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November 27, 2006


Take a trip to Merry Olde Scotland (where the health campaigners and pub owners should mind their own freaking business).

(Thanks to Candy Tutt)


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First to say bless the Scottish.

Cmon people should put more important things FIRST!

Who buys beer because it's on sale? Guys don't need no stinkin' coupons! That's just an excuse to buy more - "But honey, it was ON SALE, I'm saving money just like you do!"

62 p a pint?! That's expensive.

What they really need to do is give away a 6-pack of beer with every perfume purchase.
"Here, honey, I got you a present, just because you're you!"

EG - have you seen the size of a Scottish pint?

Similar, but different: Over there, beer is about the same price as water. Over here, (ultra light) beer is about the same flavor as water.

EG- Besides, that works out to about $1.25 American.

Dave, Time to fill up the Cruzin Cooler.


My favourite quote:

This type of price-cutting just encourages people to drink excessively outside of a controlled environment like a pub.

Sez the president of the pub-owner's group.

Is that the Brand'o beer you drink, Judi?

i love it on tap, meanie, and in bottles over there. less crazy about the imported bottles i've gotten in the US...

And a $1.25 a pint is expensive.

With the slashing of prices and the beating of competitors, I find this article too violent for a family publication.

I need about $1.25 worth of Extra Special Bitters!

The really shocking part is the price of bottled water.

Key quote "The supermarkets want to sell alcohol in the same way that they sell bread or eggs, but you can't. There is a moral responsibility that comes with it."

Uh, that spells trouble for Twinkies, Ho-ho's, and sodas, too.

Seems as if I recall the price of a pint of Guinness™ bein' about 3-4 Euros ... which is considerably more than equivalent to $1.25 ... merely sayin' ...

Annie WBH,

I laughed out loud at the beer-with-perfume-purchase idea! Great marketing concept!

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