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November 29, 2006


Pink Tentacle

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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First to pass.

Yum! Giant Jellyfish Cookies!
1) Can I leave these out for Santa?
2) When can I get Patrick baked into a cookie?

Stoopid bot


I first read that as pink TESTICLE

shows where my mind is...sheesh.

DPS - Santa is snot amused.

I blame global baking.

I showed someone once I had a pink tentacle. She got a restraining order.

Does Captain Nemo know about all this?

Okay, I was down with the squirrel melt, but having sampled many Japanese snack foods over the years, I am quite sure I want nothing to do with these.

Can't believe the Blog did not say that it wbagnfarb

The cookies are called "Ekura-chan saku-saku cookies"??? And they were invented by some school kids?

How many of you think "Edura-chan saku-saku" translates to something along the lines of "lets blow our noses into this cookie dough, bake it up, and tell the stoopid tourists they are made with jellyfish so we can make fun of them!"

F-U-K-U-I? I believe it's Swahili for pink tentacle (or testicle, if that is where your mind is) squirrel melt.
Seems obvious:)

Should I remind y'all what is the quick remedy for a jellyfish sting?

I wonder if they have a peanut butter flavor of these things? Sounds like something Sponge Bob would eat.

ewwwwwww no ec!

Bwuahahahaha! That was the funniest moment in Survivor history!!

ec - Dr. Know debunked that myth. Check about 1/3 of the way down - "Sting Rays".

So unless your kink swings that way, don't bother.

Top Ten Advertising Slogans:

"Soylent Pink - it's jellyfish"

"Betcha can't eat just one"

"We're Japanese, if it annoys us, we eat it."

"Made from the same chemical elements as Thin Mints"

"Still better than sushi"

"With a name like '“Ekura-chan saku-saku cookies", it's got to be good!"

"Endorsed by Zombie Emperor Hirohito!"

"It's really Godzilla snot, but who would buy that?"

"Guaranteed boneless!"

"We got you hooked on Su Doku, well, this is Phase 2."

DPS, are you telling me Chandler peed on Monica for no reason?

The horror....

#1 - Yeah, it does work.
#2 - Dr. Know is a bit of a quack. What jellyfish & sting rays have in common; they both live in the ocean. I should know, I've have been swimming w/both.

Thanks, that helped spoil my appetite.

Just rubs sand on the sting...maybe it's been pee'd on???

Ok, Ok. Pee does sometimes work. But it has to be acidic. If it's not your kink, do you really want to be covered in your partner's pee AND still be suffering from the jellyfish sting because (s)he is shooting neutral that day?

And also
SNORK at insom

Chris, just have the pee'er drink some vinegar first. (again, if that's your kink)

*personally prefers her showers not of the golden kind - iykwim*

You've probably heard this, but so what.

Out here it's rattlesnakes, not jellyfish (of course).

So Bob and Tom are out in the hills kickin' around, when Bob gets bit by a rattler on his "equipment."

Tom promply calls the doctor on his cell phone, and the doc says, "You've got to suck out the poison."

Tom hangs up. Bob asks, "So what'd he say?"

"You're gonna die." was Tom's reply.

DPC, the only time it is an issue is when an incident happens in 3rd world country, where accessing medical facilities is problematic. The quick (& dirty) method is only a temporary viable remedy.

Siouxie, I agree w/you. Non-golden showers are the best, especially when sharing to concerve agua.

That is all, just...


LOL Wyo!

Definitely did not happen on Brokeback Mtn.

nttawwt right?? ;-)

DPC, although the thought of it is gross (at least to me), didnt I read somewhere that urine, when first um, released, is completely sterile? So if that is true, in theory peeing on someone would not be as harmful as say, spitting on them, right?

This blog, I just love it. Today I have learned that chickens want to eat me (especially the Zombie kind), the useful and not so useful properties of pee, Japanese people force feed snot to tourists and that it is illegal to spray paint a goat's nads unless said goat is wearing a frilly nightie.

JoG, I agree w/you, too. Ick, baby, ick!

*snork at casey*

Shoulda known better than to come to the blog with an already upset tummy.

This blog is frequently an educational experience for me, too.. Not always good educational, but educational.

Well, you live and learn.

I had always thought the Pink Tentacle was a movement for gay seafood.

Aww, wheezer, so sorry. Here, have a cookie.

Mmmm, thanks! Oh, wait, GAK nooooooooooooooo!

Welcome to Body Fluids 101.

While pee is usually sterile (unless there is a urinary track infection) that is one of the ways that the body gets rid of toxins. No, you are not micturating DDT, but you are passing things that your body does not want inside it.
Spit is not sterile, but it also does not usually contain nasty chemicals that your body doesn't want / need. I suppose, in reality, spitting is really just long-distance French kissing.

Well, maybe not exactly like long-distance...
Oh never mind.

And insom's "We're Japanese, if it annoys us, we eat it." is still blinkin' hysterical!

*will refrain from asking Prof. DPChris about other bodily fluids that one may or may not ingest cu come in contact with, depending on one's preference*

you're welcome.

"Fukui Prefecture" WBAGNFARB.

Its great for the swimmers that they have come up with a highly practical and delicious use for the jellyfish but what about us sun worshipers who prefer to lay out on the beach. Any good recipes for seagull feces?

Ah come on didn't youyou see those websites. Apparently it's really a health drink.

I always wondered about Obama.

Being the humanitarian I am, I simply pee ahead of time. I encourage my children and all their friends to consider their fellow man and do the same to protect the unsuspecting from harm....we all pee when swimming in the ocean, pee in the neighbor's pool, pee in the tub, ANYWHERE that a person may come in contact with a stinging jellyfish. If there is water, me and my kids are peeing in it. Just go ahead and neutralize those stings before the stingers meet the flesh. There, fixed!

You may all thank me later.

Remind me, casey, not to let you use my hot tub.

Here casey & DPS, I think you need these...

*tosses gumballs*

This is why I don't travel. You can never tell what some other group of people are going to decide to call food!

I know these cookies are Japanese, but I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a Vietnamese friend. He came here from Viet Nam durring the exodus when he was 5. As an adult he visited the homeland. When he returned I asked about the trip. He said, "It's a beautiful country...but the stuff those people eat! Thank God for McDonalds!"

looks good but I prefer these wasp biscuits from Japan

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