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November 13, 2006


...toward the day when dogs rise up and kill us all.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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Awww, don't tell me that you didn't dress Zippy and Earnest in cute little outfits, Dave.

I knit sweaters for dogs. Really.

Hey, it's Vermont - it gets cold up here....

*bets it's gonna be warm in Miami this weekend - rassin' frackin'....*

"You'll be able to tell by the expression on your dog's face that he loves these rubber lips."

Actually the expression on the dog in the ad's face seems to be more "Why are you doing this to me? Was I a bad dog?"

Fido only wears a cheesy, fake smile after you get him some Neuticles.

I saw that girl in a bar in Augusta, Georgia,around closing time.

Actually, Punkin...we're expecting a cold front this weekend - gonna be in the 70's! BRRRRRRRR!!!


*now has TWO reasons to go to Miami - to see the RBR's, and throw a snowshoe at Siouxie*

I think the link under the the pic says it all.

"Click here for help"

If you are buying this for the dog, You need a lot of help.

That poor, poor dog. It would have been much better if they used a chihuahua as a model, because they have no dignity to start with.

I prefer the Humunga Tongue (available in regular, junior, or mini). It is silly at a wider variety of angles in the mouth and is easier to throw without getting dog spit on your hands.

And when they rise up and kill us all, their grins will be a lot wider than those things.

My dog would simply eat the offending rubber lips, then throw them up on my carpet, like she does everything else (like, for instance, a bunch of Halloween candy last week).

"fetches and funs with it"?? Great, not only is it another step closer to the day dogs rise up and destroy all humans, it's also a step closer to grammatical anarchy! "funs"?? What does that even mean?? *end rant* If I were the dog forced to wear these I might skip the whole killing-the-owner thing and just go play in traffic.

Have you seen the baby pacifiers? $12 now....therapy later - who knows how much.

yeesh - a veritable billy bob montage. NOT for the faint of heart. There's a dog or two in there...shudder!

Last time I saw a set of lips like that and funs with em I was arrested (for grammatical anarchy). Just thought you would like to know someone's on your side Dux.

Thanks Funster, glad to know I'm not alone.

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