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November 24, 2006


(Did we already blog this? Maybe! Do we care? We don't think we do.)


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first. everyone else must be shopping. or enjoying a saucer full of snakes.

I've started my annual holiday diet of snake-free meals.

Third? Where is everybody?

snakes on a plate!

What happens if the snakes bite him back in retaliation?

I want pictures and video!
BTW, happy day-after-Thanksgiving; now lay off the carbs for a week and you'll be fine.

gives a new meaning to "your bowels moving"

I think I'm on the broth, tea, and prune diet, after yesterday! Yikes!

there was a young man named Bhaskar
who loved to eat snake tar-tar
he nibbled their tails
which went through his entrails
and ended up you-know-where, har!

Good Morning everyone and Happy Black Friday!!

*will not brave the crowds this year*

Anyone hungry??? I've got plenty of leftovers.

Siouxie, only if you have a spare tapeworm. I'm still all tryptophanic.

a young man from india's gentry
allowed snakes a singular entry
when asked "north or south,
your butt or your mouth?"
he smiled and said "it's alimentary"

I never got pie, what with all the carnage and all.... *pout*

*throws pie @ Punkin*

bali, I've given up eating myself.

mud, a double dose! aren't we lucky this morning!!

Got to fight it some Siouxie. Today is Ms Jazzzz's and my anniversary. We actually got married on Thanksgiving Day, 12 years ago, but the actual date is today. NO, I didn't wait until the last minute! Just want to pick up something "extra" ( psssssst.....jewelry). Must be home in time for Razorbacks. Not a big football fan, but It's been fun for Arkansas fans this year.

Bravo Mud!! eeeeeeeeeexcelent

*boxes up all pies in the house* What's your addy, Punkin?

wait, wait!! i need pie too!

((((((((Jazzzzie & Mrs J))))))))

Happy Anniversary!!!(jewelry is always special)

I have a spare pumpkin in the freezer, crossgirl, it shoould thaw by the time it gets to you.

Make that pumpkin PIE...

I skipped dessert last night...no room. Turkey, rice & black beans (of course... we're cuban),my cornbread casserole, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, maccaroni/cheese casserole...

nope...no room.

*wipes pie goo off mouth long enough to say "Fank eew ebbybubby"*

Thankee Siouxie. You ARE the sweetest bloglette!!

would i appear ungrateful to decline siouxie's generous offer of pumpkin pie? i'm still in a snit about that being the only pie of choice yesterday despite everyone in my family knowing i don't like pumpkin. pie. punkin poo is different and much loved.

I am Jazzzzie! hehe

cg, although I would have offered if I had some... but it was bali who was the generous one.

*not too fond of pumpkin pie either*

Not fair CG. Have you tried Snake Pie? Don't bake it very long.

*puts pie back in freezer* I still have half a chocolate rum cake, crossgirl.

someone say rum!?!? i'll be right over for the cake bali, thanks! anyone get some leftover turkey? potatos? anything?

I made two pumpkin pies - they were both gone by 9:00 pm. My wife and I each had one slice, which means... let's see, 12 slices, minus two, divided by three kids...which means my kids really like pumpkin pie.

I have coffee, and a brand new bottle of Bailey's that everyone over looked yesterday. Yum!

bailey's goes very well with rum cake....

thinks it's funny that mud makes pies.

BTW: I'm at work today, which really stinks. Ordinarily this would be the day that the Stuffins put up a Christmas tree and decorated the house with turkey and mayonaise. Actually it still is that day, only I'm here and not there. >:(

i'm at work too mud. in the purely technical sense, actual work being optional.

crossgirl - love you, too! Bali - plop me down a big ol' slice of rum cake, please!!! (And pour some Bailey's over that! :)

Breakfast is served, ladies. Sorry for y'all that have to work today. Or even leave the house. Today is jammy pants and slackin' for me! YAY!

:-P @ baligurl.

At work, too, since I'm the new guy and already used up all my (nonexistent) leave time with the new baby.

I would ordinarily spend this day falling off of ladders putting up Christmas lights, but I'll get to it this weekend, if the weather's not too awful.

Fabulous bits, mud! Bravo!

CH, if it's any consolation, I'm making chicken echiladas for 25 today, in preparation for tomorrow's Bedlam game between OU and OSU. Luckily, I love to cook, and since I'm doing it for a friend, I'm garnering SERIOUS brownie points. At least it's not turkey!

*tosses up an n* to those 'chiladas

I'm just planning to avoid I-5 tomorrow, as it promises to be a nightmare, with all of the half-potted fans traveling to the game and then (even scarier!) back from it.

*not working today*


"I made two pumpkin pies - they were both gone by 9:00 pm. My wife and I each had one slice, which means... let's see, 12 slices, minus two, divided by three kids...which means my kids really like pumpkin pie."

Just a hint here, your wife claimed she ate one slice, but she probably ate about ten.

We made two pumkin pies, too. One is gone; the other still has divots in it from where the cat helped himself. :-(

*stops blurkin' to hand Punkin a napkin*

nice to see people enjoy a holiday.

Mornin', Wyo! Snake pot pie? (Reverting to thread topic)

Thanks, bali, but I'll pass. still got some turkey to finish off.

Lol to most of you. (I know who you are).

Happy anniversary, jazzzz. Stay happy and communicate.

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