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November 27, 2006


It gets wild at night.

(Thanks to many people, starting with Sara Jacobsen)


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Was he with them? I bet it's all his doing. I think he's Satan's minion.

OK $75,000.00 is a lot of money, but it was a mile and a half. And they had the munchies.

(Since they took two of them, I wonder if they were racing.)

The Ice Groomer Jockeys WBAGNFARB in Idaho.

Bumble, I have to agree with you - the "King" really creeps me out.

But when you are talking "Satan's minion" I thought you were going here.

This is NOT a BM thing, honest!


*snork* @ Bumble

A gift for CH 'cause he snorked at me.

"I don't think they understood the seriousness of it."

of course not, there is NOTHING serious about a zamboni. zamboni, zamboni, zamboni.

I guess I should tell my older brother not to drive his ride-on lawnmower to the bar anymore.

Another great Irish name that has become a universal product brand is "Jacuzzi". Roy Jacuzzi lived in the neighborhood where I grew up. He was actually the grandson of the immigrants who started the company, but was the guy who had the idea of putting a jetted bathtub on his lawn.

LOL, Bumble. Sorry about that... :-P

Maybe they had just done a test run of what that man from California is about to try.

CH~ Sorry about what?

I got a "picture" of the incident.

"When we interviewed them, they didn't seem to be too concerned about it. I don't think they understood the seriousness of it."

I'm not sure I understand the seriousness of it either...

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