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November 16, 2006


...or is this kind of creepy?


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Weird and creepy!

Creepy is as creepy does.

Which part? That there is such a thing as a 22 pound cockroach-of-the-sea? Or that a 28 year old woman is snooty enough to ask for a 20+ pound lobster for her birthday?

I hope they don't start doing that with cows.

Kind of??

Wow, a 4-way first with Beppie in twice!

It's just you. I find this VERY creepy

"Her initial response upon seeing the lobster wasn’t newspaper friendly and moments later she said she was still speechless."

What kind of paper doesn't think "Oh my GOD! What the Duck is THAT!" isn't newspaper friendly?

They will have to serve the drawn butter in a hot tub.

Yeah, KCSteve, that's one classy broad.

I can't believe they cooked a lobster that had managed to survive 110 years.

See, I never wanna meet my dinner before I eat it. It's a thing.

I'm with you, bali. I know very well that the things I eat come from animals, many of them cute and fuzzy, but I like to get my meat from nice sterile packages at the store.

Thank god that roach-of-the-sea wasn't in my living room! There isn't a shoe big enough....

And I agree, Lisa, 110 years of livin' large and then- bam! . people stink.

Not "bam." More like "bululooop."

Quick, someone give us the Homer Simpson reference, 'cause I don't quite remember it.

You want creepy? I'll give you creepy.


Sthnbelle, it was amazing.

Someone will have to 'splain to me how they did this legally.

Okay, xmnr, what's your obsession with the dead deer, uh, lover?

Woo hoo! This was on our news a while ago, being as I live in Minnesota. I'm thinking that guy needs some SERIOUS therapy. Or blurk to shoot him.
Also, poor little lobster. I agree with several of y'all--you make it that long on the ocean floor, you don't deserve to end up on a plate.

Living literally within a stones throw of the spot they caught that beast (and they HATE it when we throw the stones), I think this OFFICIALLY demonstrates to you southern people that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER TO DO IN MAINE IN THE WINTER THAN TO SEARCH FOR AN OLD, PROBABLY ARTHRITIC, LOBSTER TO GIVE TO A SPOILED BRAT ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!!

*In the words of Bugs Bunny on the moon: "Get me outta here!!!!!!!*

Oh, and to answer Dave's question - yes, it's creepy. And do y'all know that we Mainiacs know the tenderest meat comes from the younguns? (Blurk, I'm sure, will testify to that)

Our lobstahmen chuckle all the way downeast to the bank when you city folk pay us tons of money for an old, tough lobstah. Ayuh.

Right there withya, Punkin. I prefer no personal involvement. I do my fishin', huntin' and gardenin' at Homeland. Oh, and my bakin'.

I live within a stone's throw of where they ate that thing and I have to say...here in Louisiana, we eat fish bait. So no...I didn't find it that creepy.

Just me, I guess.

(I am peeved, however, that I didn't get this first, since I read about this this morning. Didn't bat an eye, except the part that the family had to pay in advance. Just didn't think it was Dave worthy. My Bad.)

*SNOAHK* @ Punkin

Now I'm hungry

2 or 3 lbs of drawn butter?

I may eat lobster occasionally, but only the little dumb ones that grow on farms and get caught - not historic lobsters. At least it had a nice long, full life.

As a sountherner, I know the bigger the catfish, the nastier. I wondered if that applied to lobsters, as well. Wouldn't one that huge just be lobster flavored gum?

That is creepy but also very selfish of the BD "girl"!

Does anyone remember when Eddie Murphy first started on SNL (20+ years ago) and they had a call-in the show contest on whether or not to boil the lobster? It was a running joke the whole show and in the end, the lobster was spared...that was FUNNY!

Killing something that has existed for 110 years would make me feel like a murderer.

I like crayfish - like little itty-bitty lobsters, and I can catch them in the creek behind my house, instead of having to have them flown all the way from the other Portland. (Or a bit north of there...)

Crawfish deelish! Giant sea monster lobster ... don't know. I wonder if they sucked the head?

Add a side of beef and you have a very nice Surf 'n Turf.

*SNORK* @ Layzeeboy

I hope she goes scuba diving and the lobster's relatives hold her down and eat her.

Growing up, I once had veal. His name was Wilbur. He used to follow me around the yard like a big puppy. It was the last beef I ever had. :(

OTR, that was Larry the Lobster and I thought he was voted the ultimate steam bath. [?] Anyway, not particularly creepy, but nasty and chewy, foah shoah.

Oh, frikkin sad! :(

I mean the "veal" is saddness. I would smash a lobster if I ever found it's creepy looking ass in my house. But so sad! It used to follow you around and all!

I had a beef with a telemarketer today Annie.

They won't stevie, she's too young. Wait until she's 110!

Kinda think when they get that old--they'd be left alone.

No way you could ever talk me into eating a lobster that had sat in the waters off the coast of Maine for 110 years. Now had it only been a year or two--no problem--I'd be clarifying the butter myself this very moment.

My hubby will eat anything that was born after Lincoln.

Or on the same day as.

Or older if it's boiled.

Annie had a little veal, little veal, little veal...

One day he followed her no more. "Where is my little friend?" she asked, bewilbured.

They showed this on the morning news here. It was still wiggling and I changed the station. I'm not a vegetarian, but I can understand why some people are.

Dang Clarise Annie!

*snork* @ stevie

yes, snork @ stevie!

It's the biggest I've ever seen...Already we know this is a bogus story. I mean, how many time have we heard THAT line?

Nobody answered ron about how it's legal.
Fact is, what's not legal is harvesting lobster that are too *small*, not too large.

Completely aside from the fact that the large ones are no prize from a culinary standpoint, they're of no particular benefit to the survival of the species either. A lobster one-tenth their age probably contributes just as well to the balance of nature.

If you're as sentimental about big old lobsters as people can get about big old elephants or big old oak trees, then I can see the point. But no one visits lobsters in the wild for admiration reasons.

As to creepiness value - Dave made clear years and years ago that he views lobsters as repulsive, and compared them to cockroaches in columns or books. I can't believe Dave finds it un-creepy for a birthday girl to crave even an average lobster.

I'm also enjoying the additional fact that lobsters literally do creep. At least, they do this time of year (cold ocean).

I wish I could find a book about Walter the Christmas Miracle Lobster.

Annie - Only a recipe book, I'm afraid...

Punkin - ba-dum!

I fished lobster in Maine years ago and we used a gauge to determine legal lobsters.There was a short length and a long length.Legal lobsters weighed from 1 1/2 to about 3 pounds.No way would a 22 pounder be legal. This one may have been caught by someone outside Maine's jurisdiction.

Aside from the fact that it was creepy to kill the Old Cockroach O' The Seas, did anyone else find creepier the fact that the daughter was trying to *outdo* her father, in having a bigger lobster--birthday-dinner than he had? Just sayin'.

"...did anyone else find creepier the fact that the daughter was trying to *outdo* her father, in having a bigger lobster--birthday-dinner than he had?"

Two words.

Seafood envy.

hh - I would find it creepier to have a living thing with a name and a history killed for my birthday. Unless it was my ex...or Siouxie's ex....or somebody's ex....kidding! Ha, ha....heh.

I hope the birthday gal got a tummy ache.

"Lobster Angst" wbagnfa coffee shop duet.

Usually crustaceans that grow that big live in biologically unstable waters.... think nuclear waste runoff or effluent um, tributary.

I got 5 copies of some other book Dave may have written. Somebody send the Leetie-head for the Saturday signing and singing-fest.

Does anyone suppose she'd be interested in a meter long wooden penis sculpture?

How do they know how old it was?

Annie-So what you're saying is that the girl ate a gigantic, Jurassic, Chernobyl lobster for her birthday?

Sorry gals, not nukey water, {{COLD}} water. Waterbugs and most water critters generally live longer in cold water and the greatest number/ mass of all water critters are in cold water. Warm water has amazing critter variety, but low numbers and short lifetimes.

stevie, they do biometric measurements with a thermador.

Craw, not craw.

Lol! cj.

CJ-Are you saying they smoke cigars to determine the age of a lobster? *wink* (Sorry, sometimes it's hard to get me to be serious. And I know you speak from experience, considering your profession.)

Well, I'm off to a meeting. Catch ya later!

I believe lobster thermador was one of the menu items.

^Hey look, LBFF was picturing me taking careful measurements with a thermador. *snork*

cj - sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Is this a humidor blog?

Thus completing the leap from Hannibal Lecter to Freud.

Was Monica Lewinsky technically a humidor at one moment in time?

Chelsea the lobster sits on a plate, contemplates being birthday girl’s meal
Better than veal
Waits by the steam pot, casting about for a way to slip out of the door
Who is she for?

All the hungry people
Where do they all come from?
All the hungry people
Where do they all belong?

Ron eeewww!

AS far as the lobster, with all those people taking pictures that's the best one they could get?

Stevie always snork-afiable.

*holds up cellphone for Ducky* [thanks for the earworm]

Ducky that's quite an earwig, I have an hour long drive home and now I will be straining to misremember the lyrics to Eleanor Rigby all the way... :)

payback is you know

The saddest part of the story was that Reid McAllister listened to young Summer Price, took the initiative to find the 22 pound lobster, had it ready for her birthday, cooked it to the best of his great ability, and still didn't get laid.

The only one that knows that for sure would Brad Reid McAllister. Unmasked!

Sorry, all, I don't know what possessed me...

*passes around ear bleach*

Annie @ 7:18.


I don't know what the birthday girl thought she was celebrating but am very glad I wasn't invited.
(And I love lobster)

and for her 29th birthday there will be a hunt for gamera, i hear ms. price wants to celebrate by consuming a really big bowl of turtle soup.

OK...I'm VERY LTTG...but...I think this is WAY creepy and I LOVE lobster! What a BRAT! I agree with whoever said that they won't eat something THAT old...ewwww

What I want to know is who won the Blurk Shopping Tour Pool?

speaking of creepy....there's a big ole slug in my bathroom and it's stuck to the wall in a corner. any suggestions how to catch and release without yakking? me, not the slug.

CJ...I believe you did. He got a front clasped one. Although he did stop by the armory to get some buckshot...just in case. Apparently there were no bullet-proof vests available ;-)


XG, for non-yakking, I recommend kids. You have some of those lying about. Sure, it's late, but it's an adventure they will always remember!

cg - I'd say take a paper towel and yank that thing and toss it.

CG... you need better friends. they really shouldn't hang out in your bathroom stuck to the wall.

cj has the better suggestion, non yak wise, but alas, the boysies area bed. i used a postcard. i didn't yak and i didn't have to touch it's vile boneless body in any way shape or form. did you know that you can't shake a slug off a postcard? they stick.

OK, unsolicited review: 30 Rock is a funny program. It is now time for me to drag my @ss and all other willing warm-blooded animals to bed. One more nasty work-day, then Bookfest Saturday [I got kazoos today]!


dan, i DO need better friends. your, not you're, name is familiar. do i know you?

that guy "Daniel" keeps posting what I think. He must be a total moron.

nite cj. wish i could go to book fest too. sigh.

Yeeeesh! I can't get this stupid bot to change my name.. CG, it's me dumba$$ Jazzzz

CJ & Ducky-Humidor was kind of the joke I wuz goin' for.

*hums Thermador Rigby*

oh. well. ummm. how embarrassing. i DO know a dan frazier, but he's not you jazzzzzzzzz.

That's what I thought, LBFF! *Hums along*

CG lucky guy

1) he knows you
2) he ain't me

Nite CJ! can't wait to kazoo on Sat!

Ducky, that Eleanor Rigby earwig was superb!!!

hey Jazzzzie...glad to have bumped into ya ;-)

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