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November 12, 2006


Hamster Hell

Key Quote: "By that time it had been in the tomato soup long enough to be dyed slightly kind of pink around the bum area."


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And who has that much jam that they need a cupboard??


And who has that much jam that they need a cupboard??

Emma: what's that hamster doing in the soup?
daughter: the backstroke mummy

I love you, Emma (you've been on my list since Much Ado About Nothing), but two words come to mind: "hamster cage."

Phil, thank you in advance for helping my Jags get back into a playoff hunt.

I always liked that children's folk tale "Svetlana and the Seven Russian Dwarves."

lucky it landed in the soup of one of our brainier stars, ...if it had been Twitney's kid's hamster in the soup, they'd have et it!

emma's daughter new pet cannot stay
where its nosings will lead it astray
but a recovery from
a tomato-ey bum
are all that 'remains of the day'.

VG, insom.

Is punk still big in the UK?

*picturing head-banging, pink haired hamster*

Also on the Thompson menu:

Welsh rabbit
Mullitaguinea-pig soup
Angel hare pasta
Green eggs and hamsters
Chocolate mouse
Gerbil tea

hugh laurie ('house') was saying how he and emma thompson were old friends... this sounds like it should have been in 'stuart little' instead...

"By that time it had been in the tomato soup long enough to be dyed slightly kind of pink around the bum area."

Emma, in this country we call that TMI.

campbell's hamster soup
m'm m'm blech; looks like a job
for nanny mc phee

Waiter! There's a Hamster in my soup.

>Emma: what's that hamster doing in the soup?
daughter: the backstroke mummy

Too .... many ... jokes .... can't ... get ... them ... all ... out .... can ... opened .... worms ... everywhere ...


and if the hamster was named 'howard' then his bum would be...

SNORK x 3 at insom!

sorry insom yer gonna haf to spell et out fer me...

A hamster fell into my soup
I had hoped he'd have no time to poop
But I noticed the odor
And spotted the floater
He left me some sinkers to boot.

Who ordered the albondigas?

Is his name Rumplestiltskin? Beacuse that would be a good name for a Russian dwarf.

pssst, Daisy...."Howard's end"

So, he's now a jamster?

Howards End

"Svetlana and the Seven Russian Dwarves."

Other Russian-Disney adaptations:

The Lion Tsar
Tolstoy Story
Putin Pan
The Sleeping Putin
Putin and the Beast
The Great Minsk Detective
The Adventures of Winnie the Putin
101 Wolfhounds

He was a real,genuine,dyed in the soup ,hamster.
An understudy for the Pink Panther.
Get out of here you pinko rodent.

The first time he's ever been
floating around in the tureen.

moo moo whatyathinkin

"Honey, I Purged The Kids"?

Comrade Bear?

Finding Trotsky?

"The Brothers Laughed Their @sses Off?"

Oh, and it's official; my Jaguars suck swamp water. Congrats, you Dolphin Miamis fans!

My Broncos look like they're suckin' on the same stuff, CJ, and doing so against the worst team in the league.

That said, "Hamster Bum" WBAGNFA rap star.

Thanks to Meanie and Insom fer spellin it out fer me.

Broncos have a way of playing at/below any competition they face. (and of suckin' in the third quarter.)

I'll just have another beer.

CJ, I cannot take any credit, I just live here. My son, however, did watch the game.

at least Miami beat KC!

Huh. I thought the Broncos was the night game. Oh well, here they're showing a great Steelers-Saints game. Wyo, Oakland ain't the wust, the Texans are and they just whipped my Jags for the second time this year. *where did I set that beer?*

CJ, as I remember, the time for the Broncos game was changed twice now, and at one time was to be a nite game. instead, looks like Giants/Bears tonight.

and just for the record, it was writer dude who said the Raiders were the worst.

Oops! First my 12:13 post, then the wrong Broncos fan. At least I found my beer.

There are no wrong Broncos fans.

Just sayin.

Glad you found your beer, and that your priorities are still in tact.

Just when you think it sucks to be a fan, you realize it could be worse; you could be Twitney. I'd tell her, 'call his bluff.' If they exist and come out, she'll get over it and maybe get a needed career-boost. She will never get rid of that leech if she knuckles under now.

Yeah, guilty. Certainly the Raiders had the league's worst offense, until today. At any rate, it's the home game against the Chargers next week that the NFL and NBC moved to the evening slot.

This game, they should just put out of my misery.

I was called away before I could post that last comment. Please pretend it slid in under Wyo's 5:52 post, and it'll look a little more coherent.

Yay, Jake threw to a guy in a white shirt! About flippin' time.

CJ, I'm pretty sure your link didn't come out the way you wanted. Unless there's some connection between Twitney and Kittle Feat that I missed.

Or Little Feat, even.

Oops! Fumble! Ahem, presenting Twitney Feat.

And now, for some humor.

Good Ivan Hunting

How 'bout that, Raiders found a way to lose. Ha!!!

Ugly win, but a win nonetheless.

Funny -- in Oakland the wheels don't usually fall off like that. They usually require actual theft.

Insomniac... that was FUNNY~!

*snork* at CJ's 7:02 post :)

Love the invisible bike!

My Iggles finally won. Now they have to run the table, culminating with whipping the Cowgirls a$$es on Christmas Day. PLEEEEZ, Santa.

I'm wit Lazy. go birds!

OK, LTTG, but I can't resist:

The Little Murmansk?
Beauty and the Borscht?

Like about 30 years ago, my daughters came up with the following:

Where do the bad little hamsters go when they die?


Where do the good little hamsters go when they die?

New Hamster.

Things the British find charming that puzzle the rest of us:
-hamster pee soup
-lack of proper dental care
-the Queen
-lack of dietary fiber

The last two are somehow related.

Animal crappers in my soup
Monkeys and rabbits going poop
Gosh oh gee but I have fun
Swallowing hamster turds one by one

In every bowl of soup there's pee
Little pink bums a'flashing me
I make 'em jump right through a hoop
Those animal crappers in my soup

YAY stevie! got the linky thing!!!

and LOL on the classic ST song ;)

...and I owe it all to you, sxi. Ty.

np, glad to help.

So.... was it a slow news day over at contactmusic.com?

Please stop spreading such news. Young people are becoming SILLY! What is to become of our youth? Enough, already!

Nah..hamsters are so last decade. Guinea Pigs are hot!! ;o)

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