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November 24, 2006


Perhaps you need a toilet fence.

THIS COULD BE RELEVANT: Soap Lake is the home of the Giant Lava Lamp project. If you have never heard the Giant Lava Lamp Song, well, you have missed something.


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Perhaps he should be th first to move his @ss OFF the golf course,

at least there are no cracks in his plumber art.

Let's see. I do my work in a hospital. Logic....all family should get free health care.

"Lakeview"? I think not...

after reading about the lava lamp, i see the problem, soap lake is obviously a bastion of good taste.

Ooh! Ooh! I want Satan taking a dump in MY backyard! Or maybe the FRONT yard! I just love the message that sends! (???)

So we have toilets that play the Italian national anthem, toilets that look like mouths, cops used as toilets, toilets as art, toilets that light up, toilets that play music, ...

How do toilets as a fence even make the news anymore?

As a plumber, this guy had endless supply of 'fencing'. I bet the neighbors are are so mad they could just shi...oh.

My neighbor's a taxidermist. Wonder what his fence would look like.


Here in SW OK, poeple hang big old catfish heads on their barbedwire fences, I guess as trophies. My friend came down from Seattle and asked about it, we told her a big lie about how there's been a flood and the catfish got caught on the posts, and the coyotes ate all they could reach. Made a way better story than the truth, anyway!

Mud: Snork.

DPC: You left out my fav: the racing toilets.

Bali: Snork. and (((((hugs))))

OMFG, has anyone else gone to the trouble to listen to the "giant lava lamp song?"

I think I'm going to go listen to some Manilow to get it out of my head.

Looking at the photo again, I have to observe that these appear to all be low-flow toilets, in which case, the display makes perfect sense.

Thanks, Meditrina. And, CH, I'm just glad the speakers don't work on this computer!

...I'm talkin' about the lava lamp
It's a sexy, sexy thing...


CH, I didn't listen to the music for a reason. can we just leave it at that? ;)

oh ch, sing it again!!

Man, that is one BIG lava lamp. It must bring on flashbacks for those of us who remember the 60s, or think we do.

...It's yesterday, it's todaaaay
Lava is our philosophy
Paradoxical ooze that changed the world
Ever-changing pattern
It's a boy; it's a girl...

I'm not sure that even the RBRs would want to cover this, unless they were using a spade.

Clean Hands, thanks for the warning. I was about to download the song. But now I don't think I will, at least not onto my own computer.

It would be an ideal item to put into somebody else's playlist, Edgar.

Someone who had made you very, very angry.

*tries to distract CH*

How's that baby daughter of yours? bet she's really cute by now!

Very cute, Wyo! She's started blowing bubbles, which is apparently a milestone of some sort.

She does this in between bouts of projectile burping.

She also smiles the most gorgeous toothless little grin you can imagine, when you catch her eye just so.

man that's a big effin lamp
turn up the amp
and listen to this jam
throw a gumball to clean hands
you know my own hands is damp
sticky wit dem yams
nd i got leftover stuffin
made with cornbread and english muffins
never can get enough and
you know they call me mad mudstuffin
i'm a creature of mad appetite
thats right
i ate it all last night
and i'll do it again
my friend
and send
the remains down the drain
and plunge them when they get detained
cranberries make me insane
inside my brain
gonna make a turkey sammich
gonna scratch that damn itch
with mayo and some 'maters
maybe some mashed potaters
the best
you guessed
is what you all got left
when your guests
have left
squanto said it best
"Man this joint's a mess"
break it down


CH, I just love babies! I'm several years away from grandchildren, but I can't wait!

bali, when this little one's around, nobody worry's about our neighbor's junk car collection fence.

I'm just a few years off from grandchildren, as well -- we had our kids over a pretty wide span of years. Theoretically, we could have wound up with a grandkid younger than our new baby, but our eldest (thankfully) has way too much sense for that.

Grandchildren?! Egads - no thanks. It will take me the rest of my life to recuperate from my own kids :)

"A squabble Froebe had with course officials resulted in the 52-year-old plumber severing his membership in May."

Sounds painful. VERY painful. Did he try looking in Mpumalanga?

snork @ stevie.

thanks for the tip - i'll avoid the squabble and stick with turkey...

Wyo, she's adorable, and I'm thinkin' she has Somebody wrapped around her finger. All I can say is, Way to go, Girl!

LOL stevie!!!

Didn't a wise man once say, "If you live on a golf course, don't complain about the occasional broken window?"

Or something like that.

AlanB - "If you live on a golf course, be prepared to be teed off once in a while."

As a golfer I would find this fence quite convenient. Just not on the first hole. Let's see...one beer per hole....perhaps somewhere around the eighth would work.

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