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November 22, 2006


To all of you, from all of us.


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And only until I got here, Edgar....

Wow....thanks, Dave! Make sure Walter eats tomorrow...he's looking thin as a rail!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well!

I'm finishing your "money" book tomorrow, which makes MY thanksgiving full of laughter and fun...and I will give thanks for your dear mother and father who let your hair grow,(finally) and fed you enough.

I sure hope you and your family have a great one, and that you are allowed to cook.

Or not.

Stove Top forever...and if you want my recipe for the BEST pumpkin pie in the world...you can get it on MND....mensnewsdaily, which stands for men have to have gossip daily or they have no jokes.

In fact, everyone on the Dave Barry site...get it, and enjoy.

So, is Walter "coming out"? NTTATWWT

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

Whether you are stuck in a swamp on a Russian road, or crapping on someone in the woods, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Walter should bundle up for the cold snap.

Happy Thanksgiving.

happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If I live thru the in-laws, I'll be back!

Awwwww. I think Walter looks like he's about to get stuffed.

Many gracious thanks for all the laughs and Happy Thankgsiving to all!

Dave, I am particularly thankful this year for your humor--it has helped me through some pretty tough times. I'm also thankful, this year, to be part of the Dave Barry Blog family, whose support, and snorks, have brightened my days when I needed it most.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

I'd like to meet his tailor.

Happy Thanksgiving from Cat R.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanks for the laughs & many blessings!

Is it okay to get THanksgiving dinner from Kentucky Fried Chicken

daisy who's oven is on the fritz

Daisy, of course. One of my favorite holiday meals was Church's Fried Chicken when I was a little girl. My mom took the roast beef out of the oven and was letting it sit for a few minutes before carving while we visited with my grandparents in the living room.

When Mom went back into the kitchen, our beagle was on top of the table and gnawing on the roast.

Mom was mortified, my grandfather the butcher laughed, and Dad ran over to Church's to save the day.

I have often given thanks for KFC/Church's/Brown's - enjoy!

Man, why didn't I think of oosik with stuffing and cranberry sauce..... >puts fowl back into freezer<


Was at Disney World yesterday, went through Pirates and thought of you. Thanks for many many years of laughter and joy. We are all blessed!

I, for one, am extremely thankful this year that I found this blog. And that Mr. Avid gives me Dave Barry books for my birthday.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, especially to the Mighty Dave who makes it all happen!

Dear Dave Bloggers & Blurkers (you know who you are)- thanks for making the past year so special. It's like having this huge extended, dysfunctional family, except you don't eat as much...or make as much of a mess...and you leave when I want you to.

We'll be celebrating our traditional SoCal way - with an ice cream turkey, just like last year.

So what is Walter's cooking specialty?

um...Annie...linky not worky (I know this for a fact since I've seen that wonderful picture of the ice cream turkey. GREAT tradition!

Sorry - blurkie, if ever wanna go cold turkey, here's how.

I, too, am thankful for finding the Blog this year, which has definitely helped me out on some very, very tough days. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
By the way, is Church's still around? We'd go every Sunday after church (mmmm, okra!), but now I live in MN where they don't know from fried chicken. I sure hope it's still around-I'm looking forward to going home next summer.

...blurkie, if YOU ever wanna....I think my brain's already at the mall....

MareBear, Church's is definitely still here

"It's like having this huge extended, dysfunctional family, except you don't eat as much..."

Lol, Annie, and well put. Not just that quote, but the entire message. I, too, have enjoyed "meeting" y'alls and sharing laughs, witticisms, and everything else. Being audience and testing ground for each other, with low-risk for rejection (at least until someone has a Michael Richards meltdown).

Thanks - for lettin' me hang with all o' youse.

Somehow I imagine the scene at the blog's house.

Mrs. Blog....."Dave are your dressing up that penis bone again?"

Dave...."Uhhhhhh, no."

Sophie....:Daddy, where is my barbie apron?"

(sounds of a can of cranberry sauce and a penis bone being tossed into the pool)

Dave...."I don't know honey, why don't we look around my Pulitzer Prize and see if it is stuck under there"

-Cue cute music and dancing turkey's-

-Cue Turkey's from Helicopter-

Walter...."As God as my witness, I thought turkey's could fly!" (cue rip-off from wkrp music)

I too, have enjoyed our extented dysfunctional blog family this year...it's gotten me through some rough times and it's made me a funnier person. Thanks to Dave, judi and the rest of you boogers!!!

If you don't remember anything...remember this:

**don't forget to take the innerds baggie out**

Dave you sad man. What is this stick in the picture supposed to represent? A pilgrim? Listen up, Thanksgiving was invented by Abe Lincoln in 1864 and the subsequent pilgrim story is supposed to make us think that those fanatics were the competent ones who fed the Indians instead of the other way around. The pilgrims were idiots. Thank you and good day.

Happy Thanksgiving from the distribution center of Childrens Hospital Boston. I love working the overnight on a holiday. It is quiet, free food on all the floors and I still get home in time for a nap before the parade and dinner.

Dave, Many thanks for keeping this blog, it has kept me smiling for years.

*VERY non-humorous warning*

To all: Mrs. Layzee was travelling in Birmingham, AL this week and suddenly became ill on Monday morning. She was rushed from her hotel to the hospital. I was in San Francisco on business and rather than going home to PA I flew to Birmingham. Thankfully, she was discharged on this eve of Thanksgiving but we will be flying home tomorrow while you (since I'm in Alabama I should say y'all) are feasting and watching football.

I am thankful for the people of Birmingham, from the hotel to the hospital, who made our stay bearable. (Southern hospitality at its best). And most of all, to Dave, judi and my fellow bloggers. You gave us both a chuckle (actually several SNORKS) during this trying week. My only request is that you say a quick prayer for us that we might arrive home safely to our loved ones tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, enjoy the time you have with your families tomorrow. And reflect on what you HAVE, rather than what you don't.

Peace to all, Layzeeboy.

((((((((Layzeeboy))))))) have a safe trip back home! Hope the Mrs. is well!

((((((((Layzeeboy))))))) Since you're travelling on turkey day, make sure to ask for your frequent 'fryer' miles.

ok, that was bad. Hope she feels better soon. Alabama has the same effect on me.
*ducts tape*

hmm...is it me (possibly the wine) or does Walter's shadow look like a turkey??

On that note..I'm off to bed.

Happy Turkey Day to all!!

Just....finished...cooking....cleaning kitchen...

Happy turkey day, everyone!

I'm grateful to know you all.

Alright, time for everyone to get up and start cooking! I have to find my propane torch as Mister Turkey is still hard as a rock. Happy T Day to all.

What do you say when your daughter asks, "Daddy, what is that?"

lakedog, cold water. Save the blow torch for marshmallows roasted at the coffee table.

Siouxie, I see some turkey in that shadow; mine as well. What's that next to Walter the Pilgrim Baculum? Why it's a FUMBLE! The Bucs pick it up and run it all the way in, waking CJ from his tryptophan slumber. Today, I am heading over to friends to share this day with 2, 100-lb yellow labs, 2, 300-lb buddies, 1, 400-lb mom, and 1, 80-lb buddy-grandaughter that will be bouncing around like a superball. I hope I can get her to sit still long enough to open/ read The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog. Maybe it was a mistake to put all of that Halloween candy on top before wrapping it!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Blogalaxy!

I too am thankful for the Blog. I rarely post, because I have no wit, but reading the comments daily allows me to feel as though I actually have friends, so thus I thank you.

PS AWBH: Just read your blog on head lice - loved it. I've spent the last week battling invisible bugs on the three year old who hates having her hair brushed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you are watching the parade today, B. Manilow is going to be on. Just a warning.

Enjoy the day, enjoy your loved ones, and be well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Thanksgiving to our ever-expanding Blog Family!

Thanks to Dave and judi, Mrs. Blog and the Blogette, and Walter and Ridley, for brightening our days.

Hugs to Lazeeboy and wife, and safe travels to those on the road or in the air.

Here's hoping sis doesn't burn the turkey!

happy thanksgiving to all!! this is my favorite holiday.
i just want to know, dave, is that how you tamp the stuffing into the turkey? mental note to not eat at dave's.

good luck with getting home layzeeboy. i'll be watching planes, trains and automobiles and hoping your trip goes better. sending prayers for both you and your wife.

Y'all are a month late, but have a good holiday anyways! Meanwhile, it's a regular workday in Soviet Canuckistan.

Thanks... for the laughs,
Thanks... for the community,
Thanks... for the snakes, squirrels, and freaky bugs,
Thanks... for the friendship,
Thanks... for the one first and one snork I got this year,
Thanks... for all the cocktails, blogettes,
Thanks... CJ for the NFL update, and go Chiefs,
Thanks... Dave and Judi for all of the work on the blog and Walter,

Now, go give 'em hell! And have a great Turkey day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, The only feast that comes close to this one is our annual Easter bunny fry. (Although my sister just invited me over for fried goat sometime. Haven't had that since leaving Saudi.)

bewished bloggers, and beWaltered are we...

Jacki - thanks for your kind comments. Hearing that I make people laugh makes it all worthwhile.

Best wishes to the Layzee Family.

lakedog, TMI. Cute nickname, though.

Everyone, THANKS for this blog!

Thanks, Your Blogness and all the bloglits for months of wit and humour.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all from one of your Canadian cousins.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Blog and to every one here. I've had a lot of fun laughing at your antics on this board!

{{{{Layzeeboy}}}} We will be praying for you.

Hope you all find lots of things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!

Glad to hear everything was okay Layzeeboy! If you are going to be sick, Birmingham is a good place to do it! I sure hope y'all get home safely and have a great Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for His Daveness, judi, and all the bloglitts that make me laugh every night and give me a respite from the more politically oriented blogs that I frequent.

I'm thankful that this was the year that I finally got to see RBR perform and to shake Dave's hand (several times.)

I'm thankful that Mrs. Layzee is doing alright.

I'm thankful that, with LittleBoss away at college and the rest of our families out of town, MrsBoss and I got to spend a less than traditional Thanksgiving, beginning last night with decent seats (which I'm thankful that I got) at The Stones' concert at Doger Stadium and a turkey dinner at "Black Angus" that I did not have to cook or clean up after!

Why is Walter in drag? I didnt know he swung that way.

Thanks for all your thoughts. We made it home safely although we had to fly on separate airlines because we couldn't find two seats on any one plane. Me through Charlotte and the Mrs. through Detroit. My luggage didn't make it home until Saturday.

Mrs. Layzee is doing much better.

Thanks, again. You're a great bunch.

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