this blog is the first to admit it. But this is the
weekend of the Miami Book Fair, so this blog has been busy attending a LOT
of literary events with literary people discussing literary questions, such
as "Where is the men's room at this literary event?" and "Does this
literary event have any NON-light beer?" We hope to resume normal blogging
one these issues have been resolved, or on Monday, whichever comes sooner.


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Dave, I hope Sophie wasn't over traumatized at watching her parents jammin'. Looks like a lot of fun.

See you Monday.... Have a non-loflow beer for me!

Rock on, Dave.

s'okay Dave...just as long as you're contributing meaningfully to literacy.

That's cool, Dave. I'm on vacation and there's one room on the entire resort with an internet connection, so I can't check in much. This'll give me a chance to catch up.

As long as this doesn't become a regular thing for either of us, I'll live...

"Normal blogging" is an oxymoron, from where I stand.

Don't worry Dave. Souixie was there and took up your slack. Looks exactly like my kinda party. Too bad I'm in Connecticut. Dave -- I need to know what you're doing early January when I'll be in the area. Somebody update the Remainders webpage, for cryin out loud. Looks like a bunch of old farts with nobody payin' attention. Just sayin'.

...literary questions, such
as "Where is the men's room at this literary event?" and "Does this literary event have any NON-light beer?"
If I were you, Dave, I wouldn't pursue the second question too aggressively until I got the first one answered.

Phil reminded me of a few, non-bloggy photos. First, literacy:


That was on the back of a TV truck.

Also, the Fair sometimes paired book-sellers with interesting synergies:


And finally, Hiassen was very good, but booked back to back with James W. Hall on opposite sides of the fair. Not a great shot, but though I was first in line I sat over by the door so I could hustle out, to get to Hall's talk. Hiassen writes a great deal about local politics [in the Herald] and was asked about how, in the modern era, a paper might re-define itself by spending more time on local stories. He explained his view and tied it into the OJ Simpson crap. He finds that, unfortunately, Mark Foley wasn't from Iowa. And, unfortunately, the 9/11 hijackers didn't train in North Dakota. When the second, civil verdict came in against OJ, it was then explained that OJ was essentially broke and probably couldn't even afford to stay in California. Hiassen described turning to his wife and saying, 'that sonovabitch is coming here.' Carl Hiassen, from afar:


P.S. I bought an estimated very many books. Sio, I got you a copy of Hiassen's 'Tourist Season,' send me a mailing address. I had so many books before I left, I pulled the wrong stack out for Hall to sign [the Hiassen stack]. Jim said, 'Hell, I would be proud to sign Carl's books!' JW Hall was actually impressed when he went through the stack for him, all First Editions I have collected over the years. I had a great time and was very inpressed with what, I am informed, is the biggest Book Fair in the country.

Light beer is just wrong on so many levels.

Exactly how many beer had you had Dave, when you were posting this?

No, no special reason for asking, just something about your sentences....it's nothing, really. :)

CJ, that booth with the Hiroshima/Ooops sign was a riot! We did forget to take a pic at the Colon Apts!

El: when questioning sentences, you must avail yourself of 'preview.'

Sio, I didn't forget; it had been done and unless there was a good reason [say, all three of us], I decided Ridley was the official person to put a face to Colon Building. Also, in the lobby picture, I think I was trying not to blink, or something, but my eyes look as if I sat on a thumb-tack!

funny, i was just wondering where the pictures of carl were. well done cj!!

Light beer at a literary event? Hemingway is spinning in his grave.

There is one kind of light beer I would consider.

Somewhut on thread ... oddly enuf (r.e. the Hiassen thots on Nodak ...) there wuz some info that wuz publicized here in Nodak that some people had apparently been attemptin' to "learn to fly" and "rent airplanes" here in Nodak, back in 2000 and early 2001 ... once the 9/11 pix came out, one of the faces matched whut some smalltown airport people remembered of those who were tryin' to do ... sorta ...

Not sayin' we chased 'em out (which is sorta moot, NEway), but local yahoos from the sticks who don't know whut the big city is like are not really totally stoopid about some things ... merely sayin' ...

and ... BTW ... all the pix certainly make it seem as if a trip to Miami might've been almost worth it (goin' to Miami) in order to take part in the fun ...

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