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November 17, 2006


Please see a counselor.

Also, you should know that this weekend is the Miami Book Fair, where the world famous Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing surgery sexually (well, we aren't sure what it is, but it certainly isn't music) publicly at 5 pm (or possibly 5:30; how would we know?) on Saturday, as well as (of course) at the Voices for Children event tonight.


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On the wrong side of the continent for that.

judi's in a mood today, isnt' she? NTTAWWT

Hey, under a rock is way better than the Colon Apartments.

I thought it was at 5:30. Thanks for the advisory, Mr. Blog

'scuse me, Ms judi!

not sure what time it is, now that you mention it. been saying 5 since it gets so crowded. :) could well be 5:30.

I'll be there at 5:00 a.m., sharp, just to be on the safe side.

No, I won't.

Hmm...we'll just have to get there earlier then!

*crawls back under rock*

shhhh....i'm hidin'

*wonders why Dave will be at a book fair?*

Siouxie, hey! I'm already under this one. Find yer own!

Hey, did Dave write a book?

A book fair in Miami is like a car show in Amish country.

(Pssssst-Siouxie, pull your foot in, your ballet slipper's showing.)

Speaking of bour tours and authors strumpeting, I sure find the timing of OJ's book hillarious... like it's going to make a good Christmas present?

Maybe for homocidal husbands...

*pirouettes over to bigger rock*

thanks, bali!

So.... why are you under a rock, Siouxie? I guess I missed something...

I already bought 3 copies of the new book for Christmas gifts. (I'm gonna read all the ink outta one before I wrap it, tho!) And I boughttape. Shoppin's almost done. *looks up innocently, in case blurk's lookin'*

CH, we had a whole "water cooler" discussion about OJ's book this week. Concensus was that it is like the new James Bond. You know it's going to be a train wreck, but curiosity being what it is, you're tempted to look anyway.

shhh...CH..I'm hiding from blurk & his shotgun...

Who wants to go to THAT book signing with me?? huh??

I got 5 copies of some book or other, and kazoos. Plus I packed a Hiassen, a JW Hall [both should be there] and an Elmore Leonard in case he's down there, thawing out! I'll be the dork with the heavy back pack and the pirate doo-rag.

I have the new Hiaasen, I'm mailing it to a pal in Orlando to get it signed for me, since I don't fir in the priority mail package myself!

CJ, I'll be the dorkette wearing the pink body armor, blonde wig and dark sunglasses.

or, fIt

Don't forget the ballet slippers, Siouxie, those are pivotal. heheh. Sorry.

Siouxie, I'd be more worried about blurk's truck

Souixie - an invisibility cloak might be safer...

CH, fortunately it's still a bit early for an ESB or I would have fried my sinuses!

YIKES, CH! I'm running for the hills!

*realizes Miami doesn't have any*

*calls Harry Potter for that cloak*
(thanks wingpup)

CJ, Leonard isn't scheduled. Hall should be in the Auditorium at 2PM. As for Hiaasen, he'll be in the Chapman at 10 AM on Sunday. However, his publisher may have a booth, where he'll be hanging out on Saturday.
I'm reconsidering my attire...

Sure it does Siouxie, the garbage dumps...

uh...I'll take my chances, ec..thanks!

we WILL be expecting pictures.

*not surprised*

"Mount Trashmore" for one Siouxie

Why is Dave there? Has he written a book or something?

crossgirl?? have I ever let ya'lls down??? I shall take plenty.

pssst...mostly of the dork in the pirate doo-rag but don't tell him

Hey, blruk, I see you wound up on the runway again?

CH - my goodness - I hope he was wearing his new bra.

Bill, I'm not sure. IF he had, he hasn't told US about it!

I'm going to the fair for the food! GYROS! Elephant Ears!! Corn dogs! Cholesterol Burgers!

it's one of those fairs right??

I'm sure they assumed it was a female pilot.

(although that's probably how *I'd* land a plane.)

There's a lesson for you - never land your fighter jet near a donut shop.

*SNORK* @ AWbh.

Actually, in any flightline collision, the surface vehicle is considered to be at fault, period, so long as the pilot doesn't leave the flightline.

CH - yup! My brother's in the AF. Nothing is ever his fault (kidding!). He's in Spain right now. Coming home soon, hopefully. I'll have to send him your picture.

LOL Annie!

I'll squeeze my laptop into my laden back pack and see if I can upload some pictures of ec stalking Hiassen! [Sio, is there wireless internet available downtown?]

Hey Judi . . . or anyone...

Any idea which bandmembers of the RBRs will be showing up this weekend?

DANG IT! Why is everyone getting to meet Dave and Carl but me??!! Stupid living in the middle of the stinking country...

lee-I believe it's Dave & Ridley and some 'surprise guests' (meaning they don't even KNOW who else is playing yet!)

CJ - I'm not sure but it's at the college campus buildings so there may very well be some type of wireless set up there.

bali ;( - next year come visit!

*also pouting*
stoopid living in the Pacific Nortwest!

(Which has lots of hills, mountains or blogette bars for Sio to hide in)

At least you are closer to Florida than I am. I live in the Northwest corner of Washington State.

If the special guest is Stephen King, I'll be so stinkin jealous I won't hardly be able to talk to ya'll.

RollRG? Where abouts?
I have family in (No one laugh) Humptulips.

heck, i live four hours away and still i can't be there. hrmph. double hrmph.

sioux, pictures of dorks in pirate do-rags are my favorite. take lots. you may need blackmail material someday.

Thanks Siouxie - Kinda sounds like "a wing and a prayer" thing. . . I'm sure they'll fill the stage...

Cheryl Howard,
I live in Bellingham and my name is also Cheryl.
Where are you at?

Cheryl - me, too. I'm in New England, but I'll be in FL in January. I checked the Remainder's schedule and I don't think it's been updated since April. If they have a gig in January I'd arrange my trip around it!

Note to blog: Cheryls are taking over thae planet.
Also v. impressed RollrG came up with blog name....

Lovely Bend Oregon

Cheryl, IF the special guest IS Stephen King, I'm going into FULL STALKER mode!

*will be in absolute HEAVEN with her two favorite authors in one place*

triple hrmph.

crossgirl, exactly.

*taps ruby strappy sandles together to no avail*

lee, in the radio interview the other day, he was trying to get DeFede to come on stage and play the tambourine...he may just show up too!

crossgirl, that's why I take them...for blackmail the memories ;-)

When I was in high school, there were (I think) at least 5 Cheryl/Sheryl's in my school. It was a long time ago. I was named after a tug boat, but many were named after some movie stars daughter.
I am a roller figure skater and a grandmother (4.5 boys)so the blog name fits.

I think I have been to Bend or passed by it on the way to somewhere else.

A roller-skating g-mom named after a tug-boat? I think we've found Dave's next book!

Do you Bend when you Humptulips?

P.S. Forecast looks like rain, clearing by @ 3pm
*wishes I had one of those umbrella hats made from a jolly roger*

Why oh why does a parent intentionally misspell Cheryl into Sheyl or Cherrill or ? People often ask how I spell my name I always tell them "correctly usually".

Named after a tug boat? Now thats a first! I love it.

*flaps in for a quick moment*

*opens large bag of gumballs*

*invites Cheryl, Cheryl, crossgirl, and all the rest of us who AREN'T in Florida to partake of gumballs on the comfy Pouting Couch*

*opens the blog bar (it's Friday)*

*flaps out, will join others on couch later*

Yes, a roller skating gramma. I used to skate freestyle and figures and speed. Now I skate on a precision team which is like a drill team only we skate to music. I have been to every World Championships since 2003. Next year is Australia.

This year I am trying out solo dance.

Cj, we Bend Over Again when we Hump tulips.

*swears never to challenge RollrG to Roller derby challenge*

Thanks Ducky! Whose up for a mousetini?

CG is closer than I am, but she must have one of those nasty responsibility things.

*tosses leftover Halloween candy to pouting couch*

Can you just chill, please?


Thanks for the gumballs. Lunch is over so I gotta get back to work now.

Mickey, don't you wanna join your "creator", Mr. Disney in The Cryogenic Kingdom??

Four point five boys??!!? I can think of several solutions to that puzzle. Some are NTTAWWT, some are OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Can I please have a Baileys?
Yes, I know it's supposed to be an 'after dinner drink', but I just DON'T CARE.

Scootch over on the pouting couch, please.
Stoopid Indiana mumble mumble

I'll take a Bailey's too, as long as it's mixed with vodka and kaluha.

Happy Friday!

I don't skate too well but at least all my male offspring are whole numbers.

Sorry, DPC. Didn't catch your above catch.

Siouxie, I WILL come down, but for now I gotta live thru you. If you get a pic of Carl, tell him to give you a smouldering look so I can put it in my wallet. Don't shake Dave's oosik, that's just so...the kinda thing I'd do.

This was in the Herald today, regarding the concert:
Join Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Greg Iles, Aron Ralston, Andy Borowitz, Daniel Handler and surprise guests as they forget about writing for a while and just . . . rock.
Hey CJ, I don't have to stalk Hiaasen. He lives in the Keys, about a hour & half from me. Although I love his writing too, I respect his privacy. However, when he does a signing at Books & Books, I'm there, just as I always am for Mr. Blog.

I'll have the same, but hold the Bailey's and Kaluha, please. :-)

Hey, Chris, I'm bogartin' a whole bottle of Bailey's over here, come sit by me.

*slides DPC a Bailey's, as he had dinner yesterday, pops open an ESB to declare* IT's FRIDAY!!

hmm...Carl...smoldering look for bali...GOT IT!

hmm...Carl...smoldering look for bali...GOT IT!

*sprints hustles Walks in a dignified manner, and sits beside bali*

HEY! who's that impostor????

thanks for the gumball. and candy. i'll just pick out the chocolate if you don't mind. pass the alcohol, please but hold the mice.

yes, i do have a prior mom type commitment. damnit.

*grabs beverage from CJ on the way by*
Buenos Thankos!!

If we've got Baileys & Kaluha, see if there is any pepermint schnapps or white creme de menthe behind the bar, I've got a spoon. We can make layered after fives. Yum!

*joins CH in the vodka-guzzlingdrinking corner of the blog bar*

Thank God you're here, Chris, I can't get this dang bottle open.

Oops, here's the extra "p"

hiassen is a hottie. see if you can get a smoldering shot for each of us blogettes. and a smoldering look from dave too, while you're at it.

DPC, I selected the lumberjig. Very dignified! I shall practice it and try it out at the fair.

Siouxie, I drank all the voddy last night, I didn't know the blog bar was re-stocked that quickly. *note to self, bring bigger purse next happy hour*

CAUTION: Exceptionally unfunny rant alert.

You know what? Y'all can keep Florida, with news like this. I understand that you get nutters all over; but it seems that only in Florida do they occupy a seat on the bench. The prosecutors who negotiated this, and the judge who signed off on it simply horrify me.


I think I'm goint to bogart that gumball machine for a while.

Y'know, a smouldering look from Dave, over his shoulder (AT us, of course), that woould be a framer. Just sayin'...

ch, wanna share those gumballs? you killed my buzz.

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