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November 22, 2006


... or is it warm in here?

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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Now there just recycling it's good for the earth and grandma.

Obviously the following wasn't British, as I'd always thought -- musta been those Danes.

Little Willie, almost eight,
Fell into the parlor grate.
Now, although the room grows chilly,
We haven't the heart to poke up Willie.

maybe we could just harness the heat from the fiery gates of hell...

crossgirl - I thought that was how pypetad worked.

I know I'm going to catch heat for this pun, but posts like that one really steam me ;)

"And what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving, little Punkin?"

"I'm thankful to dead Grampa for warming my bum in church. Oh, and providing heat now that he's dead"

"Mother! Call the therapist again"

This is OK, if you can ignore the smell of roasting parishener (SP?).

Sometimes it seems like you just can't get away from that old-person smell.


*Feeling HOT HOT HOT*

"Well done, Grandma. Well done!"

You're gonna hate me for this one, but...

"I bake the souls that make the whole church sing."

Annie, like we've mentioned before...it's good to know we'll all be bakin' together down under!

**Grandma got burnt over by a church peer...**

lolx2 to Annie.

Granny was a rare soul...well she used to be, anyway.

LOL stevie...we're saving a spot for you too...

Grams always made me feel warm all over...she still does.

Siouxie & stevie w - we are so going to hades....it's like menopause, only with charcoal.

And no deodorant, Annie.

Sweating with the Oldies!

lol, sxi.

"Today's service is sponsored by Mae Baker and I.M.Dunn, may they rest in peace."

LOL gawd we're burnin' with the oldies now!

Reminds me of a lovely family flick:

Roast Mary's Baby

OK..I'm done!! medium well

Does the Fryer's Club still roast the old comedians?

Gramp's nuts roasting on an open fire
Red flames nipping at his nose
Your Aunt Carol being singed, they grow higher
We drip like sweat-lodged Eskimos

Everybody knows
A hipbone and some grizzled toes
Help to make the fire bright
Altar boys with their armpits so drenched
The body odor reeks tonight...

lol stevie...good one! man are we doomed!

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