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November 16, 2006


Dear Dave,

I work at a junior high school teaching 7th grade science.  I have a sweatshirt with the name of the school on it, and adults look at my shirt and ask "is that really the name of your school?"

it's August Boeger Junior High School. That's right, one vowel away from Booger Jr. High. I've never heard any of the students saying this aloud, but I'm sure the rival schools are thinking it.  Just thought I'd share.  We're in the Mount Pleasant Elementary School District in East San Jose, and Mr. Boeger donated the land that school is on.

Pam Stewart
Santa Clara, CA


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My sympathy.


Just wanted to be the first to say.

Dave, if you ever write a book, you should send them a free, signed, copy.

There's an Athey Creek middle school around these parts... I drove by one day to see that someone had blotted out the A and the C from their sign. LOL

Ahh...I miss Mr. Booger...er, I MEAN BOEGER! SORRY!

We have a Gross Funeral Home in my town. I know it's the family name of the founders or whatever, but it still cracks me up...

I assume it's pronounced "Berger" or "Beyger".

Please tell me that's the case.

awh that's nothing. my nephew (a kid of the male varitey) attends a local catholic elementary school that is indirectly named for Jesus' mother. Now the school requires the students to wear sweaters with the schools name on it. Therefore he walks around with a patch proclaiming "Queen of The Universe"

*snork* at orcel.

That's nuthin - just Tuesday I took my 4 1/2 yr old granddaughter to ply with my 6 yr old neice. They were comparing schools and my Emily said "I go to A.B.Hearty and Friends Preschool" and my neice told her "I go to Saint John the Vaginalist"

play, they played. My granddaughter has yet to ply anyone with anything but cuteness.

Carry on

I'm assuming the catholic church will be paying for the many years of therapy (and s3x-change operation) for the "Queen of the Universe" students.

ISIANMTU - a man in our town has the name is Peter Enis. His mailbox reads P. Enis!

Mikey, we're going to need a photograph.

Shouldn't the sweatshirt be on Dave's Christmas list? I know that I would buy one.

BTW, we have a Gross Body Shop here. Don't know if any relation to the funeral directors where Clark Kent lives. (Metropolis, is it?)

Mikey, beats the hell out of Claude Balls. Yes, that is his real name. Painful, but true.

At least he's not Harold Balls. :-D

Mikey, that is nothing. There is a guy on my street named Steve Hitforbrains. And then there's K-Fed's shout out to Francine Uckawife (pronounced Ooh-kah-wee-fay). This is more common that you think.

Hey, that's not so bad.
You could own a pair of gym shorts from here ('Hey, is that Seaman on your shorts?') which is funny, oh, about the first two times you hear it.

I went to high school with a girl named True Everlasting Love. She had a brother named Edward. True was a real cutie back in the day...she always won Queen of Hearts at the Valentines Day Dance. What could her parents have been thinking?

Clark ....WE have a Gross funeral home where I live....could it be?

s'not a good name for a school.

Clark...looked at your blog. We are indeed in the same town. way cool.

True story. I have an uncle named Clay Dick. He went into the Navy. Changed his last name to Dickson. I guess he was fed up with being called Captain Mud Pud.

(And yes, Dick our family name.) *sigh*

On the same site is a school named Ida Jew Intermediate. Gesundheit! That's probably where the boogers come from.

NMTU - Today we had to set up a pick up for a Mr. Tony Crapp and our receptionist started with: "This is NOT a joke, this is the person's real name"

My sister-in-law's maiden name was ,ISIANMTU, Koala Hebert. It's cajun, pronounced A-bear. No wonder she was hide-under-the-bed shy.

Well, I don't have any funny names to report, so I'll just say that one time I got a message to call back a person who lived in Corpus(comma)Crispi Texas.

I would say it was a typo, except it was a handwritten message.

My sixth grade teacher was named Mr. Buttke. You can imagine what fun we all had with that. The first day he said, "Say my name as many times as you want today and laugh. After today, it won't be so funny." I'm over fifty and I still think its funny. Maybe I should be called juvenile but cute.

How about 2 clients I had: Ken Glasscock and Dave Grewcock. No wonder they're in the pharmaceutical industry!

we had a teacher named Mr Rink...his wife was having a baby...so he put it up to us to name him!

Dinky Rink
Skating Rink
Fat Rink

and so on.....

I'm thinking there should be a Dave Barry Auditorium...

Cheryl...I know a girl whose maiden name was Teets. Gotta be a relative

ISIANMTU: Mr. Avid laughed so hard he nearly crashed the car after seeing the following road sign shortly after we moved to SC. I had to explain to him that it is the name of a river.

"French Broad
Baptist Church"

But ya never know - they might have their own denomination...

August? Ha-ha-ha-hah! Neener neener!

There is another school in this district with an unfortunate name...

We used to rent porta potties from Blow Brothers.

At least it's not "Richard Sanders" School.

Trouble, I have a cousin named Dickie Glasscock...JUNIOR. We just call him Crystal.

CH-Yeah, they would have a rough curriculum.

Our county has the Effie Yeauw Nature Center.

I'm thinking that someone with a case of morning wood would just stay home that morning.

A former coworker's name: Dick P_tch. ("a" removed to protect the mercilessly tortured).

During my senior year at another high school in the same town, someone stole some letters from the sign for Saint Francis High School so it would read:


That sign now reads St. Francis High School.

Hi everyone... (this is my first post, please be kind)...

I couldn't help but comment... my elementary school principal was Jack Offman... That is a pretty rough name - who does that to their children?

the Phantom bloglit strikes again....

On the same site is a school named Ida Jew Intermediate. Gesundheit! That's probably where the boogers come from.

Annie, I was wondering who would notice that.

Welcome V! A first post AND simul...nice ta meet ya;-)

Siouxie - thanks for the welcome...

you may be surprised to know that I have been watching you guys for months now! ha! That sounds really creepy, doesn't it? But, this is the first day I am brave enough to speak up!

welcome V Monsta

We love blurkers!! Crispy on the outside, tender & juicy on the inside!

That's how most of us start, V. I'm sure you'll fit right in!

Just remember to leave your sanity at the (blog) door...

Uh, whoops. Did I say that out loud?

Jazzzz--you've made a great suggeston. Now all Dave needs to is write a book! If only he would!

CH!!! ya know you're not supposed to scare 'em away on their first day!! sheesh...

Have I not taught you anything????

So, Clean Hands, you are basically telling me a had good reason to be scared...

Well, I am feeling brave today... so bring it on!

My personal favorite is the A. Duie Pyle trucking company. I fall out every time I see one of their trucks.

Oh, and where are my manners?

Welcome V!

Really creepy? She's one of us already!

Of course we'll be kind. (Kind of sick, I'm thinkin').

Welcome V! My old favorite is the urologist down the street, a Dr. Cochburn.

My newer favorite is the nickname my younger co-workers have given to a fellow that is tough to get out of bed when it's time to get going. They call him 'Schiavo.' [ouch!]

Speaking of unwanted scumbags here in Miami

CJ......cooooooooold...but funny

CJ, your timing is simply impeccable.

Welcome, V. We hardly ever eat the newcomers here. After all, we were all newcomers ourselves, not so long ago.

yikes CJ! LOL that's sick...

hey V...BOO!ger

Uhm, that didn't come out sounding right, either.

Hi! I've been "blurking" for months but only commented a couple of times.

I had to add my own awful name story:
My best friend is a nursing assistant, and one day she was working in the mother-baby ward, and one new mom (who had no idea what the word meant) wanted to name her daughter "Cl*tor*s". Lucky for the child, the doctors talked her out of it!

I'm wondering if there isn't some way to sic OJ on Fed-X...?

Welcome to V.

I can see the headlines for the football team, "Coach Picks Boegers to win the homecoming!!"


ISIANMTU - I had a proctologist once named Dr. Spear, but everybody called him the Rear Admiral.

i still like my old OBGYN doctors' name. Dr. Leroy Stiff. Luckily he had very small, warm, hands and a very good sense of humor.

Welcome to V and Wingnutpup.


Sorry...couldn't resist.

I considered a career in obstetrics. While my hands are warm, though, they are not small.

But they are clean.

welcome wingpup!!!!

*waves to wingpup*

*beams at everyone*

And yes, I am a WingNut :)

where are my manners? Hey V!

*Tosses welcome biscuit to Wingpup*

Hi, V! Welcome!
On my very first job (327 yrs ago) we had a client named Uriel Philpotts. Still makes me giggle.


Thanks Meanie!

LOL DavetheRed

CH, I kinda hoping Fed-X and OJ have a little run-in *eg*

I was once at this comedy club and the comedian was making a joke about OJ and everyone got real quiet. He soon realized OJ was there, standing at a corner - NOT too happy! It was definitely creepy...eeeekkkkk

*SNOOORK* I would *not* have wanted to accompany that comic out of the club that evening!

Welcome, V

von Schnackenberg - there's a fun name

And hi, Wingpup. Welcome! Didn't see you there.

Hey Jazz, just saw your post! I was busy fighting crime and just got back...

Looks like we do dwell in the same city. Is it a small world or what?

Maybe you can work with me on getting the city to put in more phone booths. It would make my life a whole lot easier....

A round of drinks, on the house, for all the new bloglits and blurkers!

Just put it on the blog's bill, barkeep, thanks.

*will take hers to go thank you*

hmm if we are still not making fun of people's names I'd like to submitt a college prfessor of mine for consideration.... Dr. Harry Woodcock

Hi everyone,
Just back from testing h3ll.
Welcome, welcome to V Monsta & wingpup.

In a previous job, we had a customer named Muchinfuss. I was the only one, who had the nerve to make the calls. Everyone else thought that they would get dyslexia of the tongue or would start laughing.

Count me in on that round, PLEASE!!!

Well folks ...I'm off for now! Thanks for the laughs and titillating conversations (yes I said titi!)

Boegers to all!!!

I forget where I heard this - but there was a mother who named her baby- and I'll write this phonetically first- "Yereenie".....she got this idea because she thought the nurses had already named the baby, evidenced by the URINE sticker put on her bassinette to tell the nurses to get a sample!

Welcome V! Mark this day on your calendar, because from now on you will never be the same. (I am SO sorry)

I thought Jew intermediate was a jock strap size.

Siouxie, I think it's fair to say that you were "off" even before you left. ;-D

*SNORK* at stevie

I went to grade school with a girl named Sunny Honey. I would imagine she couldn't get married fast enough....

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