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November 21, 2006


We think.


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Kinda like what we did in our last elections!

Is 10 million yuan in China the same as 30 million Juan in Mexico?

My only suggestion: Barry Manilow albums.

Or 500 Juan in San Diego?

It still smells like sh!t.

What I just put $500n down on cow dung futures! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

*snork* @ jon. Too, too true.

I'm not sure if this is an improvement in regards, say, home heating but as far as barbecueing, hell yeah.

someone tell me how 'marsh gas' can be feasible for a country with one of highest elevations in the world?
or are they getting their methane from cow farts?
and what about the unburnt cow dung? will it just pile up? could the tibetans build a great wall of ordure (with richard gere's help) to keep out the chinese?

Two words, Benjamin: Marsh gas.

They held a convention to popularize marsh gas, and 400 left-handed midget albino eskimo aficionadoes showed up.

**throws a gumball up to insom**

And all of a sudden, the reasons for their lack of an obesity epidemic becomes all too clear.

And to think all along i have been heating my house with paris hilton videos.

insomniac always thinks of the unintended consequences of our actions. What will they do with all that dung?

Total off topic alert

Good Bye Robert Altman. Thank You very much for your movies they had a huge impact on my life.

This is'nt Dallas this is Nashville.

Just read that too Addicted...RIP Mr.Altman!

I really loved his latest one...Prairie Home Companion. A true genious.

I also loved that one. I love how his last movie was about death yet it was so funny in parts.

Dry cleaning bags filled with marsh bags also make fine fake UFOs . . .

. . . which would NOT BAGNFARB (in case anyone got any ideas . . . )

Yeah, Mahatma...I thought "marsh gas" was what the U.S. Gummint always used to say it was when people in the 50's spotted flying saucers.
Dang...From alien life forms to alternative fuel source in only a half century. Must be a new record in conversion of the unenlightened.

Hey, Dalai Lama, pull my finger! Come on, you Khan do it.

Monk #1: Hoo Flung Doo?
Monk #2: Wasn't me. I think it was marsh gas.
Monk #1: No, where's Hoo Flung Doo, the new guy?
Monk #2: You mean Dung Hot Go?
Monk #1: No, Dung Hot Go's gone.

Just noticed on that page that Shiney Ahuja is no tantrum thrower.
Of course, neither am I when my Ahuja is all nice and shiney!

2008 Marketing push:
"Food just not as good as Mom used to make?"
"Try new KC Masterpiece Tibetan Cow Dung Barbeque Sauce!"
"Now with real Dung Bits!"
"It brings back the taste of home."

tibetan marsh gas
illuminates darkest night
yet still smells like ass

eschew the cow dung
reeds, weeds and amphipians
make exquisite gas

swamp bubbles linger
ferment in the summer night
burst the scum membrane

*claps politely for mud*

Plugging marsh gas line
Will cause massive explosion
Whoa - Lake Everest!

*snork* @ jon

*simul* @ Annie

Marsh gas is indeed an ideal cooking medium. It goes in like a lion and comes out like a lamb.

chop! Like a lamb CHOP! Dooooooohhhhhh!

I better tell my sherpa.....

I know Marsh. His gas comes out like a lion. A long-dead lion.

Chaz - have your sherpa call my sherpa. We'll do Lhasa.

*claps politely for mud*

Hey wingpup -

What is the sound of dung cow crapping?

Marsh gas, marsh gas, marsh gas!

"Have your sherpa call my sherpa."

I don't have a sherpa. Have him call my bedouin.

(lol, aw).

*Has a shar pei*

does that count?

stevie, I think your bedouin has a side job...just sayin'

Stevie's Bedouin

So THAT's what he's bedouin'.

Um...stevie...would you give the "all clear"? This mask is gettin' kinda old.

blurk? why fer are you wearing a mask? Is it Halloweenie again?

Siouxie, it's a military reference. "gas, gas, gas" is the alarm signal for a chemical attack and if you wanna live, you put your gas mask on. You don't take it off till the "all clear" is given.

And I'm still waitin' on stevie.

ahh...carry on soldier!

I thought he was referring to Marcia Marcia Marcia!

or Marsha Marsha Marsha...duh! (espelled it in espanich)

*makes note of new way to keep blurkie quiet*

Lots of snorks. Special mention for Lake Everest! And Lion/ Lamb!

At ease, soldier. All clear.

My posts are like pop art - they are whatever you read into them.

Mercy, mercy, mercy.

the blog "thinks"?

i guess that's good news...

Sio--V. Cool Bedouin link.

Since everything that can be said about cow dung and marsh gas has already been said...

I will announce that, in honor of Robert Altman's passing. I will posthumously forgive him for "Popeye."

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